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Flex on Rails: Flex with RESTful Services
By Tony Hillerson, Daniel Wanja
Jan 6, 2009
Learn how to access a RESTful Rails application and how to consume nested resources with custom verbs.
Working with Collections in Ruby
By Jason D. Clinton
Sep 9, 2008
Working with Collections in Ruby is easy. Jason D. Clinton shows you how.
Design Patterns in Ruby: Keeping Up with the Times with the Observer Pattern
By Russ Olsen
Jan 11, 2008
Build components that know about the activities of other components without having to tightly couple everything together.
Routing the Rails Way
By Obie Fernandez
Dec 14, 2007
This chapter introduces you to the principal techniques for defining and manipulating routes.
Copyright Versus Free Software
By David Chisnall
Nov 16, 2007
David Chisnall examines the close relationship between copyright and Free Software.
Working with Strings
By Hal Fulton
Jan 5, 2007
Containers in Ruby
By Mark Slagell
Aug 23, 2002
Similar to a grocery bag, containers hold a variety of objects and make life easier. Learn how to bag your objects into strings, arrays, hashes, and ranges.
Becoming a Software Developer part 7: Ruby for the Internet Nuby
By Pete McBreen
May 24, 2002
It's easy to write simple scripts for sending emails — but hard to make sure that your application deals with all the weird and wonderful things that can go wrong.
Manipulating Structured Data in Ruby
By Hal Fulton
May 24, 2002
Hal Fulton takes a look at arrays, hashes, and more complex data structures.
Becoming a Software Developer Part 2: Test Driven Development with Ruby
By Pete McBreen
Apr 12, 2002
Developers can become more productive and spend a lot less time debugging code by creating Extreme Programming style unit tests before the rest of the code is written. Every "Ruby nuby" should learn about test-driven development and create unit tests.
Becoming a Software Developer, Part 1: Ruby for the Nuby
By Pete McBreen
Apr 5, 2002
In the age of objects and the Internet, Pete McBreen shows how Ruby fits a whole new generation of developers.
The Ruby Programming Language
By Yukihiro Matsumoto
Jun 12, 2000
You've heard of Perl, but Ruby? This new language from Japan is quickly gaining interest. Here, Ruby's creator, Yukihiro Matsumoto, tells you why Perl and Python just aren't good enough.

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