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Working with Files in PHP
By Matt Zandstra
Oct 11, 2002
Most programming languages provide mechanisms for reading files and saving data to disk. This lesson examines PHP's functions for file handling.
Working with Forms in PHP
By Matt Zandstra
Oct 4, 2002
PHP code is usually embedded in HTML pages and provides near transparent techniques for accessing data sent via HTML forms. This lesson covers the basics of gathering user input, and looks at some techniques for creating scripts that use forms.
PHP and Web Distributed Data eXchange (WDDX)
By Vikram Vaswani
Sep 13, 2002
Use WDDX to create platform-neutral data structures. Learn how WDDX coupled with PHP can be applied to content dissemination over the Web.
Using XSLT And PHP to Generate Output in Different Formats
By Vikram Vaswani
Jul 12, 2002
Learn how to use PHP's new XSLT API to create different types of documents (text, WML and HTML) from a single XML source file.
Deitel Presents An Introduction to PHP
By (Harvey & Paul) Deitel & Deitel
May 10, 2002
PHP is quickly becoming one of the most popular server-side scripting languages for creating dynamic Web pages. In this excerpt from their book, Deitel™ introduces you to some PHP basics.
Using Arrays in PHP and MySQL Web Development
By Laura Thomson, Luke Welling
May 25, 2001
In this chapter from PHP and MySQL Web Development, authors Luke Welling and Laura Thomson demonstrate how to use arrays. Learn everything from what an array is, to the different types of arrays and how to sort them.

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