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Removing Impediments

A great ScrumMaster should start each day with a question: “What can I do to make it easier for my team to perform their work?” One way of helping them is to remove impediments so they can work efficiently.

However, ScrumMaster is not just any administrative position, and so the way to remove impediments is to delegate responsibility, activities, and ownership to the team so they can solve problems by themselves. Unless the ScrumMaster gives the team the opportunity to take over these tasks, she ends up as their “smother” who is so loving and caring that her “kids” are low-confidence grown-ups, dependent on her even in their thirties.

So, should the ScrumMaster remove impediments? Yes, but in a way that supports the team in finding a solution. The ScrumMaster can start by explaining what self-organization is and why it is such an important part of Scrum and continue with coaching and facilitation.

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