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Using Microsoft Windows Live

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Using Microsoft Windows Live

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  • Copyright 2012
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Pages: 504
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4386-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4386-2

More than just a book!

Learn how to use Microsoft’s free Windows® Live tools to stay connected, make the most of your media, and stay safe online. Don’t just read about it: See it and hear it, with step-by-step video tutorials and valuable audio sidebars delivered through the Free Web Edition that comes with every Using eBook. For the price of the eBook, you get online access anywhere with a web connection–content updates as Microsoft Windows Live changes, and the benefits of video and audio learning. Way more than just a book, this is all the help you’ll ever need…where you want it, when you want it!

Do all this, and much more…

  • View, organize, fix, and share photos with Live Photo Gallery
  • Share your life with Live Messenger and Live Spaces social networking
  • Take total control over email with Hotmail and Live Mail
  • Get organized with Live Mail Calendar
  • Back up and share files online with Skydrive
  • Create great movies with Movie Maker
  • Protect yourself and your kids online with Windows Live Toolbar and Family Safety
  • Stay connected from smartphones with Windows Live’s new sync tools
  • Use free Windows Live services even if you’re not running Windows

Learn Fast, Learn Easy!

Using web, video, and audio

·        Show Me video walks through tasks you’ve just got to see

·        Tell Me More audio delivers practical insights straight from the experts

Sample Content

Table of Contents


How This Book Is Organized

Part I: Getting Started with Windows Live Essentials

Part II: Using Windows Live Essentials

Part III: Using Windows Live Web Services

Part IV: Using Windows Live to Stay Connected

Part V: Appendixes

Using This Book

Special Features

About the Using Web Edition

1          Introducing Windows Live

What Is Windows Live?

Windows Live Programs

Windows Live Family Safety

Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Writer

Bing Bar

Getting Started with Windows Live Programs

Windows Live Services

Windows Live Hotmail

Windows Live SkyDrive

Windows Live Mesh

Windows Live Groups

Windows Live Mobile

Using Microsoft Office with SkyDrive

2          Installing Windows Live Essentials (WLE) 2011

What's In Windows Live Essentials 2011?

What You Need to Run WLE 2011

Accessing the WLE 2011 Website

Downloading and Installing WLE

Getting a Windows Live ID

Downloading WLE Manually

Getting Started with WLE

3          Managing Your Email with Windows Live Mail


Starting Windows Live Mail

What's New in Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail's Tabbed Ribbon Menus

