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How to Use the Entity Framework Designer
By Rebecca M. Riordan
Mar 13, 2013
In this chapter, Rebecca M. Riordan explores some of the nooks & crannies of the Entity Framework by taking a closer look at the Entity Framework Designer and some of the advanced capabilities it offers.
Why Front-End Developers Should Build Apps for Windows 8
By Brandon Satrom
Jan 29, 2013
Every front-end developer should consider building apps for Windows 8. In this article, web developer Brandon Satrom (author of Building Windows 8 Apps with JavaScript), gives three reasons why building apps for Windows 8 is a no-brainer for developers, regardless of background.
Hello, Windows 8! Building Your First Windows Store App
By Brandon Satrom, Don Box, Chris Sells
Jan 17, 2013
Learn how to build your first Windows Store App, including getting started with Visual Studio 2012, networking in WinJS, controls, binding and styling in Blend, navigation, and the Split App template.
Share Your .NET Code Across Multiple Platforms
By Alessandro Del Sole
Jan 7, 2013
Alessandro Del Sole, author of Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Unleashed, describes how to use new features in Visual Studio 2012 to write code just once that targets multiple platforms: WPF, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Silverlight.
Mastering XAML
By Adam Nathan
Jan 3, 2013
Learn how XAML fits in with the rest of an app’s code and, most importantly, get the information needed to translate most XAML examples into a language such as C# and vice versa.
The .NET Languages
By Mike Snell, Lars Powers
Dec 6, 2012
This chapter focuses on the foundations of .NET programming. It starts with a language primer on the basics; it then covers some more in-depth programming features and language-related IDE enhancements. The chapter concludes with an overview and map of the .NET Framework class library.
Reengineering .NET: Understanding Application Architecture
By Bradley Irby
Nov 13, 2012
Bradley Irby discusses the different options for your target architecture, including which are more appropriate for your project depending on the target display you have in mind (web, WPF, or Winforms).
ASP.NET Dynamic Data Unleashed: Field Templates
By Oleg Sych, Randy Patterson
Aug 13, 2012
Field template is a special type of ASP.NET user control that encapsulates presentation and validation logic for a single field. In this chapter, Oleg Sych and Randy Patterson show you how to use them.
The Application Execution Model in Windows Phone 7.5
By Daniel Vaughan
Apr 12, 2012
This chapter provides an overview of the application execution model in Windows Phone 7.5 and examines the various application life cycle events, which are used to coordinate state persistence and restoration. It also delves into the sample application and discusses image caching, design-time data, and consuming a simple WCF service.
Top Ten Features Windows 8 Developers Will Love
By Jeremy Likness
Apr 2, 2012
Windows 8 Metro is a new platform for developing applications that are tailored to the devices on which they run. These devices may include traditional desktops and laptops as well as the new tablet and slate form factors. In this article, Jeremy Likness, author of the upcoming book Building Windows 8 Metro Applications with XAML and C#, covers the top ten features developers will love about the new development environment.
LightSwitch: Implementing Custom Paging with Search Screens That Use Custom Controls
By Alessandro Del Sole
Feb 13, 2012
Alessandro Del Sole describes how to use custom paging in Visual Studio LightSwitch to supply functionality while simplifying your coding. In this example, he walks you through replacing the built-in Data Grid with custom controls and a page navigation mechanism for faster and more efficient data access.
Get Started Using ASP.NET MVC for Your .NET Applications
By Jesse Smith
Nov 17, 2011
Programming expert Jesse Smith shows you the easy way to get started with the popular ASP.NET MVC framework. Learn how to build a simple "Hello World" application with ASP.NET MVC in only a few steps.
Events in XAML-Based Applications
By Matteo Slaviero
Oct 24, 2011
Matteo Slaviero explores how events management in XAML-based applications changes due to Binding technology and the MVVM pattern. Learn how to work with the ICommand interface, RoutedUICommands, and Triggers.
Scrum, Agile Practices, and Visual Studio
By Sam Guckenheimer, Neno Loje
Oct 5, 2011
This chapter covers the characteristics of software engineering and management practices, the "situationally specific" contexts to consider, and the examples that you can apply in Visual Studio (VS). In this chapter, you learn about the mechanisms that VS (primarily Team Foundation Server [TFS]) provides to support the team enacting the process.
Programming Drivers for the UMDF
By Ronald D. Reeves, Ph.D.
Sep 28, 2011
Ron Reeves looks at programming a sample device driver.
Learning MonoTouch: Common iOS Classes
By Michael Bluestein
Sep 14, 2011
This chapter surveys several of the more common classes you'll use when building applications.
Why Did My Azure Application Crash? Using the Windows Azure Diagnostics API to Find Code Problems
By Michael Stiefel
Sep 8, 2011
Michael Stiefel shows a variety of ways to use the Windows Azure Diagnostics API, particularly the new Diagnostic Monitor, to find and fix problems in your Azure code.
Windows Phone 7 for iPhone Developers: Object-Oriented Programming
By Kevin Hoffman
Aug 18, 2011
This chapter covers some of the core concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP) and how they apply to both iPhone and Windows Phone 7 programming.
Introduction to Classes, Objects, Methods and Strings in Visual C# 2010
By Harvey Deitel, Paul Deitel
May 4, 2011
In this chapter, the authors begin by explaining the concept of classes using a real-world example. Then they present five complete working applications to demonstrate how to create and use your own classes.
Introduction to Problem Solving and Control Statements in Visual Basic 2010
By Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel
Apr 27, 2011
Before writing a program to solve a problem, you should have a thorough understanding of the problem and a carefully planned approach. In this chapter, you will learn the theory and principles of structured programming with control statements.

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