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All Your Hearts Are Belong To Us

If you haven't heard, it is now possible to hack hearts. The NYT covered this, but to summarize, heart defibrillator's are embedded in the heart and controlled remotely via wireless signals. That should be enough to make you go...ohhhhhhh. However, what are the ramifications?

Remote and anonymous assignations? Think of the heads of state and powerful people (like Dick Cheney) who have these installed. Since it is wireless, finding the evidence (the radio emitter) and then proving it was used would be rather hard. 

What about blackmail? Zap the person to prove you own their life, then demand $1m dollars. What about a terrorist? Imagine what would happen if people started falling down dead all over a city...and they all had these devices installed. I am thinking that would create quite a scare.

Unfortunately, I think issues like this are just going to get worse. Companies who do heart monitoring don't really know enough about security to do the right thing. While I understand why the heart defibrillator is wireless, this is one denial of service attack that you can't afford to experience.

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