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Essential C#: An Interview with Mark Michaelis
By Mark Michaelis, Larry O'Brien
Mar 23, 2010
In this interview by Larry O'Brien, Mark Michaelis discusses the under-appreciated and under-used features of C#, why he embraces different programming paradigms, and his wish list for future versions of C#.
Ben Watson Talks about C#, WCF, Manycore, and Big O
By Ben Watson, Larry O'Brien
Mar 17, 2010
Larry O'Brien interviews Ben Watson, Microsoft software engineer, about why performance isn't the most important thing, the two amazing things about WCF, and his work with Big O notation and Bing.
Effective C# Item 34: Avoid Overloading Methods Defined in Base Classes
By Bill Wagner
Mar 17, 2010
In this item, you'll learn why creating overloads of methods that are defined in a base class leads to hard-to-find bugs in your code. You should not overload methods declared in a base class.
Essential C# 4.0: Delegates and Lambda Expressions
By Mark Michaelis
Mar 16, 2010
The use of methods as a data type and their support for publish-subscribe patterns is the focus of this chapter.
C# 4.0 How-To: Creating Versatile Types
By Ben Watson
Mar 10, 2010
This chapter is all about making your own objects as useful and versatile as possible. In many cases, this means implementing the standard interfaces that .NET provides or simply overriding base class methods.
C# 4.0 Features
By Troy Magennis
Mar 9, 2010
What's so great about C# 4.0? Troy Magennis looks at the new features added into C# 4.0 that combine to improve code readability and extend your ability to leverage LINQ to Object queries over dynamic data sources.
Design Patterns in C#: Flyweight
By Steven John Metsker
Oct 22, 2009
The Flyweight pattern lets you share access to objects such as characters, chemicals, and borders, which may appear in large quantities. Steven John Metsker explains how to use this pattern in C#.
Design Patterns in C#: Singleton
By Steven John Metsker
Oct 22, 2009
The intent of the Singleton pattern is to ensure that a class has only one instance, and to provide a global point of access to it. Steven John Metsker explains the mechanics of this pattern.
Database Access via C# ADO.NET
By Stephen B. Morris
Jul 2, 2009
Having trouble getting off the ground with ADO.NET, and C# in particular? You don't have to be a DBA to get great results with this interesting technology; when you come right down to it, this isn't a complex area. Enterprise development and networking specialist Stephen B. Morris shows the way.
C# Reflection
By Stephen B. Morris
Jun 29, 2009
C# reflection may seem little more than an academic curiosity, with no relevance to programmers. But reflection can be a powerful tool, as Stephen B. Morris shows in his review of this interesting technology.
C# GUI Programming
By Stephen B. Morris
Jun 16, 2009
C# GUI programming is now accessible to any C# programmer who is willing to invest a little time and effort.
C# Assembly Programming
By Stephen B. Morris
Jun 11, 2009
Working with assemblies is a straightforward process if you use the right tools. Stephen B. Morris shows the way.
Using the C# system.io Namespace
By Stephen B. Morris
Jun 2, 2009
Following a few straightforward rules, enterprise development and networking specialist Stephen B. Morris provides an on-ramp to this oft-neglected area.
Using C# Generics
By Stephen B. Morris
May 13, 2009
Stephen B. Morris describes how to come to grips with generics and incorporate them into your work.
Using C# Interfaces
By Stephen B. Morris
Apr 22, 2009
Stephen B. Morris describes how to get off the ground quickly with C# interfaces.
Debugging C-Family Languages
By David Chisnall
Mar 27, 2009
David Chisnall takes a look at the details of some subtle bugs that can occur in C-family languages.
Programming with LINQ to XML for Objects
By Paul Kimmel
Nov 21, 2008
Paul Kimmels show how LINQ to XML for Objects (a.k.a. LINQ to XSD) works.
Using Expressions in C#
By Anders Hejlsberg, Peter Golde, Mads Torgersen, Scott Wiltamuth
Oct 9, 2008
C# experts discuss expressions in C#, including anonymous function expressions and query expressions.
Writing LINQ Queries with the Entity Framework
By Paul Kimmel
Sep 23, 2008
Learn why LINQ to Entities will make database programming easier than ever.
Delegates and Lambda Expressions in C# 3.0
By Mark Michaelis
Sep 3, 2008
Mark Michaelis discusses the use of methods as a data type and their support for publish-subscribe patterns in this chapter.

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