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Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference: Programming Sessions Bundle

Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference: Programming Sessions Bundle

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Lesson 1

Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference Session: Power to the People

In this talk, Aaron Hillegass will be discussing how mobile technology is the next natural step in the increasing ubiquity of computers and networks. The talk will address such questions as "When does technology empower the individual and when does it empower our corporate overlords?" "Why should everyone learn to code?" "When is progress not progress?"

Conference attendees said this about the session:

  • Hugely inspirational from someone in our industry who’s “seen it all”.
  • Lively conversation about such a heavy topic at such an early hour.  Great presentation skills.
  • Loved the talk. The most useful advice for Indy Developers I have had the fortune to hear.

Duration: 00:42:25  File Size: 683 MB


Lesson 2

Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference Session: Automatic Reference Counting

Automatic Reference Counting is Apple's latest addition to Objective-C and promises to greatly reduce programmer workload and the potential for error by automating memory management. ARC represents a middle ground between manual memory management and fully automatic garbage collection, and aims to help out programmers at minimal cost to battery life and performance. This session will discuss how ARC fits into the big picture of memory management and garbage collection, and will present lots of practical information on how to best take advantage of ARC when writing apps.

Attendees at the conference said:

  • Mike Ash really knows his stuff.  He is able to get into very specific detail and answer very difficult questions.  Many other presenters referenced his writing.
  • Loved hardcore explanation of memory & garbage collection. AMAZING!
  • Awesome depth & useful breadth.

Duration: 01:07:01  File Size: 656 MB


Lesson 3

Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference Session: Defensive Programming in Cocoa

Code is never 100% reliable. Even the best of us write bugs, and there are also networking failures, memory shortages, and other problems which our apps can encounter at any time. These problems can cause crashes or, worse, corrupt user data. Defensive programming is the art of writing robust code that can tolerate these events. In this session, Mike will talk about various strategies to use when writing Cocoa code that can help you to protect your app against bugs in your own code, bugs in Apple's code, resource shortages, user error, and just plain bad luck.

Conference attendees said:

  • Fantastic demonstration of real problems and concrete solutions from a speaker who is clearly an expert.
  • He was even more engaging and hilarious during this talk as he pointed out common bugs that I know I have in my code.  Best technical session.
  • Best talk of the conference. Worth the price of admission.  Phenomenal stuff.

Duration: 01:06:40  File Size: 652 MB


Lesson 4

Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference Session: From Mac to iPhone to iPad (And Back)

Bringing an application from the desktop to a touch device, or vice versa, is never simple. You must reconsider every last interaction from scratch. But the underlying data, and the user's mental model, need to remain the same. Learn how we brought our full-featured Mac productivity apps to iPhone and iPad, and made them feel like they were meant to be there all along. And even better, hear about the lessons we learned on iOS and that we are now bringing back to the desktop.

Conference attendees said about this session:

  • This was really inspiring material.  Bill showed a humanistic view which can often get missed and he is an excellent speaker.
  • Excellent all around.  The philosophical stuff was not only interesting but easily transferred back to practicality.  I can see why Bill is consistently highly rated.

Duration: 00:59:48  File Size: 451 MB


Lesson 5

Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference Session: Let the Inmates Come Out and Play!: Designing a Creative Process for iOS Development

Apart from pro apps, very small engineering teams, some with no design input at all, usually handle all aspects of iOS development. Jason Festa shares some of challenges he has faced when building out creative teams within an iOS engineering group. In this session, Jason will address questions such as: How can a designer help define the product? What are the differences between game design, user experience, user interface, product design and so on? How do you know it’s time to hire a designer? Jason also explains a process that gives engineers and executive level product owners the ability to discuss, challenge, and interact with prototypes before engineers are assigned to write any code.

Conference attendees said this about the session:

  • A nice overview of design roles.
  • Presenter had good knowledge and experience to share.
  • Another good design session on an important topic.

Duration: 00:32:37  File Size: 400 MB


Lesson 6

Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference Session: Beyond the Gold Rush

The App Store gold rush wasn't really a gold rush - it's the new How Things Are. What does that mean? What's going to happen next? What should we developers and designers do next?

Conference attendees said:

  • Good look at history, future challenges.
  • Lots of things to think about.
  • Closing remarks were good.  The right kind of speaker and solid thinking.

Duration: 00:30:26  File Size: 550 MB


Lesson 7

Voices That Matter: iOS Developers Conference Panel: UI Master Crit

We asked for four brave souls to present their application's user interface for a critique. They faced the ultimate review panel whose job it was to provide advice on how to improve each UI. This panel was all about the UI, not about the functionality of the app itself. You can learn how to enhance the user's experience from our august panel of experts. The panel members are Bill Van Hecke, who is the user experience lead at Omni Group; Graeme Devine, well known game designer and Jason Festa, Creative Director at Disney Mobile.

Duration: 01:10:54  File Size: 1 GB


  • Copyright 2012
  • Edition: 1st
  • Downloadable Video
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-298230-7
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-298230-6

The Voices That Matter: iOS Developer Conference took place in Boston in November 2011. It was an opportunity for developers to hone their skills by adding best practices to their development toolbox. This Programming Sessions brings you seven conference sessions that are of particular interest to game programmers, focusing on Objective-C, Cocoa and the basics of effective user interface. You, too, can learn how the latest Apple iOS technologies affect your projects and how you can leverage the latest features in your applications. These high quality recordings will make you feel as though you were there and will insure you have the most up-to-date opinions, methods and techniques in your arsenal.

Conference attendees had this to say about the overall conference:

  • Perfect blend of topics, speaker, right level of technical content.
  • Keynotes were superbly given and great topics. Really enjoyed all sessions!


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