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The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Although all the approaches of the ScrumMaster State of Mind model are important during your journey to becoming a great ScrumMaster, one very important item is still missing—observation. If you take the opportunity to be quiet and let the team take over an activity, you can continue to observe them for another minute before you teach them or explain how they should do something, facilitate their conversation, coach them to decide themselves, or try to fix the problem yourself by removing impediments. If you resist the urge to solve every issue as quickly as possible so the team can get back to work again, you will be much closer to the goal of having a self-organized team.

Therefore, the ScrumMaster State of Mind model is very important, because it forces you to step back to the role of observer and decide which approach you are going to take and why. There is truth to the adage that listening is one of the most important aspects of communication and decision making.

When you imagine how listening could have improved the outcome while you were teaching, facilitating, coaching, and removing impediments, you will find some situations where you would have decided things differently if you had practiced this model.

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