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0.3 Programming and computer science

Is programming all that there is to computer science? Of course not! The only reason we raise this question is that people have been known to be confused about this. We touch upon major topics from computer science, such as algorithms and data structures, but our aim is to teach programming: the design and implementation of programs. That is both more and less than most accepted notions of computer science:

  • More, because programming involves many technical skills that are not usually considered part of any science
  • Less, because we do not systematically present the foundation for the parts of computer science we use

The aim of this book is to be part of a course in computer science (if becoming a computer scientist is your aim), to be the foundation for the first of many courses in software construction and maintenance (if your aim is to become a programmer or a software engineer), and in general to be part of a greater whole.

We rely on computer science throughout and we emphasize principles, but we teach programming as a practical skill based on theory and experience, rather than as a science.

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