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Languages, Verbosity, and Java
By Dhanji R. Prasanna
Jan 5, 2012
With the new spate of programming languages emerging for the Java virtual machine and other platforms, it's more important than ever that the rules of a language make code clear and concise. But clarity and conciseness don't exactly go hand in hand. Dhanji R. Prasanna compares some of these new languages with a popular mainstay, Java, contrasts their expressiveness, and explains why Java is verbose for a reason.
Vacationing in Java
By Rogers Cadenhead
Dec 20, 2011
This lesson looks at sites that feature Java programs and talks about the history and development of the language.
Android for Programmers Welcome App: Dive-Into Eclipse and the ADT Plugin
By Paul J. Deitel, Abbey Deitel, Harvey M. Deitel, Michael Morgano
Dec 14, 2011
In this chapter, you’ll build the Welcome app, a simple app that displays a welcome message and two images — without writing any code — using the Eclipse IDE with the ADT (Android Development Tools) Plugin.
Creating a Reusable CRUD RESTful Web Service to Automate Your Common Database Operations
By Jesse Smith
Dec 9, 2011
Expert programmer Jesse Smith shows you how you can save time by creating a reusable CRUD RESTful web service.
Creating Cross-Platform Java and JavaScript Games with Amino, Part 2
By James L. Williams
Dec 1, 2011
James Williams, author of Learning HTML5 Game Programming, continues his examination of how to use Amino to create cross-platform applications in JavaScript and Java. Learn how to use Amino to start and end a 'War.'
Get Started Using Spring MVC for Your Java EE Applications
By Jesse Smith
Nov 23, 2011
Programming expert Jesse Smith shows you the easy way to get started with the popular Spring MVC framework. Learn how to build a simple "Hello World" application with Spring MVC in only a few steps.
Java Application Profiling Tips and Tricks
By Charlie Hunt, Binu John
Nov 16, 2011
This chapter shows how to use tools to identify Java performance issues and take corrective actions to resolve them.
Android Development Tips: Easy Work Queues with IntentService
By Shane Conder, Lauren Darcey
Nov 9, 2011
Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey show you how to use IntentService and how to implement your own custom service class.
Android 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich and What It Means for Developers
By Shane Conder, Lauren Darcey
Oct 24, 2011
The recent release of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS, Android 4.0) marks a significant milestone of Android platform development. In this article Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey look at ICS from a developer's perspective, examining the SDK and updated development tools.
The CERT® Oracle® Secure Coding Standard for Java: Input Validation and Data Sanitization (IDS)
By Fred Long, David Svoboda, Dhruv Mohindra, Robert C. Seacord, Dean F. Sutherland
Oct 24, 2011
This chapter provides a list of rules, assesses their risk, and provides of noncompliant and compliant code and solutions to validate and sanitize the data.
Creating Cross-Platform Java and JavaScript Games with Amino
By James L. Williams
Oct 17, 2011
James Williams, author of Learning HTML5 Game Programming, introduces the cross-platform Amino scene graph API, which allows you to create applications in JavaScript and Java. Follow along as he uses Amino to create a binary clock.
Android Honeycomb: Updated Animation
By Shane Conder, Lauren Darcey
Oct 12, 2011
Android Honeycomb (Android 3.x) brought with it a new and updated animation system for developers to take advantage of. Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey show you how to use the tools to give your application a polished look and a fluid feel.
Charlie Hunt on Java Performance Monitoring and Tuning
By Steven Haines, Charlie Hunt
Oct 4, 2011
Steven Haines and Charlie Hunt, co-author of Java Performance, talk about performance issues, application monitoring, scalability vs performance, and the impact cloud computing has on application monitoring and performance management.
Be a Better Java Programmer: A Reading List by Binu John
By Binu John
Oct 3, 2011
Java performance expert Binu John shares 6 of the most important books in his programming library and explains why each is so valuable.
The Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework: A Simple Draw2D Example
By Dan Rubel, Eric Clayberg, Jaime Wren
Sep 12, 2011
This chapter takes a step-by-step approach to creating a simple Draw2D diagram representing the relationship between two people and their offspring. This process provides valuable firsthand experience using the Draw2D API.
Expose Your JPA Entity Classes as RESTful Web Services
By Jesse Smith
Jul 26, 2011
Expert programmer Jesse Smith shows you how you can expose parts of your Java application as RESTful Web services. You’ll learn to leverage what you already have or with the new classes you create by making their functionality reusable through a JAX-RS Web service.
Getting Started with RESTful Web Services Using JAX-RS
By Jesse Smith
Jul 14, 2011
Expert programmer Jesse Smith shows you how to get started using the strength of web services for reusability by using JAX-RS.
Moving from Java to C++: An Interview with Rogers Cadenhead
By Rogers Cadenhead, Danny Kalev
May 31, 2011
In this interview, co-author of Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours, 5th Edition Rogers Cadenhead discusses moving from Java to C++, what brought him to C++, and the best tactics for learning C++.
Introduction to Java Applications
By Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel
May 24, 2011
This chapter introduces Java application programming, including examples of programs that display messages on the screen and a program that obtains two numbers from a user, calculates their sum and displays the result.
Android Tablet Development Tips and Tricks
By Shane Conder, Lauren Darcey
May 4, 2011
Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey, the authors of Android Wireless Application Development, Second Edition, provide some handy pointers to help you develop and market Android apps for this large new niche.

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