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.NET for Java Developers: Processing XML
By Alok Pota, Jawahar Puvvala
Jul 25, 2003
The .NET Framework has built-in support for XML processing. Discover how to use XML in .NET and what these benefits can do for you.
/*How to Read a Comment*/
By Joshua Engel
Sep 6, 2002
Explore one of the most idiosyncratic parts of a programmer's style — comments. See how comments can be misleading, out-of-date, or just plain wrong, and learn some tips for future commenting.
20 Reasons Why You Should Move to JavaFX and the NetBeans Platform
By Gail Anderson, Paul Anderson
Jan 19, 2015
Gail Anderson and Paul Anderson, co-authors of JavaFX Rich Client Programming on the NetBeans Platform and NetBeans Dream Team members, share 20 compelling arguments for incorporating JavaFX and the NetBeans Platform into your development of rich desktop applications. The modular NetBeans Platform gives you the architectural flexibility to create sophisticated applications, while JavaFX enriches your interfaces.
A Brief History of Programming, Part 1
By David Chisnall
Oct 26, 2007
David Chisnall takes a look at some of the developments that created the current crop of languages.
A Cyclic Model for Software Deployment
By Mauro Marinilli
Jan 25, 2002
This article by Mauro Marinilli discusses some approaches to software deployment and related software services that can be provided to client programs.
A Fast Introduction to Basic Servlet Programming
By Marty Hall
Oct 25, 2002
Learn the advantages of servlets over competing technologies, as well as servlet programming techniques - such as basic servlet structure and life cycle and servlet initialization parameters.
A Handful of Tips for Swing Programs
By Jeff Friesen
Apr 13, 2001
Here's a handful of tips from Java expert Geoff Friesen that can enhance your Swing programs.
A Java Card Primer: Part 1—Introduction to the Java Card Environment
By Mauro Marinilli
Jan 25, 2002
This first of two articles on Java Card by Mauro Marinilli offers important details of the Java Card platform.
A Java Card Primer: Part 2—A Java Card Example
By Mauro Marinilli
Jan 25, 2002
In this second article of Mauro Marinilli's primer on Java Card, you learn more about the platform by the use of a concrete example.
A JNLP Tutorial: Part 1—An Introduction to JNLP
By Mauro Marinilli
Jan 25, 2002
Want to use JNLP directly in your applications? This first of two articles on the subject covers the essentials of the powerful Java Network Launching Protocol.
A JNLP Tutorial: Part 2—An Example
By Mauro Marinilli
Jan 25, 2002
What are the pros and cons of JNLP? This second article on the subject by Mauro Marinilli gives you important insights into this powerful protocol.
A Picture Can Save a Thousand Words: UML Class Diagrams and Java
By Stephen R. Palmer
Aug 30, 2002
Need an introduction to UML class diagrams from a Java programmer’s perspective? Starting from Java source code, Stephen Palmer shows how the industry-standard modeling language can be used to graphically describe an object-oriented system.
A Practical Introduction to eBay's Web API
By Tim Stevens
Oct 14, 2005
A Primer for Aspect-Oriented Programming in Java
By Tim Stevens
Jun 25, 2004
AOP is not a successor to OOP, but a new way of looking at object functionality: allowing the behavior of an object to be modularized and used across other components. Tim Stevens explains the difference and shows how powerful AOP can be. Perhaps too powerful.
A Primer on Object-Oriented Concepts
By Jesse Smith
Jul 8, 2013
Programming Expert Jesse Smith shows you how valuable understanding object oriented concepts are to facilitate good code design.
A Programmer's Guide to Java SCJP Certification: Threads
By Khalid Mughal, Rolf Rasmussen
Apr 8, 2009
This chapter describes threads, thread states, and thread behavior to help prepare for the Java SCJP Certification exam.
A Simple Eclipse Plug-in Example
By Dan Rubel, Eric Clayberg
Apr 6, 2009
This chapter takes a step-by-step approach to creating a simple but fully operational plug-in.
A Taste of JavaFX
By Gail Anderson, Paul Anderson
Jun 2, 2009
Gail and Paul Anderson provide a taste of the JavaFX language and some of its unique features so you can get a feel for the kinds of programs possible.
A Taste of Java's I/O Package: Streams, Files, and So Much More
By David Holmes, Ken Arnold, James Gosling
Nov 4, 2005
The Java platform includes a number of packages that are concerned with the movement of data into and out of programs. These packages differ in the kinds of abstractions they provide for dealing with I/O (input/output). This chapter covers primarily the stream-based model of the java.io package.
A Tour of Java Studio Creator
By Paul Anderson, Gail Anderson
Mar 4, 2005
Sun's Java Studio Creator has a lot of capabilities. In this introductory chapter, you'll get an overview of what the development environment is capable of, and see how a project comes together.

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