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Introduction to Applied Business Analytics: Integrating Business Process, Big Data, and Advanced Analytics
By Nathaniel Lin
Dec 17, 2014
In this chapter, Nathaniel Lin discusses the transformational power of data, whether big or small, and likens it to the way oil transformed the twentieth century. He also shows that the power is not in data alone but also as it is being refined through analytics.
Real-World Data Mining: Introduction to Analytics
By Dursun Delen
Dec 15, 2014
Dursun Delen discusses the details of analytics, including where data mining fits in, the sudden popularity of analytics, the application areas and main challenges of analytics, and the cutting edge of analytics.
How Search Marketing Works
By Mike Moran, Bill Hunt
Dec 12, 2014
To maximize the number of searchers coming to your site, however, you must take specific actions to attract visitors to your site from search sites. That’s search marketing. This chapter from Search Engine Marketing, Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company's Website, 3rd Edition explains why search marketing is important, why it is difficult, what search marketing is, and how to get started.
Fundamentals of Statistics
By David M. Levine, David F. Stephan
Dec 10, 2014
You can make better sense of the numbers you encounter if you learn to understand statistics. In this chapter, you begin by learning five basic words--population, sample, variable, parameter, and statistic (singular)--that identify the fundamental concepts of statistics.
The Mindset Shift: From Web 2.0 Digital Marketing to Web 3.0 Digital Marketing and Beyond
By Michael Tasner
Dec 8, 2014
Michael Tasner discusses the limits of Web 2.0 thinking, and the keys to overarching trends to the Web 3.0 marketing movement.
The Big Data Big Bang
By Dale Neef
Nov 24, 2014
In this introduction to his book, Dale Neef considers where Big Data as a broader phenomenon takes us over the next decade, because the emerging Big Data-intelligence complex is already proving to be both rambunctious and irrepressible, introducing innovation at a rate that is almost impossible to follow, much less regulate.
Business Analytics with Management Science
By Arben Asllani
Nov 20, 2014
In this introduction to his book, Arben Asllani emphasizes the importance of business analytics in today’s organizations, discusses the scope of business analytics and the set of skills required for business analyst practitioners, discusses the role of management science models in the Big Data era, explains challenges faced by organizations when implementing business analytics, and examines the new role of management science in the era of Big Data.
Purchasing, Procurement, and Strategic Sourcing
By Walter L. Wallace, Yusen L. Xia
Nov 19, 2014
The topics of purchasing, procurement, and strategic sourcing are all receiving significant attention as organizations attempt to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their supply networks. A better understanding of where the benefits can be obtained requires a thorough knowledge of some of the similarities, differences, and linkages between purchasing, procurement, and strategic sourcing. The authors of Delivering Customer Value through Procurement and Strategic Sourcing discuss these issues in this introduction to their book.
Video: How to Use VLOOKUP in Microsoft Excel 2010
By Bill Jelen
Nov 11, 2014
This video excerpt from Bill Jelen's Power Excel 2010 with MrExcel LiveLessons shows you how to use VLOOKUP in Microsoft Excel 2010.
Decision Making Shapes Your Life
By Stephen P. Robbins
Nov 4, 2014
In this introduction to Decide and Conquer, Stephen P. Robbins explains that decision making is one of life’s most important skills.
Profiting from the Data Economy: Beyond Big Data
By David A. Schweidel
Oct 14, 2014
David A. Schweidel introduces his book, which considers the role that individual consumers, innovators and government will play in shaping tomorrow's data economy.
What Is Business Analytics?
By Marc J. Schniederjans, Dara G. Schniederjans, Christopher M. Starkey
Oct 7, 2014
In this chapter from Business Analytics Principles, Concepts, and Applications with SAS: What, Why, and How, the authors discuss what business analytics and its relationship to business intelligence.
Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics with Python and R: Analytics and Data Science
By Thomas W. Miller
Oct 6, 2014
In this chapter from Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics with Python and R: A Guide to Data Science, Thomas W. Miller discusses analytics and data science.
Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics: Analytics and Data Science
By Thomas W. Miller
Oct 3, 2014
Thomas W. Miller introduces his book, Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics: Business Problems and Solutions with R, Revised and Expanded Edition, with a discussion of analytics and data science.
Predictive Analytics Techniques
By Michele Chambers, Thomas W Dinsmore
Oct 2, 2014
In this chapter from Advanced Analytics Methodologies: Driving Business Value with Analytics, the authors review techniques that analysts use for predictive analytics.
Introduction to Ruthless Execution: How Business Leaders Manage Through Turbulent Times, 2nd Edition
By Amir Hartman, Craig LeGrande
Sep 5, 2014
The authors of Ruthless Execution introduce their book, which tries to prepare companies for taking advantage of the "ups" as well as offers practical ways to build corporate resilience to manage through the "downs."
How to Work with Variables, Data Types, and Arithmetic Expressions in the C Programming Language
By Stephen G. Kochan
Aug 21, 2014
C has a rich variety of math operators that you can use to manipulate your data. In this chapter from Programming in C, 4th Edition, Stephen G. Kochan covers the int, float, double, char, and _Bool data types, modifying data types with short, long, and long long, the rules for naming variables, basic math operators and arithmetic expressions, and type casting.
Do You Need Office 365? Four Questions
By Katherine Murray
Aug 20, 2014
Microsoft is offering a number of ways for users to get Office 2013. Which version is right for you? This article introduces you to Office 365 and helps you determine whether this product will give you what you need in Office features.
Supply Chain, People, and Knowledge
By Alexandre Oliveira, Anne Gimeno
Aug 18, 2014
Alexandre Oliveira and Anne Gimeno introduce their book, A Guide to Supply Chain Management: The Evolution of SCM Models, Strategies, and Practices.
How to Make Money with Social Media: In the Beginning
By Jamie Turner, Reshma Shah
Aug 13, 2014
If your thought process around social media begins with tactics (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and so on), do a flip-flop and start thinking about goals and objectives first. From there, you can move on to your strategy to help you accomplish your goals and objectives.

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