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The Cross-Platform Java GUI: Designing Code for More Than One Operating System
By Marcus Zarra
Feb 10, 2006
As cross-platform languages go, Java is considered one of the best choices available. It has a rich library for GUI development that is available on every platform on which Java is available. However, there is more to building a cross-platform GUI than just writing the code. Marcus Zarra steps you through a few things that need to be considered when designing an application with the intent of using it on multiple platforms.
Consolidating Your IM Applications with Trillian or Gaim
By Kulvir Singh Bhogal
Sep 2, 2005
Want to consolidate your instant-messaging accounts into a single front end? Trillian and Gaim can do just that, to significantly simplify your IM experience.
Drawing and Printing in C++ with wxWidgets
By Julian Smart, Stefan Csomor, Kevin Hock
Aug 5, 2005
This chapter introduces the idea of the device context, generalizing the concept of a drawing surface such as a window or a printed page. It will discuss the available device context classes and the set of "drawing tools" that wxWidgets provides for handling fonts, color, line drawing, and filling.
User Interface Design and the Importance of Color for .NET Database Systems
By Rebecca M. Riordan
Jan 21, 2005
Colors are another form of data, and in light of the fact that the human eye can perceive more than ten million different colors, that's a potentially huge amount of data. Color theory helps you organize this data into manageable chunks. This chapter outlines color theory, both pigment-based theory and light-based theory.
Customizing the HP Network Node Manager from the GUI
By Tammy Zitello, Paul Weber, Deborah Williams
Dec 30, 2004
Customizing the ovw GUI is both flexible and simple. Many customizations, such as adding submap backgrounds, automatic layout of symbols, symbol hiding, and creation of executable symbols, can be achieved from within the ovw GUI. This chapter will show you how.
Creating Dynamic Drop Menus on Toolbar Buttons
By Rick Ruhl
Dec 17, 2004
Rick Ruhl shows how easy it is to create and use dynamic drop menus on toolbar buttons, with and without creating menu resources.
Interface Changes in Windows Server 2003
By Mark Rouse, Don Jones
Aug 13, 2004
This chapter touches on some of the new interface changes and features in Windows Server 2003, including a skinnable interface, folder compression to save space, built-in methods for CD burning, and remote desktop assistance.
Rapid Dialog Design with the Qt C++ GUI Toolkit
By Jasmin Blanchette
May 21, 2004
If your fingers are exhausted typing or cutting-and-pasting code to create the zillions of dialog boxes needed for your application's user interface, save yourself a trip to the orthopedic surgeon: Try the Qt GUI toolkit! In just a few steps, you can build great-looking dialogs that are automatically resizable, breezily skip from one language to another, and even switch with ease from reading left-to-right to reading right-to-left.
Designing GUI Applications with Windows Forms
By Erik Rubin, Ronnie Yates
Nov 7, 2003
Learn to use the rich set of controls in the .NET Compact Framework, including the DataGrid control, the TreeView, and other advanced Windows controls.
How Do You Do? Making the Acquaintance of the C++ GUI Toolkits
By Cameron Laird
Nov 7, 2003
No experience writing GUIs with C++? This quick crib sheet gives you a rapid overview of the major toolkits.
Implementing Navigation for the User Interface
By Mike Gunderloy
Mar 28, 2003
This Appendix Covers the Microsoft-specified objectives for the "Creating User Services" section of Exam 70-305, "Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET."
Writing Multithreaded GUI Applications with Python
By Boudewijn Rempt
Jan 31, 2003
Want to take advantage of multithreading and side-step its associated obstacles? Boudewijn Rempt uses the PyQt toolkit to help you work around the challenges of programming a multithreaded GUI in Python.
Navigating the Pocket PC GUI
By Michael Morrison
Oct 11, 2002
Get the most our of your Pocket PC, from the initial startup procedure to connecting your desktop, to learning your way around the GUI and managing memory.
Creating Your Own Icons, Part 1
By Eileen Mullin
Jun 21, 2002
The effectiveness of user-interface icons can make or break an application's overall appeal. Eileen Mullin presents hands-on guidelines for developing and designing attractive yet powerful graphical navigation elements.

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