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Application Servers Have High Levels of Abstraction

I always think that the best way for software people to move up the value chain is to embrace abstract tasks. Rather than working solely on discrete and bounded tasks, we can all seek out abstract tasks that are less well-defined. Examples of such abstract tasks include creating a storage backup strategy, defining requirements for an important new application feature, and so on.

Abstract tasks are big challenges that force the brain to divide and conquer! Application servers use a fairly abstract model for the software running on them. For example, J2EE provides support for abstraction in the way it allows your software to access backend databases. This is handled with resource references that hide the complexities of the particular data source.

Other areas that J2EE supports include massive HTTP scalability and advanced cluster management. This means that large numbers of clients can connect to application server-hosted code. You don't have to worry so much about setting up low level resources—the environment handles much of this, freeing your brain to focus on more abstract and challenging work!

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