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The Next Trend: Offshore Product Engineering
By Ravi Kalakota, Marcia Robinson
May 28, 2004
Software engineers who build high-end products may believe that their jobs are safe from offshoring. That belief is mistaken.
Business Process Virtualization, Outsourcing and Process Reengineering
By Martha Young, Michael Jude
Mar 19, 2004
Offshore Outsourcing: Will Your Job Disappear in 2004?
By Ravi Kalakota, Marcia Robinson
Feb 27, 2004
Worried about losing your high-tech or white-collar job to someone offshore? Marcia Robinson and Ravi Kalakota analyze the trends that are changing the economy in 2004.
Strategies for Entering and Developing International Markets
By David Arnold
Oct 17, 2003
Even more than in start-up situations, evolutionary thinking is vital when entering and developing international markets. David Arnold examines modes of market entry, marketing entry strategies, and how international marketing strategy should evolve over time.
Offshore Outsourcing: Making It Work
By Anthony Bianciella
Jul 11, 2003
Considering offshore outsourcing? Stroll through this common-sense approach to outsourcing obstacles before you sign any contracts.
How to Test Your Internationalized Eclipse Plug-In
By Dan Kehn, Scott Fairbrother, Cam-Thu Le
May 16, 2003
This article shows you how to validate your internationalized product and prepares you for the types of common problems you can expect during translation testing. It includes an Eclipse plug-in that defines a Properties File Compare view that can help your translation testers find errors more quickly.
How to Internationalize your Eclipse Plug-In
By Cam-Thu Le, Dan Kehn, Scott Fairbrother
May 9, 2003
This article is a roadmap for writing Eclipse plug-ins destined for the international market. We'll begin with a brief review of the motivations and technical challenges of internationalization, followed by step-by-step instructions of how to internationalize your Eclipse plug-in.
Face-Off in the Gulf: Why Iraq, Why Now?
By Reuters
Feb 28, 2003
The journalists of Reuters look at the case for and against a war in Iraq, examining the Bush Doctrine, the chronology of events since the Gulf War, and why this is coming to a head now.
High Availability in Outsourced IT Services
By Floyd Piedad
Feb 7, 2003
The terms "high availability" and "outsourced services" are rarely seen together, with their combined use looking more like an oxymoron or a contradiction in terms. Is it possible to get high availability levels from services rendered by a third party? This article helps you gain the right perspective in making use of outsourced services and giving up that control that is so vital in any high-availability operations setup.
By Matthew David
Jan 1, 2003
Winning Strategies for Latin Markets
By Jerry Haar, Fernando Robles, Francoise Simon
Dec 13, 2002
The Latin world is a challenging region in which to do business, but it offers many rewards. In this chapter from the book "Winning Strategies for the New Latin Markets," the authors provide recommendations on how firms may continue to operate in the powerful yet volatile Latin markets.
The Innovation Economy: How to Create Regional Wealth
By Daniel Rouach, Jeff Saperstein
Aug 9, 2002
Why do some locations succeed in the quest to become centers of technology and innovation while others fail? Learn what forces are currently shaping this "Innovation Economy."
Your Major Internal Projects Fail, Outsourcing Fails – What Next?
By J. Brian Heywood
Dec 6, 2001
Your internal projects and outsourcing attempts have failed. What’s next? Read this article by Brian Heywood, derived from his book, The Outsourcing Dilemma.
Maybe the New Economy Isn't So New
By Sherry Cooper, Don Tapscott
Nov 30, 2001
The dot-com crash should not be seen as the end of an economic heyday. Quite to the contrary, we are in the early days of an upwave in the "Long Cycle." Donald Tapscott and Sherry Cooper tell you why this upwave will last at least another ten to fifteen ...
The Psychology of Business: Selfishness is Not Enough (Part II)
By Jonathan B. Wight
Nov 30, 2001
This article, excerpted from the author's novel, Saving Adam Smith: A Tale of Wealth, Transformation, and Virtue (Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2001, ISBN: 0130659045), continues the Adam Smith story, which discusses the "invisible hand" and selfishness ...
Understanding How Waves of Change Work
By James W. Cortada
Nov 30, 2001
Certain types of activities repeat themselves but, just like waves, are never quite the same as those that came before. Economic behavior has common features which allow you to see when the next wave is coming. James Cortada shows you that understanding ...

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