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Yes, You Can Innovate

Yes, You Can Innovate: Discover Your Innovation Strengths and Develop your Creative Potential

Natalie Turner helps you discover the skills required to successfully innovate, how to understand the problem you want to solve, and how to cultivate and implement innovative ideas. Whether you work for an organization or are an entrepreneur, each chapter in Yes, You Can Innovate will equip you with a practical toolkit containing examples, activities and resources to help you build and improve your innovation skills.

Chapters and Articles

Learn how to create web servers that can respond to different routes, different types of requests, and different content types in Go.

Eight ways to maximize the benefits and minimize the complications of generics in Java.

Discusses Hadley Wickham’s (a prominent member of the R programming language community) “Tidy Data” paper, which deals with reshaping and cleaning common data problems.

Learn how to get analytics from a website, save the data in a form that you can use for analysis, and make inferences about the results of the analysis.

A refresher of mathematical concepts used in shader programming.

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