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CISSP Questions of the Week

These CISSP Questions of the Week questions and answers were developed by Shon Harris and the Logical Security development team. We hope you find this to be a helpful resource. Simply select the "Click Here" under each question to find the answer.

1. Which of the following should be done upon the hiring of personnel?

        A. All personnel should sign the form 2163 according to HIPAA.
        B. All personnel should be made to sign an NDA.
        C. All personnel should be referred by at least three persons.
        D. All personnel should be on a one-year probation period.

       Click Here for the Answer


2. An effective method to shield networks from unauthenticated DHCP clients is through the use of _______________ on

network switches.

   A. DHCP snooping
   B. ARP protection
   C. DHCP shielding
   D. ARP caching

       Click Here for the Answer


3. Which of the following ciphers uses a polyalphabetic substitution process?

   A. Caesar cipher
   B. Simple substitution
   C. Vigenere

       Click Here for the Answer

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