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The Big Nerd Ranch Guide to Variables and Types in Objective-C
By Aaron Hillegass
Nov 11, 2011
During execution, a program often needs places to store data that will be used later. Each variable has a name and a type. This chapter discusses working with variables and their associated types.
Setting Out to C++
By Stephen Prata
Nov 1, 2011
This chapter gives you an overview of the essential structure of a C++ program and previews some topics—notably functions and classes—covered in much greater detail in later chapters.
Android 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich and What It Means for Developers
By Shane Conder, Lauren Darcey
Oct 24, 2011
The recent release of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS, Android 4.0) marks a significant milestone of Android platform development. In this article Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey look at ICS from a developer's perspective, examining the SDK and updated development tools.
iOS Developer's Bookshelf: A Reading List by Erik Buck
By Erik M. Buck
Oct 5, 2011
Cocoa developer and entrepreneur Erik Buck provides a glimpse at some of the books he has found invaluable in his career as a developer and instructor.
iOS Developer's Bookshelf: A Reading List by Michael Bluestein
By Michael Bluestein
Oct 5, 2011
MonoTouch developer Michael Bluestein shares some of the most important books in his programming library and explains why each is so valuable.
What You Need to Know About C++11 Multicore Multithreading
By Stephen B. Morris
Sep 19, 2011
Enterprise development and networking specialist Stephen B. Morris describes how to come to grips with the multithreaded features now available in C++11.
Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt: Models and Views
By Alan Ezust, Paul Ezust
Sep 13, 2011
In this chapter, you will learn how to use the model classes in Qt to represent many different kinds of data.
Automatic Reference Counting in Objective-C, Part 2: The Details
By David Chisnall
Aug 17, 2011
David Chisnall takes a look at how Automatic Reference Counting interoperates with C and C++, and how some of the optimizations work.
Automatic Reference Counting in Objective-C, Part 1
By David Chisnall
Aug 15, 2011
David Chisnall introduces you to Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), which implements automatic memory management for Objective-C objects and blocks, freeing you from inserting retains and releases.
Implementing Feature X in C++, Part 2
By David Chisnall
Aug 8, 2011
David Chisnall continues looking at how the more complex parts of C++ are implemented. In this piece, he explores runtime type information, exceptions, and complex initializers.
Implementing Feature X in C++, Part 1
By David Chisnall
Aug 1, 2011
David Chisnall looks at how some of the more complex features of C++ are implemented.
Moving from Java to C++: An Interview with Rogers Cadenhead
By Rogers Cadenhead, Danny Kalev
May 31, 2011
In this interview, co-author of Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours, 5th Edition Rogers Cadenhead discusses moving from Java to C++, what brought him to C++, and the best tactics for learning C++.
C++ Without Fear: Functions
By Brian Overland
May 17, 2011
A function is a group of related statements that accomplish a specific task. Understanding functions is a crucial step to programming in C++, as Brian Overland explains in this chapter from his book.
Top Ten Tips for Correct C++ Coding
By Brian Overland
May 17, 2011
Brian Overland, long-time Microsoft veteran and author of C++ Without Fear: A Beginner's Guide That Makes You Feel Smart, 2nd Edition, shares 10 of his most hard-earned, time-saving insights from decades of writing and debugging C++ code.
Introduction to C++ Programming
By Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel
May 10, 2011
In this chapter, Harvey and Paul Deitel offer five examples that demonstrate how your programs can display messages and obtain information from the user for processing.
Creating Variables and Constants in C++
By Jesse Liberty, Rogers Cadenhead
May 3, 2011
Learn how to work with simple kinds of information in C++ such as integers, floating-point values, and characters.
Text Processing with Objective-C, Part 2
By David Chisnall
Mar 8, 2011
In the second of a two-part series, David Chisnall continues his look at some useful Objective-C design patterns, inspired by the code that generated the ePub version of his latest book.
Text Processing with Objective-C, Part 1
By David Chisnall
Mar 1, 2011
In the first of a two-part series, David Chisnall takes a look at some of the Objective-C design patterns that were in the code that generated the ePub version of his latest book.
Objective-C Phrasebook: Numbers
By David Chisnall
Feb 25, 2011
David Chisnall describes the primitive (non-object) C types available in Objective-C and their treatment.
Optimizing Objective-C
By David Chisnall
Feb 7, 2011
Objective-C was created as a compromise, trying to combine the speed of C and the flexibility of Smalltalk. David Chisnall shows how to avoid the slower parts of the language in the hot parts of your code.

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