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Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

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Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010


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  • Copyright 2011
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4294-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4294-0

Get comfortable with PowerPoint 2010. Don’t just read about it: See it and hear it with step-by-step video tutorials and valuable audio sidebars delivered through the Free Web Edition that comes with every USING book. For the price of the book, you get online access anywhere with a web connection--no books to carry, updated content, and the benefit of video and audio learning. Way more than just a book, this is all the help you’ll ever need where you want, when you want!

Learn Fast, Learn Easy, Using Web, Video, and Audio

Show Me video walks through tasks you’ve just got to see--including bonus advanced techniques

Tell Me More audio delivers practical insights straight from the experts

Patrice-Anne Rutledge provides practical, approachable coverage that guides you through mastering the core features and techniques needed to create compelling presentations. New features include

• Animation Painter–Apply the formatting of one animation to another animation. This button works in much the same way as the Format Painter button.

• Presentation Sections–Divide your presentation into logical sections to simplify navigation and organization.

• Video Editing–Use professional video editing and formatting tools directly in PowerPoint without the need for an external application.

• Screenshot Captures–Incorporate screenshots directly from PowerPoint.

• Backstage View–Perform common file-related tasks such as creating, opening, saving, sharing, and printing presentations in fewer steps.

• Merge and Compare–Compare and reconcile multiple versions of the same presentation.

• Co-Authoring–Collaborate with others on the same presentation in realtime.

• Broadcast Slide Show–Broadcast your presentation to anyone on the web using either SharePoint Server 2010 or a free Windows Live account.

• Create a Video–Share your presentation with others as a high-definition, web-based, or mobile device video.

• Document Sharing–Share your document with colleagues real-time and communicate with them via instant messaging using Office Communicator 2007 R2.

• PowerPoint Web App–View and edit PowerPoint presentations on the web using the external PowerPoint web application.

In addition to these new features, PowerPoint 2010 also offers many enhancements:

An enhanced Ribbon that is available across all Office applications

More Office themes

More SmartArt graphics

Easier access to animation tools

Enhanced slide transitions, including 3-D effects

Numerous new image editing features

Powerful editing tools for mathematical equations

Improved notes printing

Improved slide show recording functions

Enhanced language and translation tools

Sample Content

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 12 and Index)

