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Visual C ++ .NET: A Managed Code Approach for Experienced Programmers

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Visual C ++ .NET: A Managed Code Approach for Experienced Programmers


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  • Proven DEITEL LIVE-CODE™ approach—Teaches Visual C++ .NET through more than 200 working programs, with hundreds of expert tips on software engineering, performance, portability, usability, and debugging.
    • Gives students the benefit of pedagogical methods that have helped over a million developers learn rapidly and well.

  • For experienced student programmers—Focuses on the skills and techniques experienced student programmers want to learn, rather than the simple concepts they already know.
    • Enables faculty and experienced programming students to utilize limited classroom and study time as effectively as possible.

  • Condensed 80 page treatment of .NET programming fundamentals—Includes a quick review designed to help experienced students get up-to-speed with .NET as rapidly as possible.
    • Ensures that all students are ready for the techniques the book presents.

  • Broad coverage of Visual C++ .NET programming—Covers XML programming, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, and many other advanced features and techniques.
    • Prepares students for whatever Visual C++ .NET development challenges they are likely to encounter.

  • Introduction to Web services development—Includes detailed coverage of building Web services with Visual C++ .NET and the Microsoft .NET platform.
    • Helps students master Web services, an area of development that is expected to remain in exceptionally high demand for years to come.

  • Hundreds of tips and ideas for maximizing performance, interoperability, and reusability—Gives students practical, hard-won insights they would otherwise have to learn from real-world development projects.
    • Helps students become effective Visual C++ .NET developers as quickly as possible.


  • Copyright 2003
  • Dimensions: 7 x 9 1/4
  • Pages: 1622
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-045821-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-045821-6

Practical, example-rich coverage of:

  • Visual Studio .NET IDE
  • .NET Framework Class Library
  • Classes, Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Graphical User Interface Programming
  • Exception Handling, Networking
  • XML and XML Processing
  • Databases, SQL and ADO .NET
  • ASP .NET Web Services
  • Managed and Unmanaged Code
  • ATL Server and Web Applications
  • COM Interoperability Services and more...

The experienced programmer's DEITEL LIVE-CODE guide to VisualC++ .NET and the powerful Microsoft .NET Framework.

Written for programmers with a background in C, C++ or other high-level languages who want to learn Visual C++ .NET through the intermediate level this book appliesthe DEITEL signature LIVE-CODE approach to teaching programming and explores the MicrosoftVisual C++ .NET language in-depth. Key Visual C++ .NET concepts are presented in the context offully-tested programs, complete with syntax shading, detailed line-by-line descriptions and programoutputs. The book features 228 LIVE-CODE programs that contain 34,131 lines of proven VisualC++ .NET program code. In addition, the book includes 387 tips that help programmers build applicationsthat are portable, reusable and optimized for performance.

Start with a concise introduction to Visual C++ .NET fundamentals. Then move rapidly to moreadvanced topics including multithreading, ADO .NET database integration, ASP .NET Web services,network programming and XML processing. Along the way you'll enjoy the Deitels' classic treatmentof object-oriented programming. The book closes with a detailed treatment of unmanaged code,including attributed programming, Web-based application development with ATL Server, and managedand unmanaged interoperability. Developers will find that Visual C++ .NET offers them unique flexibilityin writing managed and unmanaged code and ATL-Server applications.

The DEITEL Developer Series is designed for practicing professionals. The series presents focusedtreatments of emerging technologies, including .NET, J2EE, Web services, and more. Each book inthe series contains the same LIVE-CODE teaching methodology used so successfully in the Deitels'How to Program Series college textbooks. The series includes a wide selection of books suitable forthree types of readers:

A Technical Introduction: Broad overviews of new technologies for programmers, technical managers and other technical professionals A Programmer's Introduction: Focused treatments of programming fundamentals for practicing programmers and for novices. For Experienced Programmers: Detailed treatments of language topics for experienced programmers.DEITEL TESTIMONIALS (from Pre-Publication Reviewers)
"As I have found in all the Deitel books, the perfect combination of examplesand good practices."

—Neal Patel, Microsoft Corporation

"The authors did a brilliant job showing how Microsoft's Visual C++ .NETIDE eases the learning curve."

—Michael J. Hudson, Framework engineer, Blueprint Technologies

"Provides a useful introduction to unmanaged C++, including COMinteroperability, creating ActiveXcontrols and IIS extensions."

—Doug Harrison, Eluent Software

"The excellent examples are similarto those in the sister book on C#,which is useful for someonemoving a code base between thetwo languages."

—Paul S. Randal, Security & DBCC,Microsoft SQL Server Storage Engine

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Table of Contents


 1. Introduction.

 2. Introduction to the Visual Studio .NET IDE.

 3. Introduction to Visual C++ .NET Programming.

 4. Object-Based Programming.

 5. Operator Overloading.

 6. Object-Oriented Programming: Inheritance.

 7. Object-Oriented Programming: Polymorphism.

 8. Exception Handling.

 9. Graphical User Interface Concepts: Part 1.

10. Graphical User Interface Concepts: Part 2.

11. Multithreading.

12. Strings, Characters and Regular Expressions.

13. Graphics and Multimedia.

14. Files and Streams.

15. Extensible Markup Language (XML).

16. Database, SQL and ADO.NET.

17. Web Services.

18. Networking: Streams-Based Sockets and Datagrams.

19. Data Structures and Collections.

20. Accessibility.

21. Introduction to Unmanaged Code in Visual C++ .NET.

22. Attributed Programming in ATL/COM.

23. ATL Server Web Applications.

24. Managed and Unmanaged Interoperability.

25. COM Interoperability Services.

Appendix A. Operator Precedence Chart.

Appendix B. Number Systems.

Appendix C. ASCII Character Set.

Appendix D. Unicode.

Appendix E. Introduction to XHTML: Part 1.

Appendix F. Introduction to XHTML: Part 2.

Appendix G. XHTML Special Characters.

Appendix H. XHTML Colors.

Appendix I. Bit Manipulation.


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