Home Tab—Mail View

Folders Tab—Mail View

View Tab—Mail View

Accounts Tab—Mail, Feeds, Newsgroups Views

Windows Live Mail Main Menu


Getting Help

Your Profile Name

Folder Pane—Mail View

Importing Messages and Settings from Other Email Clients

Setting Up Your Email Accounts

Creating and Sending Email

Attaching Files

Photo Album

Text Entry, Format, and Layout Options

Adding Hyperlinks

Adding Delivery Options

Sending Your Message

Receiving and Organizing Messages

Using Message Rules

Using Conversations

Other Options

Working with Junk Mail

Mark as Junk/Not Junk

Other Mail Safety Options

Creating and Managing Contacts

Create a New Contact

Reading and Managing Feeds

Adding a Newsfeed

Using Newsgroups

Subscribing to Third-Party Newsgroups

Reading and Replying to Newsgroup Messages

4          Using Windows Live Family Safety

Setting Up Individual Users in Windows

Windows Vista and Windows 7 Standard User Setup

Accessing the Family Safety Website

Viewing Activity Reports

Filtering Website Content

Web Filtering Settings

Allowing or Blocking Websites

Managing Contacts and Services

Specifying What Services a Child Can Use

Adding Contacts

Managing Contact and Website Requests

Managing Time Limits, Game Restrictions, and Program Restrictions

5          Sharing Your Life with Windows Live Messenger

Overview of Windows Live Messenger

Starting Windows Live Messenger

Startup Options

First-Time Startup Options

The WLM Window

Changing Options

Adding and Managing Friends and Favorites

Sending and Receiving Instant Messages

Sharing Photos

Sending and Receiving Files

Configuring WLM’s Audio and Video Settings

Video Chatting

Video Message

Phone Calls

Games and Activities

Adding Emoticons and Winks

Inviting and Deleting Other Users

Saving Conversations

Changing Default Settings


Sign In






Mobile Phone



Connecting to Facebook and Other Services

Requesting Remote Assistance

6          Sharing Your Thoughts with Windows Live Writer

Overview of Windows Live Writer

Setting Up a Blog Account

Starting Windows Live Writer

Getting to Know the Windows Live Writer Dialog

Live Writer Menu

Home Tab

Insert Tab

Blog Account

Live Writer Options




Blog This


Automatic Linking

Web Proxy

Ping Servers

Trust Center

Creating a Blog Post with WLW

Entering and Editing Text

Highlighting Text

Adding Pictures

Adding Videos

Adding Other Types of Content to Your Blog

Final Preparations Before Publishing Your Post

Previewing Your Post

Viewing the HTML Code for Your Post

Getting a Word, Character, or Paragraph Count

Managing Your Blog

7      Viewing, Organizing, and Editing Photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery

Starting Windows Live Photo Gallery

Overview of Windows Live Photo Gallery

Using the Bottom Window Controls

Installing RAW Image Support

Obtaining the Appropriate Codec

Using the File Menu

Including a Folder in the Gallery

Importing Photos from a Camera or Scanner

Screen Saver Settings




Using the Home Tab

New Files, New Folders

Managing Files and Folders

Working with Tags

Types of Tags

Creating People Tags with Face Identification

Performing Batch People Tagging

Working with Descriptive Tags

Working with Geotags

Adding Captions

Applying Star Ratings

Flagging Photos

Using Quick Find

Playing a Slide Show

Sharing Your Photos

Using the Edit Tab

Renaming a Photo or Video

Resizing a Photo

Adjust Time

Using Quick Adjustments to Fix a Photo

Undoing and Redoing Changes

Making Advanced Edits to a Single Photo

Creating a Copy of a Photo for Editing

Cropping Photos

Removing Red-Eye

Retouching Image Flaws

Straightening Photos

Using Noise Reduction

Adjusting Color

Adjusting Exposure

The Fine Tune Menu

Improving Exposure

Using Histogram to Improve Exposure

Improving Color with Adjust Color

Straightening Photos

Adjusting Detail

Creating a Black-and-White or Duotone Photo

The Find Tab

Finding Photos by Date Taken

Finding Photos by People Tags

Finding Photos by Star Ratings

Finding Photos by Descriptive Tags

Finding Photos and Videos by Other Criteria

The Create Tab

The View Tab

Using the Right-Click Menu

8          Creating Movies with Windows Live Movie Maker

What You Can Do with Movie Maker

Starting Windows Live Movie Maker

Overview of Windows Live Movie Maker

Home Tab

Project Menu

Animations Tab

Visual Effects Tab

Project Tab

View Tab

Edit (Video Tools) Tab

Music Tools (Options) Tab

Format Tab

Creating a Movie Maker Project

Adding and Importing Media

Adding Videos and Photos

Adding Music and Audio Files

Adding Photos from a Photo Gallery Slide Show

Importing Photos and Videos from a Device

Deleting Clips or Photos from the Workspace

Capturing Webcam Video

Previewing Your Movie

Saving Your Project

Editing Your Video

Changing the Order of Photos and Video Clips

Splitting and Trimming Video Clips

Applying Visual Effects

Adjusting Brightness

Using AutoMovie Themes

Adding Transitions Manually

Adding Pan and Zoom Effects

Adjusting Playback Speed

Audio Editing

Adding and Removing Audio

Adding Music at the Current Point

Changing the Order of Audio Tracks

Adjusting Start/End Time

Adjusting the Size and Duration of Audio Clips

Adding Audio Fade In/Fade Out

Adjusting Audio Volume