Table of Contents

Introduction     xxi


Chapter 1  Introducing PowerPoint 2010     3

Understanding What PowerPoint Can Do     3

Exploring New PowerPoint 2010 Features     4

Using the Ribbon Tabs     5

Using Backstage View     8

Using Toolbars     9

   Using the Quick Access Toolbar     9

   Using Mini Toolbars     9

Using Task Panes     9

Understanding PowerPoint Views     10

Getting Help     15

   Searching for Help     15

Chapter 2  Creating a Basic Presentation     18

Understanding PowerPoint Presentations     18

   Understanding Themes     18

   Understanding Templates     19

   Understanding Slide Layouts     20

Creating a Presentation     21

   Creating a Presentation from a Template     22

   Creating a New Presentation with a Theme     23

   Creating a New Presentation from an Existing Presentation     24

   Creating a Presentation from Scratch     25

Adding Slides to Your Presentation     26

Adding Sections to Your Presentation     27

   Collapsing and Expanding Sections     28

   Removing Sections     29

Saving a Presentation     29

   Saving as a PDF or XPS Document     31

   Changing to Another File Type     34

   Opening a Presentation     35

   Exploring the Open Dialog Box     37

   Renaming a Presentation     37

   Closing a Presentation     38

   Deleting a Presentation     38


Chapter 3  Customizing Themes and Backgrounds     40

Applying Themes     40

   Applying a New Theme     40

   Applying Multiple Themes to a Single Presentation     41

Customizing Themes     42

   Customizing Theme Color Schemes     42

   Customizing Theme Fonts     45

   Customizing Theme Effects     48

   Working with Custom Themes     48

Applying and Customizing Backgrounds     50

   Applying a Background Style     50

   Customizing a Background     51

   Omitting Background Graphics     52

   Resetting a Background     52

Chapter 4  Working with Text     53

Adding Text to a Text or Title Placeholder     53

Using Text Boxes     54

   Inserting a Text Box     54

   Moving and Resizing a Text Box     54

   Formatting a Text Box     55

Formatting Text     56

   Enhancing Presentation Text     57

   Using the Formatting Tools on the Home Tab     58

   Formatting Text with Options in the Font Dialog Box     59

   Formatting Text with Options in the Paragraph Dialog Box     61

   Formatting Text with the Mini Toolbar     62

Using Bullets     62

   Changing the Bullet Style of Selected Text     63

   Applying Picture Bullets     64

   Applying Character Bullets     65

Using Numbered Lists     66

   Changing the Numbering Style of Selected Text     66

Using WordArt     67

   Inserting WordArt     68

   Formatting WordArt     68

Proofing Your Text     69

   Setting Spelling Check Options     70

   Checking Your Spelling     71

Looking Up a Synonym in the Thesaurus     72

   Looking Up a Synonym     72

Chapter 5  Formatting and Organizing Objects, Slides, and Presentations     73

Formatting Objects     73

   Manipulating Objects     73

   Arranging Objects     76

   Using the Format Dialog Box     81

   Using AutoFit     84

Organizing Slides     85

   Using the Slide Sorter View     85

   Copying and Moving Slides from One Presentation to Another     86

   Deleting Slides     88

Chapter 6  Working with Tables     89

Understanding Tables     89

Inserting a Table     90

   Inserting a New Slide with a Table     90

Drawing Custom Tables     91

   Drawing a Table     92

Inserting Excel Spreadsheets     93

Formatting a Table     94

   Setting Table Style Options     .95

   Applying a Table Style     96

   Creating a Border     97

   Setting Table Fill Color     98

   Applying Table Effects     99

   Working with Columns and Rows     99

   Merging and Splitting Cells     100

   Specifying Other Layout Options     100

   Adding Bulleted and Numbered Lists Within Tables     101

Deleting Tables and Table Contents     102

Chapter 7  Outlining Presentations     103

Creating an Effective Presentation Outline     103

Using the Outline Tab     104

Modifying Your Outline     105

   Promoting and Demoting Outline Points     106

   Moving Outline Points Up and Down     107

   Collapsing and Expanding Outline Points     108

   Showing Slide Formatting     108

Inserting an Outline from Another Application     109

Chapter 8  Reviewing Presentations     112

Understanding PowerPoint Reviewing Tools     112

   Working with Comments     113

   Adding Comments to Slides     113

   Editing Comments     115

   Reviewing Comments     115

   Deleting Comments     115

   Hiding Comments     116

Comparing Presentations     116

   Comparing Two Presentations     116

   Working with the Reviewing Pane     117

   Viewing Revisions     118

   Accepting Changes     119

   Rejecting Changes     120

   Ending the Review     120


Chapter 9  Working with Images     122

Understanding PowerPoint Images     122

Inserting Pictures     123

Inserting Clip Art     124

Inserting Screenshots     126

Working with Photo Albums     127

   Creating a Presentation from a Photo Album     127

Modifying Images     129

   Adjusting Images     129

   Applying Artistic Effects     131

   Working with Picture Styles     133

   Arranging Images     135

   Cropping Images     136

   Modifying an Image’s Height and Width     136

Chapter 10  Working with Shapes     137

Inserting Shapes     137

   Inserting a Shape     137

   Inserting Lines and Arrows     139

   Inserting Rectangles and Ovals     140

Modifying and Enhancing Shapes     141

   Working with Shape Quick Styles     142

   Specifying Shape Fill Color     143

   Specifying Shape Outlines     146

   Applying Shape Effects     148

   Editing Shapes     149

Chapter 11  Working with SmartArt     151

Understanding SmartArt Graphics     151

Inserting Smart Art Graphics     153

Modifying and Formatting SmartArt Graphics     155

  Using SmartArt Design Tools     156

  Formatting SmartArt Graphics     160

Chapter 12  Working with Charts     163

Understanding Charts     163

  Understanding Chart Terminology     164

   Understanding Chart Types     165

Inserting Charts     166

Inserting a Chart from Excel     169

Modifying and Formatting Charts     170

