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Better than it has to be

By  Dec 10, 2007

Topics: Data

I took my daughter to an outdoor ice-skating event that they set up near where we live. As I sat and watched her skate, I noticed the local name-your-group was selling Hot-Chocolate... 

for about 3 dollars a cup. It was, of  course, the terrible powdered stuff, and although I didn't buy any I noticed that even though people wrinkled their noses they didn't complain out loud. We are so used to getting ripped off at these kinds of things that we don't even mention it any more.

That started me thinking - what if they actually provided decent hot-chocolate for the high prices they charged? People would be very surprised - and have a better day all around. And what if you and I did this in our jobs? Made things just a little better than our boss and the people that depended on us expected? Sure, I've worked places I didn't like a great deal. But even in those circumstances, it's important to remember that you are a company of one, and you always represent yourself.

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