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Windows Game Programming with Visual Basic and DirectX

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Windows Game Programming with Visual Basic and DirectX


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 408
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2592-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2592-9

Windows Game Programming with Visual Basic and DirectX is the only game programming book on the market that pairs the ease of Visual Basic with the power and flash of DirectX applications. The book is written to teach the skills and thoughts behind game programming, with hands-on examples and a simulation game project that results in a complete application at the end of the book. Topics such as artificial intelligence, animation, sound effects, background music, and multiplayer setups will be covered in detail and put to work in the hands-on game project.

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Creating 3D Graphics in trueSpace

Getting Started with Caligari trueSpace, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Table of Contents




Creating a Computer Game. Your Challenge. Who Should Read This Book. System Requirements. What This Book Covers. What This Book doesn't Cover. Conventions Used in This Book. Questions and Comments. Other Resources.

1. Developing an Idea into a Game.

Designing the Game. Game Design Document for Swim Mall. Final Thoughts.

2. Introducing DirectX.

Understanding DirectX. Introducing 3D Graphics. I'm a Little Teapot. Final Thoughts.

3. Creating 3D Graphics.

Introducing Caligari trueSpace. Introducing Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Constructing 3D Graphics. Creating a Mall. Final Thoughts.

4. Turning 2D Graphics into 3D Graphics.

Creating 2D Graphics. Tweaking Images with Photoshop. Creating a Store. Creating a Simple Texture with Photoshop. Final Thoughts.

5. Loading Mall Information.

Design Details. Loading a Saved Game. Final Thoughts.

6. Displaying 3D Graphics.

Initializing Graphics Information. Loading Your Mall. Displaying Graphic Information. Rendering Your Mall. Selecting Objects Using the DXGraphics Class. Running the Program. Final Thoughts.


7. Random Numbers Ain't Random.

Defining a Random Number. Random Numbers and Computers. Creating Random Numbers. Random Numbers and Visual Basic. Ranges of Random Numbers. Distribution of Random Numbers. Final Thoughts.

8. Simulating Reality.

Introducing Simulations. Parts of a Simulation Model. The Master Clock. Simulation Statistics. Programming Simulations. Final Thoughts.

9. Simulating the Mall.

Understanding the Simulation. Building the Simulation Framework. Communities and Competitors. Initializing the Simulation. Monitoring the Mall. Final Thoughts.

10. Simulating Customers.

The Customer Class. Picking the Best Mall. Priority Queues. Simulating the Customer in the Mall. Final Thoughts.

11. Simulating Stores and Money.

Stores and Needs. Storing Store Information. Customers and Stores. Housekeeping for the Store. Displaying Information for a Store. Managing the Mall's Money. Final Thoughts.


12. Controlling the Mall with DirectInput.

Exploring DirectInput. Using DirectInput. Integrating DirectInput into Swim Mall. Initializing DirectInput. Handing DirectInput Events. Mouse Recovery. Ending DirectInput. Final Thoughts.

13. Commanding the Game.

Running the Game. Running Commands. Managing Game State. New Graphic Functions. Creating Commands. Converting Keyboard Information into Commands. Converting Mouse Information into Commands. Executing Commands. Displaying 2D Information. Final Thoughts.

14. Attention, Shoppers.

Sounds in the Mall. Introducing DirectX Audio. Integrating Sounds into Swim Mall. Initializing DXAudio. Playing Background Music. Stopping the Music. Foreground Sounds. Polling for Music. Creating Sounds. Final Thoughts.

15. A Map and Customers.

Mapping the Mall. Building the Map. Defining the Map. Loading Map Information. Initializing the Map. Marking Areas. Debugging the Map. Creating Customers. Final Thoughts.

16. Walking Through the Mall.

Drawing Customers. Walking Through the Mall. Final Thoughts.


17. The Mall Strait Journal.

Reading the Mall Strait Journal. Saving News Articles. Writing News Articles. Getting the News. Printing the Newspaper. Displaying the Newspaper. Flipping Through the Pages. Borrowing Money from the Bank. Raymond Speaks. Final Thoughts.

18. Running the Mall.

Building a Command Framework. Managing Stores. Terminating a Lease. Final Thoughts.

19. The End of the Beginning.

Saving a Game. Getting the Filename. Writing the SwimFile. Saving Game Info. Changing SwimFile. Loading a Saved Game. Starting the Game. Choosing a Saved Game. Cheating in Swim Mall. Detecting the Cheat Command. Processing Cheat Commands. Hiding Easter Eggs. Searching for Easter Eggs. Displaying the Easter Egg. Final Thoughts.



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