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CISSP Braindump And Shortcuts - Is It Really Smart To Take The Road More Frequently Travelled?

I've been hearing a lot of questions and requests about CISSP braindump or shortcuts with the aim of shortening the learning process and achieving the CISSP certification in the quickest possible time. I don't blame people for this in this age of 'instant gratification', 'quick fixes', '4-hour work week', and 'instant noodles'; we have been bombarded with the idea that it is just smart to do things quickly and be the fastest from point A to point B.

As I have nothing against doing things quickly, I am also guilty of this habit. And for some areas in our lives, it really makes much sense to complete tasks as soon as possible. I am so conscious of my time that I have hired a number of people to virtually do business tasks for me. I plan ahead of time and make it a point to minimize delays in my daily waking hours.

But it is quite different when you are taking an exam like the CISSP exam. This may sound cold and I don't want to sound mean, BUT if you want shortcuts for the CISSP exam - you are also wanting shortcuts for your knowledgebase - cheating yourself for your actual career.
Most people do not fully realize how things they don't know now and don't THINK they will ever run into in their career are some of the most beneficial info for them. If you do it right and LEARN all that is available to you - you will only do better in the long run and get more opportunities than just the credential will provide in the short run. A CISSP will only open so many doors - extensive knowledge and skill will open all the doors.

I wrote the CISSP EXAM GUIDE. IT IS OVER 1,000 PAGES. I have updated it for 7 years. It has literally taken me YEARS to do this work when I combine the time I have put into this work. I did not look for shortcuts - I hope you don't either.

I say this with all the love in the world. :) The time and energy you invest in the training and your conscious effort not to take shortcuts is the only way to get good results in your CISSP certification.

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