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Traenk is learning about embedded devices, and it is a confusing world to someone more comfortable with full-featured computers.

By now, you've reviewed enough of my past blogs to know that computers exist everywhere, in formats we've never thought possible before. 

The same vehicle that meters fuel into high power output as well as efficient use also has a computer to remember your seat and foot pedal settings.  As you review your own plans for IT products at your workplace, consider embedded platforms.  Here are just a few of their strengths:

- Hardiness.  The right designs can tolerate heat and cold (and dust) far better than many laptops.

- Power Consumption.  Battery life for a tuned embedded device can stretch into the 'days' versus 'hours'.

- Ease-of-use.  Embedded devices try not to be all things to all people.  Because they focus on discrete functions, they can minimize the interface into more intuitive designs.

These are just a few of the strengths of the embedded world.  Probably seems odd that an old computer person would pursue these.  Not so...

Embedded devices are often created by electrical engineers whose IT experience is limited.  As embedded devices become more pervasive and gain networking abilities, well, haven't we seen that story grow before our eyes before?  More on that later.


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