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Full and Secure Integration of ESX and Active Directory

Many administrators are either forced to or want to integrate ESX into Active Directory. In ESX v2.x, full integration could cause security concerns, but not any longer. ESX v3 has the tools to allow secure Full AD integration.

Full AD integration implies that if you were to create a user in AD, there is nothing more you need to do. AD Integration with Linux and ESX used to require the creation of accounts on each Linux or ESX to be integrated into AD,  but no longer. The pam_mkhomedir module solves part of this problem, and the pam_access module provides the security to limit who can access the servers by group or user and host.

A detailed description of how to setup Full AD Integration for ESX is at http://www.astroarch.com/wiki/index.php/Full_Integration_of_Active_Directory.

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