   Modifying Chart Design     170

   Modifying Your Chart’s Layout     172

   Formatting Charts     175

Chapter 13  Working with Audio and Video     177

Working with Audio and Video     177

Inserting Audio Clips     178

Inserting Audio Clips from Your Computer     178

Recording Audio Clips     180

   Deleting Audio Clips     181

Inserting Video Clips     181

   Inserting a Video Clip from Your Computer     181

Inserting Audio and Video Clips from the Clip Art Task Pane     184

Formatting Audio and Video Clips     185

   Adjusting Audio and Video Clips     186

   Specifying a Video Poster Frame     186

   Working with Audio and Video Styles     187

   Arranging Audio and Video Clips     187

   Resizing Audio and Video Clips     188

Specifying Audio and Video Playback Options     188

   Playing a Clip     189

   Adding a Bookmark     189

   Editing Audio and Video Clips     189

   Specifying Audio and Video Options     191

Compressing Media Files for Improved Performance     192

   Compressing Media Files     192

Creating Videos from PowerPoint Presentations     193

   Creating a Video from a PowerPoint Presentation     194

Chapter 14  Working with Animation and Transitions     196

Understanding Animation and Transitions     196

Setting Slide Transitions     197

   Setting Up Presentation Slide Transitions     197

Applying Animation to Objects     199

   Animating Objects     199

Customizing Animations on the Animation Pane     201

   Setting Additional Effects     202

   Setting Timings     204

   Animating Charts     205

   Animating Text     206

   Animating SmartArt Graphics     207

   Animating Audio and Video Files     207

   Viewing the Advanced Timeline     208

Managing Animations     208

   Reordering Animations     208

   Modifying Animations     208

   Removing Animations     209

   Reusing Animations with the Animation Painter     209


Chapter 15  Presenting a Slide Show     211

Understanding Slide Shows     211

Setting Up a Show     212

Rehearsing Timings     214

   Using Timings     215

   Deleting Timings     216

Recording Voice Narrations     216

   Recording a Voice Narration     217

   Rerecording Narrations     218

   Playing Narrations     218

   Deleting Narrations     218

Creating Custom Shows     218

Viewing Your Show     220

   Navigating a Show Full Screen     221

   Setting Pointer Options     225

   Using the Onscreen Pen to Mark Your Presentation     225

Packaging a Presentation onto a CD     227

Broadcasting a Slide Show     230

Chapter 16  Creating and Printing Presentation Materials     233

Understanding PowerPoint Printing Options     233

Printing PowerPoint Presentations     235

   Preparing to Print     235

   Customizing Headers and Footers     239

   Previewing a PowerPoint Presentation     240

   Printing Your Presentation     240

Creating Handouts in Microsoft Word     242

Chapter 17  Sharing and Collaborating on Presentations     244

Exploring Ways to Share and Collaborate in PowerPoint     244

Protecting Your Presentation     245

Preparing Your Presentation for Sharing     247

   Inspecting Your Presentation     247

   Checking Your Presentation for Accessibility     249

   Running the Compatibility Checker     250

Sharing Your Presentation with Others     251

   Sending via E-Mail     252

   Saving Presentations to the Web     253

   Saving Presentations to SharePoint     255

   Publishing Slides to a Slide Library     257

Other Ways to Collaborate in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010     258

   Co-Authoring in Microsoft PowerPoint     259

   Collaborating with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2     259

   Collaborating with Microsoft Office Live Workspace     259


Chapter 18  Working with Hyperlinks and Action Buttons     262

Working with Hyperlinks     262

   Inserting Hyperlinks     262

   Customizing Hyperlink ScreenTips     269

   Modifying Hyperlinks     270

   Removing Hyperlinks     271

Using Action Settings     271

   Adding an Action Setting     272

Using Action Buttons     273

Testing Hyperlinks and Action Settings     274

Chapter 19  Customizing PowerPoint     275

Working with the Quick Access Toolbar     275

   Moving the Quick Access Toolbar     275

   Adding and Removing Quick Access Toolbar Commands     276

Setting PowerPoint Options     277

   Personalizing PowerPoint     277

   Setting Proofing Options     278

   Setting Save Options     283

   Setting Language Options     285

   Setting Advanced Options     285

   Customizing the Ribbon     286

   Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar     289

   Setting Add-In Options     291

   Setting Trust Center Options     291

Setting Presentation Properties     291

Working with Slide Masters     292

   Modifying the Slide Master     293

   Adding a Slide Master     294

   Creating a Custom Layout     295

   Renaming a Slide Master or Layout     297

   Duplicating a Slide Master or Layout     298

   Deleting a Slide Master or Layout     298

   Preserving a Slide Master     299

   Applying a Theme to a Slide Master     299

   Modifying the Handout and Notes Masters     300

Chapter 20  Accessing PowerPoint on the Web and Mobile Devices     303

Using the Microsoft PowerPoint Web App     303

   Setting Up SkyDrive     303

   Adding Files to SkyDrive     305

   Creating New Presentations in SkyDrive     306

   Setting SkyDrive Permissions     307

   Viewing Presentations in the PowerPoint Web App     311

   Accessing PowerPoint from Mobile Devices     312

Chapter 21  Extending PowerPoint with Third-Party Tools     313

Extending PowerPoint with Third-Party Software     313

   Camtasia Studio     313

   Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio     314

   Adobe Presenter     315

Getting Creative with Third-Party Templates, Backgrounds, and Clip Art     315

Enhancing Your PowerPoint Experience with External Hardware     316

   Impatica ShowMate     316

   Papershow     316

   TurningPoint     316

   Laser Mouse     317

Integrating PowerPoint with Twitter     317

   Poll Everywhere     317

   SAP PowerPoint Twitter Tools     317

Index     319


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