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The Meta-Guide To Learning Ruby
By Russ Olsen
Feb 1, 2011
Really mastering a new programming language, certainly one as flexible and fluid as Ruby, is not easy. Russ Olsen offers some tips to ease the pain and speed yourself down the road to Ruby mastery.
REST, Resources, and Rails
By Obie Fernandez
Jan 12, 2011
Obie Fernandez tackles the tough subject of using REST principles to guide the design of your Rails applications, mainly as they apply to the routing system and controller actions.
Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial: From Zero to Deploy
By Michael Hartl
Jan 11, 2011
Michael Hartl gets you started with Ruby on Rails by installing all the necessary software and setting up your development environment He'll then show you how to create your first Rails application, called (appropriately enough) first_app.
An Interview with Obie Fernandez on Rails 3
By Russ Olsen, Obie Fernandez
Dec 20, 2010
Russ Olsen talks to Obie Fernandez about his new book, The Rails 3 Way, 2nd Edition, the most important Rails developments over the last few years, and what he's up to at Hashrocket.
Rails-Flavored Ruby
By Michael Hartl
Nov 17, 2010
Ruby is a big language, but fortunately the subset needed to be productive as a Rails developer is relatively small. Michael Hartl explores some elements of Ruby important for Rails.
Best Practice Ruby on Rails Refactoring: Databases
By Chad Pytel, Tammer Saleh
Nov 16, 2010
While the power of the Rails framework has made the database an afterthought for many developers, there are important database and Rails-specific considerations that you shouldn’t overlook.
An Introduction to Service-Oriented Design with Ruby and Rails
By Paul Dix
Aug 30, 2010
This chapter explores the basic goals of service-oriented design and design guidelines for splitting applications into separate services.
Testing .NET Applications Using IronRuby
By Shay Friedman
May 4, 2010
IronRuby unleashes the power of Ruby to the .NET world. One of the most interesting opportunities is that now you can use Ruby's testing frameworks to test .NET code. In this article, Shay Friedman shows you how to take advantage of popular testing frameworks to test your .NET code with ease.
IronRuby Unleashed: An Interview with Shay Friedman
By Shay Friedman, Hal Fulton
Apr 6, 2010
Hal Fulton interviews Shay Friedman about writing code at the age of 8, why IronRuby is much more than a bridge between .NET and Ruby, and why both Rubyists and .NET developers should use IronRuby.
Distributed Ruby: Mark Bates Sheds New Light
By Mark Bates, Hal Fulton
Mar 2, 2010
Sometimes Ruby code is too cool to run on just one computer at a time. In this interview with Hal Fulton, Mark Bates explains how he defines distributed programming, reasonable concerns about Ruby performance, and how to choose Ruby libraries.
Getting Started with IronRuby
By Shay Friedman
Feb 25, 2010
IronRuby is Microsoft's implementation of the Ruby language on top of the DLR. Its main goal is to provide seamless interoperability between Ruby and the .NET Framework. Shay Friedman gives you your first taste of IronRuby.
Distributed Programming with Ruby: Distribunaut
By Mark Bates
Nov 17, 2009
Distribunaut is a framework agnostic port of the mack-distributed package. In this chapter from his book, Distributed Programming with Ruby, Mark Bates shows you how to install and use it.
Refactoring Ruby: An Interview with Jay Fields
By Neal Ford, Jay Fields
Nov 10, 2009
Neal Ford interviews Jay Fields about his new book with Shane Harvie and Martin Fowler, Refactoring: Ruby Edition, why they wrote the book around Ruby and not Dynamic Languages in general, and why he'd take a powerful language over a powerful tool anyday.
Design Patterns in Ruby: Picking the Right Class with a Factory
By Russ Olsen
Oct 23, 2009
In this chapter, Russ Olsen at both the Factory Method pattern and the Abstract Factory pattern. He also shines a light on some dynamic Ruby techniques that will help you build factories more effectively.
Refactoring in Ruby: An Interview with Bill Wake and Kevin Rutherford
By Russ Olsen, Kevin Rutherford, William C. Wake
Oct 16, 2009
Russ Olsen talks with Bill Wake and Kevin Rutherford about their book, Refactoring in Ruby.
Refactoring Ruby: Bad Smells in Code
By Jay Fields, Kent Beck, Martin Fowler, Shane Harvie
Oct 13, 2009
Use this chapter when you're not sure what refactorings to do. Try to identify what it is you're smelling, and then go to the refactorings we suggest to see whether they will help you. You may not find the exact smell you can detect, but hopefully it should point you in the right direction.
"D"iving Into the D Programming Language
By Andrei Alexandrescu
Jul 29, 2009
Andrei Alexandrescu dives into explaining the basics of the D programming language.
Increasing Organizational Capability through the People CMM
By Bill Curtis, William E. Hefley, Sally A. Miller
Jul 9, 2009
Learn how to increase your organizational capability throught the People CMM, which applies the principles of the process maturity framework to the domain of workforce practices.
RailsSpace Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Getting Started
By Aurelius Prochazka
Jun 15, 2009
This video excerpt is from lesson 2 of RailsSpace Ruby on Rails Tutorial.
Robert C. Martin’s Clean Code Tip of the Week #1: An Accidental Doppelgänger in Ruby
By Robert C. Martin
Jan 7, 2009
Robert C. Martin investigates an interesting dilemma: if the implementation of two functions is identical, yet their intent is completely different, is it still duplicate code?

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