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The First Step to Success for Sales Managers: Manage Yourself
By Max F. Cates
Jul 6, 2015
In this chapter from his book, Seven Steps to Success for Sales Managers: A Strategic Guide to Creating a Winning Sales Team Through Collaboration, Max F. Cates explains that the first step is addressing the one thing you can most influence: yourself. You wouldn’t think of starting a sales campaign without goals, objectives, procedures, ground rules, and training. The same applies to self-management.
Destroying the Four-Generation Myth of the Multi-Generational Workplace
By Jeff Havens
Jul 2, 2015
In this chapter from his book, Us vs. Them: Redefining the Multi-Generational Workplace to Inspire Your Employees to Love Your Company, Drive Innovation, and Embrace Change, Jeff Havens banishes once and for all the notion that there are four generations in today’s workplace, which is entirely unworkable if you want to create loyalty, dedication, and runaway success.
The Future of Marketing: The 4 P's Are Passé
By Nicholas Johnson
Jun 29, 2015
In this introduction to his book, The Future of Marketing: Strategies from 15 Leading Brands on How Authenticity, Relevance, and Transparency Will Help You Survive the Age of the Customer, Nicholas Johnson explains that by focusing on authenticity, relevance, transparency, and taking responsibility for experience, insight, and agility, marketers not only can survive in an era of radically heightened customer expectation, but also thrive. Now more than ever, marketing is about customer relationships, customer understanding, and ways to deliver customer value.
Overview: A New Approach to Global Marketing
By Larry Light, Joan Kiddon
Jun 24, 2015
The authors of New Brand Leadership: Managing at the Intersection of Globalization, Localization and Personalization introduce their book, which delivers the first complete, proven blueprint for organizing and executing on global brand marketing.
Introduction to Supply Chain and Logistics Management Made Easy: Methods and Applications for Planning, Operations, Integration, Control and Improvement, and Network Design
By Paul A Myerson
Jun 3, 2015
Paul Myerson introduces his book, Introduction to Supply Chain and Logistics Management Made Easy, where he not only defines the supply chain but also offers insight into its various components, tools, and technology to help improve your understanding so that you can use it as a competitive tool in your business.
Marketing Data Science: Understanding Markets
By Thomas W. Miller
May 26, 2015
Thomas W. Miller introduces his book, Marketing Data Science: Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics with R and Python, which involves building models of seller and buyer preferences and using those models to make predictions about future marketplace behavior.
Introduction: Exploring Innovations in Global Supply Chain Networks
By European Decision Sciences Institute, Antony Paulraj, Jan Stentoft, Gyula Vastag
May 11, 2015
The authors of Research in the Decision Sciences for Innovations in Global Supply Chain Networks: Best Papers from the 2014 Annual Conference discuss topics covered at the 2014 annual conference.
The Evolving B2B Marketing Landscape
By Kim Ann King
Apr 22, 2015
B2B is a very complex environment in which to market, made all the more so by the pace of change along so many different fronts. In this excerpt from The Complete Guide to B2B Marketing: New Tactics, Tools, and Techniques to Compete in the Digital Economy, Kim Ann King looks at each of these forces at work.
Using Person-Centered Health Analytics to Live Longer: It's About Health Outcomes!
By Dwight McNeill
Mar 25, 2015
Dr. Dwight McNeill introduces his book, Using Person-Centered Health Analytics to Live Longer: Leveraging Engagement, Behavior Change, and Technology for a Healthy Life, which proposes an entirely new framework for providers, payers, governments, and people to partner in the co-production of health.
Introduction to The Business of Choice: Marketing to Consumers' Instincts
By Matthew Willcox
Mar 12, 2015
Matthew Willcox introduces his book, The Business of Choice: Marketing to Consumers' Instincts, which covers why we humans often seem so irrational, how marketers can leverage the same evolutionary factors that helped humans prosper as a species, how to make decisions simpler for your consumers, and how to make them feel good about their choices, so they keep coming back for more!
Introduction to Common Disciplines That Separate Us: Local Contexts in Global Networks
By European Decision Sciences Institute, Gyula Vastag
Mar 11, 2015
Gyula Vastag introduces a collection of selected papers that offers readers an opportunity to learn about the insights and burning issues of decision making from scholars representing about a dozen countries, and a wide range of disciplines and scientific paradigms, in this excerpt from Research in the Decision Sciences for Global Business: Best Papers from the 2013 Annual Conference.
Video: Predictive Analytics with Excel: Smoothing Constant and Exponentiation
By Conrad Carlberg
Jan 23, 2015
In this excerpt from Predictive Analytics with Excel LiveLessons (Video Training), Downloadable Video: Exponential Smoothing and Autoregression, Conrad Carlberg takes a look a exponential smoothing.
Introduction to Trends and Research in the Decision Sciences: Best Papers from the 2014 Annual Conference
By Decision Sciences Institute, Merrill Warkentin
Jan 21, 2015
Decision science offers powerful insights and techniques that help people make better decisions to improve business and society. Merrill Warkentin introduces this new volume, which brings together the peer-reviewed papers that have been chosen as the "best of the best" by the field's leading organization, the Decision Sciences Institute.
What Is Organization Development?
By W. Warner Burke, Debra A. Noumair
Jan 19, 2015
The authors of Organization Development: A Process of Learning and Changing, 3rd Edition explain what Organization Development is, provide examples, and explain why it's important to your company.
Working with Records in FileMaker Pro 13
By Tim Dietrich
Jan 5, 2015
In this chapter from FileMaker Pro 13 Absolute Beginner's Guide, explore and work with the Filemaker database. You change, add, and delete records; navigate through records and layouts; and much more.
Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics: Being Technically Inclined
By Thomas W. Miller
Dec 26, 2014
To work efficiently in web and network data science, it helps to be technically inclined, with some understanding of at least three languages: Python, R, and JavaScript. Learn the technical requirements to be proficient in predictive analytics in this chapter from Web and Network Data Science: Modeling Techniques in Predictive Analytics.
The Truth About Managing People: The Importance of "People Skills"
By Stephen P. Robbins
Dec 22, 2014
Learn why possession of competent interpersonal skills increasingly plays a major role in deciding who is hired, who is retained, and who is promoted in this chapter from The Truth About Managing People: Proven Insights to Get the Best from Your Team, 4th Edition .
Introduction to Applied Business Analytics: Integrating Business Process, Big Data, and Advanced Analytics
By Nathaniel Lin
Dec 17, 2014
In this chapter, Nathaniel Lin discusses the transformational power of data, whether big or small, and likens it to the way oil transformed the twentieth century. He also shows that the power is not in data alone but also as it is being refined through analytics.
Real-World Data Mining: Introduction to Analytics
By Dursun Delen
Dec 15, 2014
Dursun Delen discusses the details of analytics, including where data mining fits in, the sudden popularity of analytics, the application areas and main challenges of analytics, and the cutting edge of analytics.
How Search Marketing Works
By Mike Moran, Bill Hunt
Dec 12, 2014
To maximize the number of searchers coming to your site, however, you must take specific actions to attract visitors to your site from search sites. That’s search marketing. This chapter from Search Engine Marketing, Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company's Website, 3rd Edition explains why search marketing is important, why it is difficult, what search marketing is, and how to get started.

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