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Windows Parallelism, Fast File Searching, and Speculative Processing
By Johnson M. Hart
Jun 30, 2010
Johnson (John) M. Hart, author of Windows System Programming, shows how to speed up simple file comparison by a factor of 10 or more, using parallelism with speculative processing, combined with memory-mapped files. These techniques work just as well in Linux/UNIX, and they can be extended to parallelize and speed up other file and data stream computations.
Getting Started with ASP.NET 4
By Scott Mitchell
Jun 24, 2010
Scott Mitchell introduces you to ASP.NET, shows you how to install Visual Web Developer, along with the .NET Framework and SQL Server 2008, and helps you create your first ASP.NET page.
The Anatomy of a Visual Basic Project
By Alessandro Del Sole
Jun 23, 2010
Although you can create lots of kinds of projects both for Windows and the Web with Visual Basic 2010, there is a common set of files for each project. In this chapter you learn which files give the structure to each project and how the files influence the building of an application. You also get an overview of references, namespaces, classes, modules, and Visual Basic keywords.
Jumping in with Both Feet: A Visual Basic 2010 Programming Tour
By James Foxall
Jun 2, 2010
New to programming and Visual Basic? James Foxall offers a quick tour of Visual Basic that takes you step by step through creating a complete, albeit small, Visual Basic program.
Practical Code Generation in .NET: Generating a Connection String Manager
By Peter Vogel
May 27, 2010
Peter Vogel walks you through an end-to-end solution for code generation that concentrates on integrating with Visual Studio and working with the CodeElement objects.
iPhone/iPad Programming with C# and .NET: Loading Default User Settings in MonoTouch
By Bryan Costanich
May 19, 2010
Bryan Costanich, using MonoTouch, shows how to get past the failure of the iPhone OS to preload your application defaults.
How to Build a Strong Virtual Team
By Karen N. Johnson
May 11, 2010
Karen N. Johnson provides valuable advice for establishing and maintaining virtual relationships with team members. Using senses other than just your sight, paying attention to subtle clues, and putting in a little extra effort to be available when needed can help you to build a strong team that works together even when they're physically separated.
A Glitch in Time Saves Nine
By Jeff Papows
May 6, 2010
Whether you're a car manufacturer or a state tax agency, software glitches can have extensive — and expensive — repercussions. In this article, Jeff Papows, President and CEO of WebLayers, explains that proper IT governance can prevent many of these problems.
Testing .NET Applications Using IronRuby
By Shay Friedman
May 4, 2010
IronRuby unleashes the power of Ruby to the .NET world. One of the most interesting opportunities is that now you can use Ruby's testing frameworks to test .NET code. In this article, Shay Friedman shows you how to take advantage of popular testing frameworks to test your .NET code with ease.
Debugging Tools for Windows: The psscor2 Managed Code Debugger Extension
By Mario Hewardt
Apr 28, 2010
Microsoft very recently decided to release a very commonly used debugger extension to the public called psscor2. Mario Hewardt takes a look at some of the powerful commands that are available as part of the psscor2 debugger extension.
Improve Your Testing and Your Testers with Paired Testing
By Karen N. Johnson
Apr 27, 2010
Have you ever had testers on your team whose knowledge and skill sets were complementary, and wondered how you could encourage them to exchange and collaborate so that they could both increase their skills? Author Karen Johnson shows a different approach to testing and some of the advantages of pairing testers.
Debugging Tools for Windows: SOSEX Is Now CLR 4.0 Ready
By Mario Hewardt
Apr 20, 2010
With the advent of CLR 4.0, Steve Johnson has not only updated his SOSEX debugger extension to work on the new version of the CLR but also added a bunch of new and useful commands. Mario Hewardt details some of these new commands and how they work in relationship to a faulty application.
The Design of Design: Exemplars in Design
By Frederick P. Brooks
Apr 19, 2010
Few designs are all-new. Usually, even novel designs derive from earlier artifacts intended for similar purposes and built with similar technology. What then is the proper role of exemplars, precedents, in design? How should the designer study and use them? Should each design domain develop an accessible cumulative store of exemplars? Frederick P. Brooks considers these questions in this excerpt from his book, The Design of Design.
An Interview with Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt, the Pragmatic Programmers
By Larry O'Brien, Andrew Hunt, David Thomas
Apr 15, 2010
Larry O'Brien interviews Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt on why programming pragmatically still holds true today.
Writing a Good Set of Coding Conventions
By David Chisnall
Apr 12, 2010
Coding conventions are a common source of controversy. David Chisnall looks at some of the common style rules, why they exist, and provides some advice for people writing style guidelines.
IronRuby Unleashed: An Interview with Shay Friedman
By Shay Friedman, Hal Fulton
Apr 6, 2010
Hal Fulton interviews Shay Friedman about writing code at the age of 8, why IronRuby is much more than a bridge between .NET and Ruby, and why both Rubyists and .NET developers should use IronRuby.
Effective C# Item 42: Understand How to Make Use of the Expression API
By Bill Wagner
Mar 25, 2010
Now that C# has added LINQ and dynamic support, you have a better way than the classic Reflection APIs: expressions and expression trees. Once you create the expression tree you can compile and execute the expression. The possibilities are endless.
Essential C#: An Interview with Mark Michaelis
By Mark Michaelis, Larry O'Brien
Mar 23, 2010
In this interview by Larry O'Brien, Mark Michaelis discusses the under-appreciated and under-used features of C#, why he embraces different programming paradigms, and his wish list for future versions of C#.
Ben Watson Talks about C#, WCF, Manycore, and Big O
By Ben Watson, Larry O'Brien
Mar 17, 2010
Larry O'Brien interviews Ben Watson, Microsoft software engineer, about why performance isn't the most important thing, the two amazing things about WCF, and his work with Big O notation and Bing.
Effective C# Item 34: Avoid Overloading Methods Defined in Base Classes
By Bill Wagner
Mar 17, 2010
In this item, you'll learn why creating overloads of methods that are defined in a base class leads to hard-to-find bugs in your code. You should not overload methods declared in a base class.

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