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I read an interesting article today on CIO.com that both emphasizes the value of Safari Books Online as well as provides some tips on making the most of your Safari account. If you've read any of my articles and updates here on InformIT.com, you already know that I love Safari - I find myself in Safari at least a couple times a week because of the sheer number of available books and the powerful search capabilities that help me find what I'm looking for quickly. Why lug around 50 lbs of books when you have online access to a ton of books?

I'll climb down off my pedestal and get back to my review of the CIO.com article. In her article, Meridith Levinson describes how Sun started offering Safari to 1,000 of its employees and because of high demand from developers which resulted in a waiting list, they slowly grew to owning 5,000 Safari accounts. She states, "Today, 5,000 Sun employees actively use Safari Books Online to get answers to pressing technical questions, to learn new technologies, to read books on management and to provide feedback to book authors." If you're considering creating a Safari account and want to hear a non-biased perspective about how its value has been leveraged by a large company, this article is a good resource to understand how the developers at Sun were able to make use of Safari instead of "spending a lot of money buying physical books and lugging them around."

If you already have a Safari account, Levinson offers five tips to make the most of your subscription:
1. Integrate it with your Google Search Appliance
2. Integrate the training service with key websites inside your company
3. Integrate it with search visualization tools
4. Make it easy for users to access beyond the firewall
5. Promote the service and train employees how to use it

If this interests you I strongly encourage you to read through Levinson's article and take Safari Books Online for a spin!

Now I'd like to hear from you. For those of you that have used Safari, what do you think? What do you like about it? What would you change?