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Designing Visual Basic Applications Using the Rational Unified Process
By Scot Hillier
Jan 15, 2001
In this article, Scot Hillier discusses how to design successful applications using the Rational Unified Process.
Programming Card Games with Visual Basic
By Clayton Walnum
Dec 4, 2000
Learn how to write card programs using classes in this sample chapter by Clayton Walnum.
An Overview of COM+
By Scot Hillier
Oct 30, 2000
Component Services, the formal name for COM+, are designed to support scaling and maintaining tiered systems built on component technology. In many ways, COM+ is simply the next release of the Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS). If you've built MTS applications ...
Develop Scriptless Web Apps Using Visual Basic
By Kyle D. Lutes
Oct 30, 2000
This article describes one technique on how to use Visual Basic to develop Web applications, without any of the problems that are associated with using ASP and VBScript.
The COM+ Event System
By Scot Hillier
Oct 30, 2000
The COM+ event system introduces Visual Basic programmers to the concept of a loosely coupled event (LCE) system in which event consumers -- known as subscribers -- don't have to declare a variable against the event provider -- known as a publisher ...
Understanding Transports and Payloads
By Scot Hillier
Oct 30, 2000
To communicate the concepts inherent in moving data sets around a tiered system, we define two new terms: transport and payload. A transport is the container inside which we pack data, schema information, and error information. The data, schema, and ...
A First Look at VB 7.0 and the .NET Framework
By Dan Fox
Oct 4, 2000
Dan Fox takes a look at what is on the horizon for the next version of Visual Basic, and how it relates to Microsoft's new .NET initiative.
Exchanging Documents with VB and XML
By Dan Fox
Oct 1, 2000
Although XML is still changing and being applied in new ways, you can put it to work today in order to build document exchange applications with VB, COM, and MSXML.
Creating Visual Basic Components for the Web
By Bob Reselman
May 10, 2000
In this article, Bob Reselman shows how to make a Web-aware custom control that can run in a Web browser or standard Visual Basic form. You will learn about various features that allow you to get data into a custom control directly from the Internet ...
Client/Server Basics
Oct 14, 1998
Create a new generation of client/server solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies.

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