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Windows 10 Plain & Simple

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Windows 10 Plain & Simple


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• Full-color, visual guide makes learning 10 plain and simple!
• Four-color
• Teaches new features of Windows 10
• Easy to follow steps and screenshots


  • Copyright 2016
  • Dimensions: 9-1/8 X 7-3/8
  • Pages: 320
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7356-9794-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7356-9794-2

Learn the simplest ways to get things done with Windows 10.
See it. Learn it. In color.

Here’s WHAT You’ll Learn

  • Navigate Windows 10 quickly, easily, and efficiently
  • Get online with the sleek new Microsoft Edge web browser
  • Make the most of the new Cortana personal assistant
  • Efficiently manage your email, calendar, contacts, and more
  • Access your files from anywhere with Microsoft OneDrive
  • Help secure your computer and protect your data
Here’s HOW You’ll Learn It
  • Jump in wherever you need answers
  • Follow easy steps and screenshots to see exactly what to do
  • Get handy tips for new techniques and shortcuts
  • Use Try This! exercises to apply what you learn right away



The author has created a special ebook for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to help you understand the new features. You can download the PDFs here, together in one .zip file (11.7 MB). One PDF is made for a computer monitor, and the other is designed for a mobile screen. Enjoy!

  1. Click the Download button below to start the download.
  2. If prompted, click Save.
  3. Locate the .zip file on your computer. Right-click the file, click Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

Sample Content

Sample Pages

Download the sample content

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments    xv
Chapter 1: About this book    1

