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A First Look at Windows Phone 7’s Web Browser
By Brien Posey
Feb 10, 2011
Windows Phone 7 contains an all new version of Internet Explorer. This article discusses how the new browser improves upon the previous version.
A First Taste of Design by Contract
By Jim McKim, Richard Mitchell
Jan 25, 2002
In this sample chapter from Design by Contract, by Example, authors Jim McKim and Richard Mitchell provide a quick introduction to design by contract.
A Glitch in Time Saves Nine
By Jeff Papows
May 6, 2010
Whether you're a car manufacturer or a state tax agency, software glitches can have extensive — and expensive — repercussions. In this article, Jeff Papows, President and CEO of WebLayers, explains that proper IT governance can prevent many of these problems.
A Go Primer
By David Chisnall
May 31, 2012
This chapter contains an overview of Go syntax, including declaring variables and functions, looping, creating enumerations, declaring structures, defining methods, implementing interfaces, and casting types.
A Goal-Problem Approach for Scoping a Software Performance Improvement Program
By Neil S. Potter, Mary E. Sakry
Aug 2, 2002
Is there inconsistency between your improvement model and your company's goals? Discover the goal-problem approach and how it can help you achieve your goals and still stay within the standard.
A Guided Tour through C#: Part I
By Klaus Michelson
May 17, 2002
This chapter presents an overview of several important C# features, to give you an introductory feel for the language.
A Half-Way Step to Apple’s Source Code: An Interview with David Chisnall
By Linda Leung, David Chisnall
Jun 5, 2009
Longtime InformIT contributor David Chisnall talks Cocoa, GNUstep, and the Étoilé project with Linda Leung.
A Handful of Tips for Swing Programs
By Jeff Friesen
Apr 13, 2001
Here's a handful of tips from Java expert Geoff Friesen that can enhance your Swing programs.
A Head Start on Domain-Driven Design Patterns
By Jimmy Nilsson
Aug 25, 2006
Do you think design patterns are academic nonsense, useless and elitist? If this is how you feel, the aim in this chapter is to show you the opposite, because nothing could be more wrong. Patterns can be very pragmatic, highly useful in day-to-day work, and extremely interesting to all (or at least most) developers.
A Holistic View of Six Sigma
By Roger W. Hoerl, Ron D. Snee
Dec 3, 2004
This chapter has provided a general overview of Six Sigma—the key elements of the initiative and the key concepts, methods, and tools—and the tremendous opportunities for using Six Sigma to improve processes, functions, and organizations beyond the factory floor.
A Human Being Is Not Equivalent to a Tool: Working with the Dynamic Systems Development Method
By Arie van Bennekum
Mar 22, 2002
Working with the DSDM philosophy means adopting an attitude of collaboration, cooperation and commitment from everyone involved. This includes end-users, management and technology professionals. The benefits go beyond a good piece of software.
A Java Card Primer: Part 1—Introduction to the Java Card Environment
By Mauro Marinilli
Jan 25, 2002
This first of two articles on Java Card by Mauro Marinilli offers important details of the Java Card platform.
A Java Card Primer: Part 2—A Java Card Example
By Mauro Marinilli
Jan 25, 2002
In this second article of Mauro Marinilli's primer on Java Card, you learn more about the platform by the use of a concrete example.
A JNLP Tutorial: Part 1—An Introduction to JNLP
By Mauro Marinilli
Jan 25, 2002
Want to use JNLP directly in your applications? This first of two articles on the subject covers the essentials of the powerful Java Network Launching Protocol.
A JNLP Tutorial: Part 2—An Example
By Mauro Marinilli
Jan 25, 2002
What are the pros and cons of JNLP? This second article on the subject by Mauro Marinilli gives you important insights into this powerful protocol.
A Light Introduction to ARM Assembly
By David Chisnall
Mar 20, 2012
David Chisnall looks at why most modern mobile and embedded platforms use ARM chips and gives a gentle introduction to ARM assembly.
A Look at Apple's Core Animation
By Marcus Zarra
Feb 1, 2008
Marcus Zarra walks you through some of the basics of Core Animation and how they can be applied to a normal Cocoa application.
A Magic Spell: Using auto and decltype in C++11 to Declare Objects Without Spelling Out Their Types
By Danny Kalev
Mar 15, 2012
C++11 weaves its magic to help you eliminate keystrokes and simplify your code, safely transferring some of your workload to the compiler. With two new C++11 features, you can omit the type of an object from its declaration, and the compiler ingeniously deduces the missing type by examining the initializer used in the declaration. Danny Kalev reveals the secret behind the curtain.
A New Harvest of Python IDEs
By Boudewijn Rempt
Nov 27, 2000
Use this pragmatic guide to pick the Python IDE that's right for you. The author compares and contrasts the most important features, and illustrates each IDE with screenshots to help his descriptions.
A New Open Resource Management Architecture in the Sun HPC ClusterTools Environment
By Sun Microsystems
Feb 21, 2003
This article presents a new architecture for the integration of the Sun HPC ClusterTools parallel computing environment with distributed resource management systems such as the Sun Grid Engine system.

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