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Using Google Apps

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Using Google Apps

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4397-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4397-8

Que USING series--More than just a book!

Free Web Edition with more than 42 video tutorials and audio sidebars

Do amazing things with Google Apps: Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Calendar, Gmail, Talk, Chrome, Dashboard, and more!

With the Que USING series of books, you don’t just read about it: you see it, hear it, with step-by-step video tutorials and valuable audio sidebars delivered through the Free Web Edition that comes with every USING book. For the price of the book, you get online access anywhere with a web connection--no books to carry, updated content, and the benefit of video and audio learning. USING is Way more than just a book--this is all the help you’ll ever need…where you want, when you want!

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Do all this, and much more…

•  Manage all your documents and applications through a single web page

•  Exchange documents with Microsoft Office users

•  Create, edit, format, and share documents with Google Docs

•  Collaborate online, share calendars, and organize events

•  Build powerful spreadsheets with functions, charts, forms, and gadgets

•  Deliver in-person or Internet-based presentations

•  Make the most of the speedy, efficient Google Chrome web browser

•  Use Gmail and Google Talk to communicate more effectively, and save money

•  Work with Google Apps even if you’re disconnected from the Internet

•  Save money by using Google Apps in your business


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Sample Content

Sample Pages

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Table of Contents


1  Understanding Google Apps and Web-Based Applications

    Introducing Google Apps

    Computing in the Cloud

       Google’s Cloud

       Benefits of Web-Based Applications

       Privacy and Security Concerns

    Understanding Different Versions of Google Apps

      Generic Google Apps

       Google Apps for Education

       Google Apps for Business

    Should You Use Google Apps?



