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The Design of Design: Exemplars in Design
By Frederick P. Brooks
Apr 19, 2010
Few designs are all-new. Usually, even novel designs derive from earlier artifacts intended for similar purposes and built with similar technology. What then is the proper role of exemplars, precedents, in design? How should the designer study and use them? Should each design domain develop an accessible cumulative store of exemplars? Frederick P. Brooks considers these questions in this excerpt from his book, The Design of Design.
An Interview with Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt, the Pragmatic Programmers
By Larry O'Brien, Andrew Hunt, David Thomas
Apr 15, 2010
Larry O'Brien interviews Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt on why programming pragmatically still holds true today.
Writing a Good Set of Coding Conventions
By David Chisnall
Apr 12, 2010
Coding conventions are a common source of controversy. David Chisnall looks at some of the common style rules, why they exist, and provides some advice for people writing style guidelines.
Taking a Monastic Approach to Apple Programming: An interview with Aaron Hillegass
By Linda Leung, Aaron Hillegass
Apr 8, 2010
Aaron Hillegas and Linda Leung discuss the Apple phenomena, what we can expect next from Steve Jobs & co., Big Nerd Ranch's monastic retreat, and Aaron's thoughts on Android.
Objective-C for Java Programmers, Part 2
By David Chisnall
Mar 29, 2010
In the second of a two-part series, David Chisnall looks at the similarities and differences in the syntax of Objective-C and Java.
Objective-C for Java Programmers, Part 1
By David Chisnall
Mar 12, 2010
David Chisnall looks at the similarities and differences in the semantics of Java and Objective-C.
Improving Software Economics, Part 7 of 7: A Framework for Reasoning About Improving Software Economics
By Walker Royce
Feb 23, 2010
Walker Royce wraps up this series by suggesting ways to estimate costs realistically in a largely unpredictable industry.
Improving Software Economics, Part 6 of 7: Achieving 'Agility at Scale': Top 10 Principles of Agile Software Delivery
By Walker Royce
Feb 17, 2010
Continuing his series of 'top 10' lists, Walker Royce discusses the modern software development process in the Agile enterprise.
Improving Software Economics, Part 5 of 7: Reducing Uncertainty: The Basis of Best Practice
By Walker Royce
Feb 8, 2010
In part 5 of this series, Walker Royce examines the scientific community's relationship with uncertainty.
Improving Software Economics, Part 4 of 7: Top 10 Principles of Iterative Software Management
By Walker Royce
Feb 4, 2010
Continuing his comparison of iterative software management versus conventional software management, Walker Royce shows that by applying proper engineering practices early, modern principles result in less total scrap and rework across the life of the software product.
Snow Leopard: The Underhyped APIs
By David Chisnall
Jan 29, 2010
David Chisnall takes a look at some of the new APIs in OS X 10.6 that will make life easier for developers but didn't receive much publicity.
Foundation: The Objective-C Standard Library
By David Chisnall
Jan 26, 2010
David Chisnall goes through the most important aspects of the OpenStep Foundation framework.
Why IT Matters More Than Ever
By Aaron Erickson
Jan 21, 2010
Aaron Erickson argues that Nick Carr had it wrong: IT not only matters in the modern organization, but matters to a huge degree.
Improving Software Economics, Part 2 of 7: The Move to Agility
By Walker Royce
Jan 14, 2010
In part 2 of this series, Walker Royce examines the evolution of agility in the software delivery model.
Root Causes of Technical Debt
By Aaron Erickson
Jan 13, 2010
Aaron Erickson discusses how our attitudes toward risk affect technical debt in software development organizations.
A Practical Legal Guide to iPhone Application Development
By Robert McHale
Jan 12, 2010
Legal expert Robert McHale examines the common legal pitfalls specific to iPhone application development, and the measures developers can adopt to minimize risk and maximize protection of their intellectual property rights.
What Programmers Have to Know About Testing
By Janet Gregory
Jan 11, 2010
Janet Gregory offers some good advice to developers: Even when you know that a dedicated test team will be testing your software, there are some things that your programming team shouldn't leave for the testers to find.
Improving Software Economics, Part 3 of 7: Top 10 Principles of Conventional Software Management
By Walker Royce
Jan 8, 2010
Walker Royce continues tracing the need for change in software methodologies. In this article, he reminds us of the time and expense involved in creating inadequate software based on poor systems.
Using Distributed Objects in Cocoa
By David Chisnall
Jan 1, 2010
David Chisnall shows how, with distributed objects and with Bonjour, you can write applications that find and communicate with all instances on the local network, without writing any networking code.
C++ GUI Programming with Qt4: Building Qt Applications
By Jasmin Blanchette, Mark Summerfield
Nov 12, 2009
This appendix covers the three options for building Qt applications with a build tool: qmake, a third-party build tool, or an integrated development environment (IDE).

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