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Visual Basic 6 From Scratch

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Visual Basic 6 From Scratch


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Question 1: I am trying to use the Microsoft Masked Edit Controls 6.0 with the working model edition. It tells me that the license information can not be found. I had to find the OCX in Chapter 9 on the CD to install it in the components. Where is the database file?

Solution 1: The database file is on the CD. If you install the CD to
c:\VBScratch, the database file is copied to c:\VBScratch\data and the file is named vbfs.mdb.

Within the book, it states that you have to create a DSN for this database file.

Question 2: Page 32 and 33 says that figure 2.2 which is 2 dimensional would be declared like this:
Dim names(3, 3) as string
Then it says - this declaration creates a variable with 3 rows and 3 columns, which isn't 2 dimensional is it?

Solution 2: To declare a 2 dimensional variable that contains strings, you would do this:

Dim names(3, 3) As String

The number of dimensions has nothing to do with the actual numbers used in the declaration( i.e. 3). The number of dimensions is based on the number of
numbers between the parameters. For example, a 3 dimensional variable that contains strings would be declared like this:

Dim names(3, 3, 3) As String

And a four dimensional variable like this:

Dim names(3, 3, 3, 3) As String

Please note that I am using the number "3" as an example. You can substitute 3 for any number or variable you would like to create the size you desire.
Size and number of dimensions do not have the same meaning.

This is another example of a 2 dimensional variable:

Dim names(7, 7) As String

The size of this array is larger than the size of the 3x3 array but they both have the same number of dimensions.

Question 3: There was a compile error in frmOrder Form Load event with the error message- "Method or Data member not found." In the debug mode the cursor highlightes the method " InitOIList" which is included in the code on pg 328 of the book.

Solution 3: Please comment out (or delete) the line:
It was required in an earlier version of the project, but removed later, and fell through proof-reading.


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  • Pages: 512
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2119-8
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Visual Basic From Scratch is designed to walk novice programmers through the analysis, design and implementation of a functioning application using Visual Basic. You will learn all the critical programming concepts and techniques associated with the language in the context of creating a functioning online database application. Learn how to track inventory, customers, and sales through the various tools and methods used to create the online database. Each chapter builds on the previous with a casual tone, in-depth examples, and detailed steps to ultimately create a working online database.


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