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CISSP Questions of the Week

These CISSP Questions of the Week questions and answers were developed by Shon Harris and the Logical Security development team. We hope you find this to be a helpful resource. Simply select the "Click Here" under each question to find the answer.

1. In Tom's company, managers may be able to access an employee folder, but there needs to be detailed access control that indicates, for example, that they can access customers' home addresses but not Social Security numbers. What type of access control should Tom implement?

       A. Discretionary
       B. Mandatory
       C. RBAC
       D. Privacy

       Click Here for the Answer


2. Linda has found out that two people who work for her who do not have the clearance level to know about certain military troop movement have learned about the activity and sold the information to enemy states. Which of the following best describes what type of issue is Linda dealing with?
      A. Phishing
      B. Pharming
      C. Aggregation
      D. Fraud

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3. When selecting an offsite storage facility and vendor, which of the following criteria should be considered?
i.   Geographic area
ii.  Accessibility
iii. Security
iv.  Environment
v.   Cost

       A. i, ii, iii, iv, v
       B. i, ii, iii
       C. i, iii, v
       D. ii, iii, iv

       Click Here for the Answer


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