2  Using the Google Docs Dashboard

    Navigating the Google Docs Dashboard

       Filtering the Display

       Filtering by Type

       Sorting Files

    Searching for Files

    Managing Files

       Opening a File

       Working with Folders

       Using Starred Items

       Hiding Files

       Viewing File Details

       Viewing Revisions

    Importing Other Types of Files

    Configuring Google Docs Settings

3  Using Google Docs

    Getting to Know Google Docs

    Creating and Saving New Documents

       Creating a New Blank Document

       Creating a New Document from a Template

       Saving a Document

    Importing and Exporting Documents in Other Formats

       Importing Documents

       Exporting Documents

    Changing Page Layout

    Entering and Editing Text

       Entering Text

       Editing Text

    Formatting Text

       Boldfacing and Italicizing Text

    Formatting Paragraphs

       Indenting a Paragraph

       Changing Paragraph Alignment

       Changing Line Spacing

    Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists

    Working with Images

       Inserting an Image

       Positioning an Image

       Inserting a Drawing

    Inserting Web Links and Bookmarks

       Inserting Web links

       Inserting Bookmarks

    Inserting Comments and Footnotes

       Inserting Comments

       Inserting Footnotes

    Inserting Equations and Special Characters

    Creating a Table

    Using Tabs

    Adding Headers and Footers

    Working with Tables of Contents

       Preparing for the Table of Contents

       Inserting the Table of Contents

    Proofing Your Document

       Checking Spelling

       Using the Dictionary

       Calculating Word Count

    Printing Your Document

4  Using Google Spreadsheets

    Understanding Google Spreadsheets

       Navigating the Google Spreadsheets Workspace

       Working with Multiple Sheets

    Creating and Saving a New Spreadsheet

       Creating a New Blank Spreadsheet

       Creating a New Spreadsheet from a Template

       Saving a Spreadsheet

    Importing and Exporting Documents in Other Formats

       Importing Documents

       Exporting Spreadsheets

    Entering and Editing Data

    Working with Rows and Columns

    Formatting Text and Numbers

       Formatting Font, Size, and Color

       Aligning Text in a Cell

       Formatting Cells

       Changing Number Formats

    Sorting Data

    Working with Ranges

    Working with Formulas and Functions

       Using Formulas

       Using Functions

    Charting Your Data

    Working with Forms

       Creating a Form

       Collecting Responses

       Completing a Form

       Analyzing Responses

    Working with Gadgets

    Working with Scripts

    Printing Your Spreadsheet

5  Using Google Presentations

    Getting to Know Google Presentations

    Creating and Saving New Presentations

       Creating a New Presentation

       Creating a New Presentation from a Template

       Saving a Presentation

    Importing and Exporting Presentations in Other Formats

       Importing a PowerPoint Presentation

       Exporting a Google Presentation to PowerPoint Format

    Creating, Deleting, and Organizing Slides

       Adding a New Slide

       Duplicating an Existing Slide

       Importing Slides from Other Presentations

       Deleting a Slide

       Rearranging Slides

    Changing the Look and Feel of a Presentation

       Choosing a New Theme

       Adding Custom Background Colors and Graphics

    Entering and Formatting Text

       Adding a Slide Title

       Adding a Text Block

       Adding Bulleted or Numbered Lists

       Editing Text

       Formatting Text

    Inserting Images and Other Objects

       Adding an Image

       Adding a Video

       Adding a Chart

       Adding a Table

    Animating Elements in a Presentation

    Printing Handouts and Speaker Notes

       Printing Slide Handouts

       Creating Speaker Notes

    Giving a Live Presentation

       Presenting Your Presentation in Person

       Giving an Online Presentation

6  Collaborating with Google Docs

    Why Online Collaboration Makes Sense

    Letting Others View Your Files

    Enabling Group Editing

    Getting Notified of Changes

    Emailing Your Collaborators

    Making Your Document Public

    Publishing Your File to the Web

7  Using Google Calendar

    Getting to Know Google Calendar

    Creating a New Calendar

       Setting Up a Basic Calendar

       Setting Up Multiple Calendars

       Importing Other Calendars

    Viewing Your Calendars

       Using Different Views

       Viewing Multiple Calendars

       Viewing Your Calendar from Other Calendar Applications

    Adding New Events

       Adding a New Event to Your Calendar

       Adding an Event from Gmail

       Synching Events with Microsoft Outlook

       Receiving Event Notifications on Your Mobile Phone

       Inviting Others to an Event

    Sharing a Public Calendar

       Creating a Public Calendar

       Sharing Your Calendar with Specific People

       Receiving Event Notifications

    Creating a To-Do List

       Displaying Tasks

       Adding a New Task

       Marking a Task as Completed

       Managing Your To-Do List

    Customizing Google Calendar

8  Using Gmail

    What Makes Gmail Unique

    We Don’t Need No Stinking Folders...

    Signing Up for a Gmail Account

    Getting to Know Gmail

    Reading and Replying to Email

       Reading Messages

       Viewing Conversations

       Replying to Messages

       Forwarding Messages

    Creating New Email Messages

       Composing and Sending New Messages

       Adding a Signature to Your Messages

    Sending and Receiving Email Attachments

       Attaching Files to Outgoing Messages

       Opening or Viewing Attached Files

    Searching Your Inbox

       Basic Search

       Searching with Search Options

       Searching with Advanced Operators

    Other Ways of Organizing Your Email Messages

       Starring Important Messages

       Marking Messages as Important

       Applying Labels

       Viewing Labels

       Archiving Old Messages

       Deleting Messages

       Filtering Incoming Mail

    Protecting Against Spam and Viruses

       Blocking Spam Messages

       Scanning Your Attachments for Viruses

    Managing Your Contacts

       Adding a New Contact

       Importing Contacts from Another Program

       Displaying Contacts

       Deleting Contacts

       Searching for Contacts

       Creating a Contact Group

       Sending a Message to a Contact or Contact Group

    Using Gmail to Manage Your Tasks List

    Using Gmail with Other Email Programs and Accounts

       Retrieving Email from Other Accounts

       Reading Gmail in Another Email Program

       Forwarding Gmail to Another Account

    Using Gmail Offline

       Downloading and Installing Gmail Offline Mode

       Using Gmail Offline Mail

    Putting Gmail into Vacation Mode

    Customizing Gmail

       Personalizing the Priority Inbox

       Changing Gmail’s Look and Feel

       Configuring Other Gmail Options

9  Using Google Talk

    Getting to Know Google Talk

    Chatting with Google Talk

       Signing into Google Talk

       Navigating the Google Talk Client

       Chatting in Real Time

       Answering a Chat Request

       Sending Files

       Saving Your Chat History

       Initiating a Voice Chat

       Changing Your Status and Signing Out

    Managing Your Contacts List

       Inviting New Contacts

       Removing a Contact

       Blocking Other Users

    Configuring Google Talk

    Using Google Talk in Gmail

       Chatting from Gmail

       Connecting with the AIM Network

       Conducting a Video Chat

10  Using the Google Chrome Web Browser

    Understanding Google Chrome

    Getting to Know Chrome

       Why Chrome?

    Installing and Configuring Google Chrome

       Importing Settings and Bookmarks

       Configuring Chrome Settings

    Browsing the Web with Chrome

       Using the Address Bar

       Using Tabs

       Changing the Viewing Size

       Downloading Files from the Web

       Setting Your Home Page

       Saving a Page

       Printing a Page

    Adding and Managing Bookmarks

    Viewing Your Browsing History

    Syncing Bookmarks and Settings

    Searching the Web with Google Chrome

    Working with Forms and Other Information

    Surfing Anonymously with Incognito Mode

    Personalizing Chrome with Themes

    Protecting Against Phishing and Malware

    Running Web-Based Applications with Chrome

    Extending Google Chrome

11  Using Google Apps Offline with Google Gears

    Understanding Google Gears

    How Google Gears Works

    Installing Google Gears

    Using Google Gears

12  Managing Google Apps in the Enterprise

    Understanding Google Apps for Business

       Reviewing Different Editions

       Why Use Google Apps Premier Edition?

    Signing Up and Setting Up Google Apps Premier Edition

    Examining Google Apps’ Other Apps

       Getting to Know Google Groups

       Getting to Know Google Sites

       Getting to Know Google Video for Business

    Is Google Apps Right for Your Organization?


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