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The “China Price" and Weapons of Mass Production
By Peter Navarro
Aug 17, 2007
Learn the nine key drivers of the China Price.
The Buy-and-Hold Connection: Investing Fundamentals Courtesy of the American Homeowner
By Victor A. Canto
Jul 20, 2007
If you can buy a home, you can invest in the stock market.
How Sarbanes-Oxley Affects Your Disaster Recovery Planning
By Leo Wrobel
Dec 29, 2006
Unless you're trying to land your CEO in jail, your disaster recovery plan had better be good. Leo Wrobel explains how the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 ultimately means that you really need a plan that protects your data.
Operating and Security Standards for Mainframes, Open Systems, and Telecommunications (Part 3 of 3)
By Leo Wrobel
Dec 22, 2006
Leo Wrobel concludes his series on developing standards documents with some specific suggestions on departments and phrasing that should be addressed in your standards.
Introduction to Outsourcing at Major Software Development Project
By R. Dennis Gibbs
Sep 29, 2006
For a company contemplating a major software development project, outsourcing the work can be a convenient and cost-effective solution. This chapter sets the stage by describing the types of projects and environments frequently encountered in outsourcing situations.
Investing in Asia: A New Middle Class
By Ivan D. Martchev, Elliott H. Gue, Yiannis G. Mostrous
Mar 31, 2006
The emerging Chinese market is no doubt going to change the face of international business, but how? This sample chapter examines the factors influencing the industrialization of China and how these factors combine to create a unique situation that must be appreciated and taken into account if companies are to do business in the Chinese market.
The Market at the Bottom of the Pyramid
By C.K. Prahalad
Mar 24, 2006
The distribution of wealth and the capacity to generate incomes in the world can be captured in the form of an economic pyramid. At the top of the pyramid are the wealthy, with numerous opportunities for generating high levels of income. More than 4 billion people live at the BOP on less than $2 per day. The purpose of this book is to illustrate that the typical pictures of poverty mask the fact that the very poor represent resilient entrepreneurs and value-conscious consumers, and this chapter introduces this concept with some basic economics.
EPC: A Shared Vision for Transforming Business Processes
By IBM Business Consulting Services
Feb 17, 2006
The Global Commerce Initiative (GCI) commissioned this study to understand the current experience of companies that have begun to test electronic produce codes (EPC) and evaluate the economic impact on their businesses. The study addresses the overall financial impact and value of EPC, how trading partners should approach implementation of EPC-enabled systems and processes, and how near-term initiatives will support progress toward the longer-term vision of EPC-enabled supply chains.
Members OnlyEconomic Talking Points --- Outlook for 2006
By Bernard Baumohl
Dec 13, 2005
The U.S. economy was remarkably resilient in 2005, but what will it be like in 2006? Will consumers stay in a spending mood, or will energy prices trigger a recession? Bernard Baumohl, Executive Director of The Economic Outlook Group looks ahead.
The Importance of Service Level Agreements in Outsourcing Contracts
By Nadeem Ahmed
Sep 16, 2005
Outsourcing business functionality sounds like an easy way to cut costs: "Just get someone cheaper to do it." But hiring an application service provider doesn't abdicate your responsibilities to your own customers. How will you guarantee that the vendor provides an appropriate level of support? As Nadeem Ahmed explains, a carefully crafted service level agreement helps to protect both sides of the bargaining table.
Dual-Shore Project Management: Seven Techniques for Coordinating Onshore-Offshore Projects
By Ravi Kalakota, Marcia Robinson
Aug 26, 2005
The geographic separation between onshore and offshore project teams, combined with cultural and time differences, will exacerbate project management problems and increase execution risks. Marcia Robinson explains how the ability to remotely manage projects and, more important, offshore teams will prove to be a powerful factor in offshore outsourcing success.
The Globalization Gap and the Revolt of the Rich
By Robert A. Isaak
Jul 22, 2005
The gaps between rich and poor have become so extreme in the twenty-first century and the aggressive competitive policies of the wealthy so transparent that the legitimacy of the post–World War II rules of the global economy has been undermined. Robert Isaak explains why a global catastrophe may be in the making if the rich do not change their behavior and create opportunities for the poor to become more self-sufficient.
Introduction to Foreign Exchange Trading: The Truly Modern Market
By Peter Rosenstreich
Jul 15, 2005
With the economic world drawing together faster, the Forex market has become its most critical market. And for the new breed of global trading and investors, the opportunities in Forex are just beginning. Find out how to get on board in this sample chapter.
Offshore Attrition: 7 Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining IT Employees
By Ravi Kalakota, Marcia Robinson
Jul 8, 2005
Attrition isn't cheap. If your company is offshoring to save money, high employee turnover rates are probably already hitting you in the bottom line. Implementing the seven strategies in this article will help IT managers to retain those valuable offshore employees longer.
The Dawn of the Chinese Century
By Oded Shenkar
Apr 22, 2005
This chapter explains the impact that China's rise will have on the global economy. As China rises, it will fundamentally restructure the global economy in ways that will need to be anticipated, and this book will help you do just that.
Seven Guidelines for Offshoring QA and Testing Services
By Ravi Kalakota, Marcia Robinson
Feb 25, 2005
Outsourcing QA and testing is gaining momentum in the IT industry. This article highlights this emerging trend with a particular focus on the offshore component. It also discusses factors to think through when selecting an offshore QA and testing partner.
Introduction to Outsourcing
By Edward Yourdon
Oct 29, 2004
In the modern global marketplace, outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular as a way to increase productivity cheaply and efficiently. This chapter introduces the concept of outsourcing, and why it appeals to so many companies.
Outsourcing: Likely Trends for the Next Decade
By Edward Yourdon
Oct 29, 2004
Edward Yourdon outlines the future of outsourcing and international business trends, including "insourcing," or international companies opening sites in the U.S. to employ local workers for good public relations.
Secrets of Economic Indicators: The Lock-Up
By Bernard Baumohl
Oct 29, 2004
In this introduction to his book, Bernard Baumohl gives us an inside look at the economic "tea leaves" that investors use to predict the movement of the economy both domestic and international.
Understanding the Lingo of Economic Indicators
By Bernard Baumohl
Oct 8, 2004
Annual Rates, Moving Average, Nominal Dollars: the field of economic indicators has its own language. It can be fairly straightforward if you give it a chance. In many cases their meaning and significance are surprisingly obvious. Bernard Baumohl explains some of the most common concepts you'll encounter when reading about these indicators.

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