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"Good Enough" Software Damages Your Reputation in the Marketplace

Even a BigCo can't get away with the "good enough" approach forever. The problem is that with a large enough user base, even the unimportant problems that were deemed unnecessary to fix impact some users. With a really large user base in the millions, problems that seemed insignificant to the development team can impact a small but vocal minority. In the age of newsgroups and the Internet, this is not a good thing. Small wonder then that practically every BigCo has to employ spin doctors to try to control perceptions whenever a defect or security vulnerability is discovered in their software.

Also, the BigCo is very vulnerable to someone else producing an alternative that's better and more reliable. Once a viable alternative becomes available, the BigCo suddenly looks very sick. A good example of this is what happened to U.S. car manufacturers in the 1970s and 1980s; after years of selling whatever they wanted to foist on their customers, they suddenly lost their market and had to rebuild from scratch. Even now they're still building their reputation for making reliable cars.

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