A quick overview    2
A few assumptions    6
What’s new in Windows 10?    6
The final word    7
Chapter 2: First look at Windows 10    9
Signing in to your user account    11
Signing in with a different user account    12
Using the Start menu    15
Viewing All Apps    16
Working with Task View    17
Using multiple desktops    18
Opening the Action Center    19
Working with settings in the Action Center    20
Shutting down Windows 10    21
Chapter 3: Navigating Windows 10    23
Opening and closing windows    24
Accessing Settings    25
Setting up accounts    26
Managing passwords    28
Adding a picture password    30
Using a PIN    32
Exploring the Start menu    35
Expanding the Start menu    36
Adjusting system volume    40
Setting the date and time    41
Managing power options    42
Chapter 4: Customizing the appearance of Windows 10    45
Changing the desktop background    46
Customize the Lock Screen    47
Adjusting colors and transparency    48
Using themes    50
Changing the screen saver    51
Making timeout settings    52
Enlarging text    53
Changing screen resolution    54
Customizing the taskbar    55
Adding tiles to the Start menu    56
Moving tiles    57
Using Snap to arrange apps on the desktop    58
Resizing tiles    60
Chapter 5: Working with productivity applications    61
Finding and opening applications by using the Start menu    62
Opening applications using Cortana    63
Working with toolbars and menus    64
Cutting, copying, and pasting content    65
Formatting text    66
Formatting paragraphs    67
Saving files    68
Printing documents    69
Sharing files via email    70
Closing applications    71
Uninstalling applications    72
Chapter 6: Finding content with File Explorer and Cortana    73
Finding content by using File Explorer    74
Changing File Explorer views    75
Sorting files    76
Creating a new folder    77
Moving files among folders    78
Renaming files and folders    79
Deleting files and folders    80
Compressing files    81
Sharing files via email    82
Searching by using Cortana    83
Searching for favorite places    84
Managing the Recycle Bin    86
Chapter 7: Making Windows accessible    87
Using Magnifier    88
Setting up high contrast    89
Adjusting screen brightness    90
Making elements on your screen easier to see    91
Changing mouse settings    92
Changing keyboard settings    93
Using touch feedback    94
Working with Narrator    95
Using Speech Recognition    96
Turning on closed captioning    98
Using visual alternatives for sounds    99
Chapter 8: Accessing and managing networks    101
Connecting to a network    103
Joining a homegroup    104
Making Wi-Fi Sense settings    106
Making your computer discoverable    108
Setting file and printer sharing options    109
Using Airplane Mode    110
Disconnecting from a network    111
Chapter 9: Going online with Microsoft Edge    113
Setting a home page    115
Browsing among webpages    116
Working with tabs    117
Viewing your browsing history    118
Marking up webpages    119
Using Reading View    120
Adding items to Favorites or Reading List    121
Using InPrivate browsing    122
Finding content on pages    123
Zooming in and out    124
Managing downloads    125
Chapter 10: Connecting with others    127
Adding contacts in People    128
Editing contacts    130
Linking contacts    131
Sharing contacts    132
Chapter 11: Using Mail    135
Setting up email accounts    136
Reading email messages    138
Opening an attachment    139
Replying to a message    140
Forwarding a message    141
Creating a new message    142
Formatting message text    143
Adding attachments    144
Moving emails to folders    145
Deleting emails    146
Chapter 12: Shopping for apps in the Windows Store    147
Searching for apps    149
Creating payment information for an account    150
Managing settings for updates    152
Reading reviews    153
Buying an app    154
Rating an app    155
Chapter 13: Enjoying music    157
Buying songs or albums    158
Adding local music files    160
Playing music    161
Adjusting volume    162
Searching for music    163
Creating playlists    164
Using Cortana to identify music    165
Chapter 14: Recording and watching videos    167
Recording your own videos by using the Camera app    168
Buying videos    169
Locating videos in the Movies & TV app    170
Playing videos    171
Configuring settings in the Movies & TV app    172
Playing video by using Windows Media Player    174
Creating playlists by using Windows Media Player    175
Chapter 15: Working with the Camera and Photos apps    177
Taking photos or videos by using the Camera app    178
Editing photos by using the Photos app    179
Enhancing a photo    180
Cropping photos    181
Rotating photos    182
Viewing albums    183
Working with photos in Paint    184
Creating a slideshow    186
Setting a photo as your lock screen or desktop background    187
Sharing photos    188
Deleting photos    189
Chapter 16: Keeping on schedule with Calendar    191
Displaying Calendar    192
Changing views    193
Adding an event    194
Using Cortana to add an event    195
Inviting people to an event    196
Editing an event    197
Changing work week settings    198
Displaying the US Holidays and Birthday calendars    199
Deleting an event    200
Chapter 17: Tracking your sports, news, stocks, and fitness    201
Reading news articles    202
Adding and turning off interests    203
Choosing a sports category    204
Adding a sports favorite    205
Creating an investment Watchlist    206
Viewing markets    207
Using Diet Tracker    208
Creating a profile    210
Chapter 18: Checking the weather    213
Viewing the current weather    214
Adding your favorite places    215
Changing your launch location    216
Choosing Fahrenheit or Celsius    217
Viewing weather maps    218
Finding weather news    219
Displaying historical weather data    220
Chapter 19: Using Maps    221
Opening Maps and showing your location    222
Getting directions in Maps    223
Zooming in and out    224
Changing map views    225
Rotating and tilting maps    226
Viewing Favorites    227
Viewing cities in 3-D    228
Chapter 20: Playing with Xbox games    229
Buying games    230
Adding friends    232
Switching between an avatar and a gamerpic    233
Playing games    234
Inviting friends to play games    235
Sending a message to a friend    236
Recording game screens    238
Chapter 21: Adding and working with other devices    239
Adding a connected device    240
Adding a printer or scanner    241
Making printer settings    242
Using Bluetooth devices    244
Viewing device properties in Device Manager    245
Updating device drivers    246
Removing a device    247
Chapter 22: Working with OneDrive    249
Navigating OneDrive    250
Creating a new folder    251
Uploading files to OneDrive    252
Searching for a file in OneDrive    253
Creating documents with Office Online    254
Sharing folders    256
Renaming files and folders    257
Deleting files and folders    258
Chapter 23: Maintaining and protecting your computer    259
Optimizing your hard disk    260
Using Disk Cleanup    261
Obtaining updates    262
Resetting your computer    263
Working with Windows Defender    264
Running Windows Defender updates and scans    266
Configuring Windows Firewall    267
Changing Location settings    268
Chapter 24: Troubleshooting    269
Searching for help by using Cortana    270
Using Task Manager    271
Restoring your system to an earlier time    272
Getting help from Get Started    273
Getting remote assistance    274
Using Advanced Startup    276
Appendix: Taking advantage of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts    277
Glossary    281
Index    289
About the author    301


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