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Covert Java: Obfuscating Classes
By Alex Kalinovsky
Jul 30, 2004
Obfuscation can help prevent the hacking of your Java code, but how does it work? Alex Kalinovsky explains the most common methods and how they can help protect your intellectual property in this chapter.
Crime, War, and B.S. in the Electronic Universe
By Michael Kemp
Mar 21, 2008
Michael Kemp warns of a more insidious threat than actual information attacks: pandering to the fear of these attacks.
Cyber Stalking, Fraud, and Abuse
By William (Chuck) Easttom
Feb 1, 2012
This chapter explores what the various major types of internet fraud are, what the law says, and what you can do to protect yourself.
Cybercrime and Politics: The Dangers of the Internet in Elections
By Markus Jakobsson, Zulfikar Ramzan
Apr 23, 2008
This chapter focuses on the 2008 presidential election to demonstrate the risks involved in using the Internet in campaigning.
Data Leakage During a Time of Economic Recession
By Brad Bowers
May 25, 2011
Brad Bowers looks at some of the causes of data leakage and how a weak economy may increase the risks.
Data Loss and Full Disk Encryption
By Randy Nash
May 30, 2008
Randy Nash discusses the patterns of data loss, security policy, full disk vs. folder encryption, and vulnerabilities related to volatile memory.
Data Theft: How Big a Problem?
By Michael Miller
Jun 30, 2008
Michael Miller discusses how data theft happens, where the data goes, and to what extent it is a problem.
Debunking Free Antivirus Myths
By Eric Geier
Sep 14, 2011
Eric Geier sheds some light on free antivirus programs and whether or not they can adequately protect your computer and data.
Deploying Disney: How Social Engineers Take Advantage of Childhood Lessons
By Chris Nickerson
May 20, 2009
Security consultant Chris Nickerson points out that teaching from animated characters may make it easier for social attackers to get at your mind.
Design Principles for Security Mechanisms
By Matt Bishop
Jan 10, 2003
See the power in simplicity and restriction through these eight principles for the design and implementation of security mechanisms.
Developing Secure Applications Through Aspect-Oriented Programming
By Tzilla Elrad, Mehmet Aksit, Siobhán Clarke, Robert E. Filman
Nov 18, 2004
This chapter provides helpful information on using aspect-oriented programming to develop security components for distributed applications. The effectiveness of AOP technology is demonstrated with two application-level security problems that illustrate the utility of this technology.
Encryption 101: Keys, Algorithms and You
By Mike Chapple
Feb 15, 2011
Mike Chapple shows how to protect confidential information via encryption, and teaches the basics when it comes to selecting an encryption technology.
Endpoint Security: What's Missing?
By Mark Kadrich
Nov 30, 2007
Mark Kadrich describes a new process that will help us understand how our network technology interacts with our security technology.
Everyday Eavesdropping: How Pervasive Is Digital Big Brother?
By Harry Lewis, Hal Abelson, Ken Ledeen
May 29, 2008
Digital eavesdropping will either become far more pervasive or will be reined in to protect civil liberties. Which do we want?
Exploiting phpMyadmin: How to Get root in 15 Easy Steps
By Seth Fogie
Nov 20, 2009
Security expert Seth Fogie provides you with a real-world illustration of a how a simple overlooked account can lead to root access.
Exploring ISA Server 2004 Tools and Concepts
By Michael Noel
Aug 26, 2005
This chapter covers the high-level details of each portion of the ISA Management Console, with emphasis placed on introducing ISA administrators to the tools available to make their lives easier.
Failures of Information Security: Observing the World and Asking Why
By Adam Shostack, Andrew Stewart
Apr 28, 2008
Andrew Stewart and Adam Shostack delve into some of the most apparent failures of information security.
Finding You: How Should Geolocation Be Used?
By Harry Lewis, Hal Abelson, Ken Ledeen
May 30, 2008
With Geolocation, what is possible depends on who has what data, and how well they use it to connect the dots. What is right is harder to say.
Firesheep, Fireshepherd, and Facebook: Understanding Session Hijacking
By Mike Chapple
Feb 22, 2011
Mike Chapple shows you how web authentication makes session hijacking possible, how Firesheep exploits these vulnerabilities, and the measures that website administrators, web developers, and end users can take to protect against session hijacking attacks.
Five Applications to Secure Your Wi-Fi Hotspot Connections
By Eric Geier
May 13, 2010
Don't risk eavesdroppers capturing your email, passwords, and other sensitive info! Eric Geier reviews five helpful apps that encrypt your wireless traffic.

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