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Playing YouTube Videos on Your iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV
By Michael Miller
Oct 5, 2007
Michael Miller explains how to watch YouTube videos on your iPod or iPhone.
Storing XML Data in a Relational Database
By Ivan Pepelnjak
Oct 5, 2007
Use familiar XML markup to extend the capabilities of your relational database.
Using YouTube to Promote Your Business
By Michael Miller
Sep 28, 2007
Michael Miller discusses some of the key factors for promoting your business on YouTube.
Embedding YouTube Videos on Your Web Page or Blog
By Michael Miller
Sep 21, 2007
Michael Miller shows you how to display any YouTube video on your own page or blog.
Introduction to Voice XML Part 5: Voice XML Meets Web 2.0
By Frank Coyle
Sep 14, 2007
Voice XML lets you pull and push Web-based information to your users wherever they may roam.
Abusing and Misusing Wireless Cameras
By Seth Fogie
Sep 7, 2007
Security expert Seth Fogie takes a look at exploits relating to a popular wireless surveillance camera.
Introduction to Voice XML Part 4: Grammars, Scope, and Event Handlers
By Frank Coyle
Aug 31, 2007
Frank Coyle tells you why putting it all together will keep all your users happy.
Introduction to Voice XML Part 3: Voice XML Grammars
By Frank Coyle
Aug 10, 2007
Improve the quality of the voice interface by understanding the rules of voice grammars.
Introduction to VoiceXML Part 2: Working with Forms
By Frank Coyle
Aug 3, 2007
Create a login page and data capture page for a Baseball Facts Hotline.
An Introduction to VoiceXML
By Frank Coyle
Jul 27, 2007
If you've ordered a pizza lately, you've used VoiceXML. Learn how it works.
How to Read and Write RSS Feeds
By Laura Lemay, Rogers Cadenhead
Jun 29, 2007
How to Host a Virtual Meeting
By David Christiansen
Jun 29, 2007
Virtual meetings aren't like face-to-face meetings; learn to do virtual well.
Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server: Programming with Features and Solutions
By Kevin Hoffman, Robert Foster
Jun 15, 2007
Getting Started with Subversion on Windows
By Stephen B. Morris
May 25, 2007
Stephen Morris shows you Windows users how you can easily benefit from all the advantages of Subversion without needing complicated Unix emulation tools.
Reading and Writing RSS Feeds
May 14, 2007
Programming with Features and Solutions
May 7, 2007
Joining the YouTube Community—And Creating Your Own Channel
By Michael Miller
May 4, 2007
As the summer heats up and the TV season winds down, you can get your video fix on the popular video-sharing site YouTube. In this sample chapter, you'll learn how to work with channels, groups, friends, and contacts as well as chat with other users via streams.
Joining the YouTube Community—And Creating Your Own Channel
Apr 16, 2007
Creating Smart Forms with AJAX
By Kris Hadlock
Dec 29, 2006
Web forms are very important pieces of an application. They're used for registration, logging in, or even payment for services. Kris Hadlock explains the importance of creating "smart" forms and how to use AJAX to improve the forms in your applications.
Optimized Presentation of XML Content
By Ivan Pepelnjak
Dec 15, 2006
Ivan Pepelnjak shows how to optimize the process of converting XML back-end data stored on a web server into HTML markup displayed in a web browser.

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