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Adding Keyboard Shortcuts to Your Web User Interface
By Ivan Pepelnjak
Nov 2, 2007
Implement browser-independent keyboard shortcuts in your web applications.
Ajax Construction Kit: Creating Responsive GUIs with Real-Time Validation
By Michael Morrison
Aug 4, 2007
Learn when to inject real-time validation into your own apps.
Bad UI of the Week: Kettles and Washing Machines
By David Chisnall
Jul 27, 2007
David Chisnall ponders the safety features of two common appliances.
Bad UI of the Week: The Cross-Platform User Interface
By David Chisnall
Aug 17, 2007
David Chisnall explains why cross-platform GUIs are likely to be doomed to failure.
Bad UI of the Week: The Menu Bar
By David Chisnall
Aug 24, 2007
David Chisnall examines the historically contentious topic of menu placement.
Bad UI of the Week: The Mitten Mouse
By David Chisnall
Jul 20, 2007
David Chisnall compares single vs. multi-button mouse design.
Bad UI of the Week: The Mythical "is Like" Operator
By David Chisnall
Aug 10, 2007
David Chisnall examines the subjective nature of associating objects (and functions) into categories.
Bad User Interface of the Week: File It Under “Bad”
By David Chisnall
Jul 13, 2007
Find out the importance of having solid user design techniques in place when designing an interface.
Blending Images in Java
By Jeff Friesen
Sep 12, 2008
Jeff Friesen introduces high-performance Java code that you can incorporate into your own image transitions.
Building Modal Dialogs into Your Web Application
By Ivan Pepelnjak
Nov 9, 2007
Ivan Pepelnjak describes how you can use JavaScript to implement a truly modal dialog box.
Consolidating Your IM Applications with Trillian or Gaim
By Kulvir Singh Bhogal
Sep 2, 2005
Want to consolidate your instant-messaging accounts into a single front end? Trillian and Gaim can do just that, to significantly simplify your IM experience.
Creating Dynamic Drop Menus on Toolbar Buttons
By Rick Ruhl
Dec 17, 2004
Rick Ruhl shows how easy it is to create and use dynamic drop menus on toolbar buttons, with and without creating menu resources.
Creating Your Own Icons, Part 1
By Eileen Mullin
Jun 21, 2002
The effectiveness of user-interface icons can make or break an application's overall appeal. Eileen Mullin presents hands-on guidelines for developing and designing attractive yet powerful graphical navigation elements.
Customizing the HP Network Node Manager from the GUI
By Tammy Zitello, Paul Weber, Deborah Williams
Dec 30, 2004
Customizing the ovw GUI is both flexible and simple. Many customizations, such as adding submap backgrounds, automatic layout of symbols, symbol hiding, and creation of executable symbols, can be achieved from within the ovw GUI. This chapter will show you how.
Designing GUI Applications with Windows Forms
By Erik Rubin, Ronnie Yates
Nov 7, 2003
Learn to use the rich set of controls in the .NET Compact Framework, including the DataGrid control, the TreeView, and other advanced Windows controls.
Drawing and Printing in C++ with wxWidgets
By Julian Smart, Stefan Csomor, Kevin Hock
Aug 5, 2005
This chapter introduces the idea of the device context, generalizing the concept of a drawing surface such as a window or a printed page. It will discuss the available device context classes and the set of "drawing tools" that wxWidgets provides for handling fonts, color, line drawing, and filling.
Enhance Java GUIs with Windows Icons
By Jeff Friesen
Apr 4, 2008
Jeff Friesen shows how to make Windows icons available for use in your Java GUIs.
GridBagLayout Versus FormLayout
By Jeff Friesen
Oct 6, 2006
Jeff Friesen compares GridBagLayout to JGoodies FormLayout, another popular Java layout manager. Both layout managers offer advantages and disadvantages, with the scale tipping toward FormLayout as the more flexible layout manager.
Have Fun with the Custom Screensavers Library
By Jeff Friesen
Mar 10, 2006
Screensavers should be fun to watch. Unlike most rather boring screensavers, the 4Balls screensaver in Jeff Friesen's new article is anything but dull. You learn how to draw bitmaps using masks and bitwise operations, how to animate these bitmaps using simple physics, how to render colorful backgrounds with gradient paints, and how to play multiple wave sounds simultaneously.
How Do You Do? Making the Acquaintance of the C++ GUI Toolkits
By Cameron Laird
Nov 7, 2003
No experience writing GUIs with C++? This quick crib sheet gives you a rapid overview of the major toolkits.

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