Adjusting Balance Settings

Using Fit to Music

Titles, Captions, and Credits

Adding Titles, Captions, and Credits

Editing Titles, Captions, and Credits

Completing Your Movie Project

Publishing Your Movie

Saving Your Movie

Closing and Restarting Movie Maker

9          Using Windows Live on the Web

Connecting to Windows Live on the Web

Overview of Windows Live Services

Managing Your Profile

Managing Access Settings for Portions of Your Profile

Selecting and Editing a New Profile Picture

Managing Contacts and Friends

Combining and Cleaning Up Contacts

Importing Contacts

Managing Categories

Windows Live Options

Configuring General Options for Windows Live

Hotmail Options

Privacy Options

10         Organizing Your Life with Windows Live Calendar

Windows Live Calendar Overview

Working with Windows Live Hotmail Calendar

Daily and Weekly Views

Adding Events

Viewing, Editing, and Deleting an Event

Responding to an Invitation

Viewing Responses

Creating a New Calendar

Sharing a Calendar

Importing a Calendar/Subscribing to a Calendar

Using the Agenda Tab

Using the To-Do List Tab

Working with Windows Live Hotmail Calendar in Microsoft Outlook

Using Calendar in Windows Live Mail

Creating an Event

Using Calendar View

Troubleshooting Windows Live Calendar

11         Emailing from Anywhere with Windows Live Hotmail

Starting Windows Live Hotmail

The Windows Live Interface

Creating and Sending Email

Editing Options

Attaching Photos

Receiving and Reading Email

Enabling the Reading Pane

Sending a Reply to a Message

Other Options for Received Messages

Working with Junk Mail

Additional Options for Junk (and Other) Mail

Viewing Message Source

Managing Email

Managing Folders

Moving Messages to Folders

Using Sweep

Using the Mark as Menu

Filtering Email

Flagging Email

Arranging (Sorting) Messages

Managing Your Account

Writing Email

Reading Email

Preventing Junk Mail

Customizing Hotmail

12         Using SkyDrive and Mesh to Store and Share Files/Photos

Setting Up SkyDrive

Major Features of Windows SkyDrive

Working with Folders

Uploading Files and Photos

Uploading Files to the Current Folder

Creating a New Folder

Shared with (Security) Settings

Shared with (Security) Settings in New Folders

Shared With (Security) Settings in Existing Folders

Uploading and Resizing Photos

View Options

Sort Options

Accessing Additional Settings with the Right-Pane Menu

Send a Link

Share a Link

Edit (View) Permissions



Order Prints




Viewing File Information

File Management

Deleting, Moving, Copying, and Renaming a File

Tagging a Photo

Changing Clean Up Settings for an Album

Downloading Files and Folders

Download to Photo Gallery

Other Download Options

Using SkyDrive with Other Windows Live Features

Using Windows Live Mesh

Starting Windows Live Mesh

Synchronizing a Folder with Windows Live Mesh

Downloading Synced Files

Managing Synced Devices with Windows Live Devices

Managing Synced Folders and Files with Windows Live Devices

Using Windows Live Mesh for Remote Connections

13         Faster Web Surfing and Searching with Bing Bar

Overview of Bing Bar

Normal Settings for Bing Bar

Customizing Bing Bar

Bing Bar Apps

Using the News App

Using Maps

Displaying Weather

Using the Email App

Using Bing for Facebook

Using Facebook Like

Using Bing Search

Using the Stocks App

Using the Movie App

Joining Bing Rewards

Using the Games App

Using the Bing Videos App

Using the Bing Translator App

Using Bing Bar Settings

Setting Alerts

Configuring Search History Settings

Using the Quality Tab

Using the About Tab

Disabling Bing Bar

Re-enabling Bing Bar

14         Using Microsoft Office with Windows Live

How Microsoft Office and Windows Live Work Together

Creating Office Documents with SkyDrive

Using Microsoft Word Web App

Using Excel Web App

Using PowerPoint Web App

Using OneNote Web App

Saving Documents

Opening and Managing Office Files Online

Opening an Older Version of a File

Opening a File with Your Installed Copy of Office

Saving a File to SkyDrive with Microsoft Office 2010

Saving Changes with Office 2007 or Office 2003

Using Hotmail with Microsoft Outlook

15         Using Windows Live Mobility for iPhone and Smartphone

Introducing Windows Live, the Mobile Flavor

Getting Started with Windows Live for Mobile

Accessing Windows Live for Mobile Services

Using Hotmail on Your Mobile Device

Accessing Hotmail via Microsoft Exchange

Working with the Inbox and Messages

Working with Contacts

Working with Your Calendar

Using Windows Live Messenger for Mobile

Social View and Hotmail Access




Using Windows Live for Mobile from a Web Browser

A          Putting It All Together

How Windows Live Fits Together—and Works with Windows

Windows Live Replacements for Windows Components

Windows Live Component Interoperability and Windows Support

Accessing and Obtaining Windows Live Programs and Services

Windows Live Essential for Windows XP

B          Windows Live for Non-Windows Users

So, You're Not Using Windows…

Using Windows Live Web-based Services

Connecting to Windows from Linux After Installing WLE 2011

Using Windows Live Client-Based Services for MacOS

Virtualization Solutions for MacOS and Linux


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