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Learning Android Application Programming: Creating an Android User Interface
By James Talbot, Justin McLean
Mar 3, 2014
This chapter shows how to create an Android application. By doing so it shows you how to code with the Android activity lifecycle, how to code a simple user interface, and how to specify user preferences.
Learning Mobile App Development: Using Eclipse for Android Development
By Jakob Iversen, Michael Eierman
Feb 28, 2014
This chapter is an introduction to building a complete Android app. The chapter includes creating a new app project, exploring the components of an Android app, setting up the emulator to run and test apps, and building a variation of the traditional Hello World app
Java SE 8 for the Really Impatient: Programming with Lambdas
By Cay S. Horstmann
Feb 26, 2014
This chapter shows how to create your own Java libraries that make use of lambda expressions and functional interfaces.
Introduction to Large-Scale Java Platforms
By Emad Benjamin
Feb 17, 2014
This chapter defines three categories of large-scale Java platforms and discusses various trends and outlines technical considerations to help you understand the range of technical issues associated with designing large-scale Java platforms.
Building an Android Tip Calculator App
By Paul Deitel, Abbey Deitel, Harvey Deitel
Feb 11, 2014
This chapter shows you how to create an interactive Android app: the Tip Calculator. It provides step-by-step instructions covering the GUI, coding, and debugging.
Writing Your First Android Application
By Joseph Annuzzi, Shane Conder, Lauren Darcey
Jan 16, 2014
This chapter shows how to install the Android sample applications and to add and create Android projects from within the Android IDE.
Accessing Google Maps in Android Apps
By B.M. Harwani
Dec 30, 2013
This article explains how to use Google Maps Android API V2 in Android applications.
Java 8: Lambda Expressions and Streams: The Simplest Way to Write Lambdas
By Marty Hall
Dec 4, 2013
In this video, bestselling author and world-renowned instructor Marty Hall provides an overview of the simplest, although not the most common, way of writing lambdas in Java.
Ten Good Reasons to Virtualize Your Java Platforms
By Emad Benjamin
Dec 4, 2013
There are many reasons for a company to virtualize their Java platforms. In this article we will explore the top-ten that are arguably the most relevant. While cost efficiency is one driving factor, there are many other reasons related to reliability and availability.
Accessing Web Services Through Android Apps
By B.M. Harwani
Nov 26, 2013
Bintu Harwani describes how to use publicly available web services to access and return all sorts of useful information on the Web via smartphone.
Design Patterns in Java: Evaluating an Objective-Oriented Design of the Expression Tree Processing App
By Douglas C. Schmidt
Nov 20, 2013
This is video case study from Design Patterns in Java LiveLessons (Video Training) will help you evaluate the limitations of alternative software development methods (such as algorithm decomposition) and demonstrate by example how patterns and object-orientation help to alleviate such limitations.
Converting a Java Program into an Android App
By B.M. Harwani
Sep 25, 2013
Bintu Harwani helps Java programmers understand the basic differences between Java and Android applications and the steps required to convert or re-create a Java program as an Android app.
An Overview of C++ and Java Facilities and Techniques for Defining Classes
By Conrad Weisert
Sep 24, 2013
This chapter from Object-Oriented Computation in C++ and Java: A Practical Guide to Design Patterns for Object-Oriented Computing covers the choices we face among language facilities that have duplicate or overlapping functionality, the background of various traditions in C++ and Java programming, and established principles of good programming practice as they apply to building and using object-oriented classes.
A Primer on Object-Oriented Concepts
By Jesse Smith
Jul 8, 2013
Programming Expert Jesse Smith shows you how valuable understanding object oriented concepts are to facilitate good code design.
Introduction to the Java Language Specification
By James Gosling, Gilad Bracha, Alex Buckley, Bill Joy, Guy L. Steele
Apr 16, 2013
This chapter covers the organization of the Java Language Specification, example programs, notation, and relationship to predefined classes and interfaces.
The Structure of the Java Virtual Machine
By Tim Lindholm, Gilad Bracha, Alex Buckley, Frank Yellin
Apr 15, 2013
This excerpt specifies an abstract machine and covers the class file format, data types, primitive types and values, reference types and values, run-time data areas, frames, representation of objects, floating-point arithmetic, special methods, exceptions, instruction set summary, class libraries, and private implementation.
The Java Tutorial: Generics
By Raymond Gallardo, Sowmya Kannan, Sharon Biocca Zakhour
Mar 27, 2013
Generics add stability to your code by making more of your bugs detectable at compile time. This chapter explains how to use generics and why you should.
Scripting, Compiling, and Annotation Processing in Java
By Cay S. Horstmann, Gary Cornell
Mar 21, 2013
This chapter introduces three techniques for processing Java code: The Scripting API, the Compiler API, and Annotation processors.
JavaServer Faces Technology: Advanced Concepts
By Eric Jendrock, Ricardo Cervera-Navarro, Ian Evans, Devika Gollapudi, Kim Haase, William Markito, Chinmayee Srivathsa
Jan 31, 2013
This chapter describes the JavaServer Faces lifecycle in detail, including discussions of partial processing and partial rendering, the lifecycle of a Facelets application, and the user interface component model.
Applied Big Data Analysis in the Real World with MapReduce and Hadoop
By Steven Haines
Jan 23, 2013
In the third article in this series, Java programming expert Steven Haines demonstrates how to build a meaningful Hadoop MapReduce application to analyze hourly website usage from a set of Apache HTTP Server logs.

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