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Introducing Master Data Management, An SOA Approach to Managing Core Information
By Allen Dreibelbis, Eberhard Hechler, Ivan Milman, Paul Van Run, Dan Wolfson
Jul 7, 2008
This chapter provides an introduction to master data and the characteristics of Master Data Management (MDM) systems.
Implementing SOA: Using Services
By Paul C. Brown
May 14, 2008
This chapter explores choices for integrating services into business processes.
So, What Is This WCF Anyway?
By Steve Resnick, Chris Bowen, Richard Crane
Feb 22, 2008
Steve Resnick, Richard Crane and Chris Bowen walk us through the basics of Windows Communication Foundation.
SOA and Web 2.0: Putting It All Together
By Sandy Carter
Dec 28, 2007
Create a plan for your company's journey toward innovation by building and following a set of guiding principles and goals, as outlined in this chapter.
Packaging Information in the Form of Services: The SOA Challenge
By Paul C. Brown
Dec 7, 2007
This chapter describes the challenges faced by businesses as they attempt to move to an SOA model.
SOA Project Planning Aspects
By Sanjay Bose, Norbert Bieberstein, Marc Fiammante, Keith Jones, Rawn Shah
Nov 18, 2005
This chapter takes the next step toward execution by focusing on how to plan an SOA project. The topics in this chapter constitute the best practices the authors have uncovered for forming a project office, how to define the phases of SOA adoption, the need for and mechanisms of SOA governance, and finally, the various project roles and how they interact with each other.
Introduction to SOA with Web Services
By Greg Lomow, Eric Newcomer
Jan 7, 2005
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides a commmon coding foundation for various applications, in order to simplify and streamline IT development.
Beginning SOA Using BEA WebLogic Workshop
By Emmanuel Proulx
Oct 15, 2004
Emmanuel Proulx discusses service-oriented architecture (SOA) and provides an example of an SOA system using the BEA WebLogic Workshop development environment.
Introduction to Web Services Technologies: SOA, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI
By Thomas Erl
Sep 3, 2004
Thomas Erl delves into the concepts and technology behind Web services, including Web services and the service-oriented architecture (SOA), Web Services Description Language (WSDL), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), and Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI).

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