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Using Google Advanced Search

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Using Google Advanced Search

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  • Copyright 2012
  • Dimensions: 6" x 9"
  • Pages: 360
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4365-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4365-7

Using Google Advanced Search is the one book you shouldn’t be without if you regularly search the Web. And who doesn’t search the Web with Google or one of its competitors at least once a day? And if you’re a scholar, researcher or teacher, learning how to comb millions of Web pages for exactly the piece of information you need is critical to your success. Stop wasting time combing through search results that aren’t what you want or need. Using Google Search will show you how to:

  • use the ~ operator to search for similar words, or to use quote marks for performing an exact search
  • use wildcards to search for missing words in an exact phrase
  • search for specific file types
  • search only a specific website or domain
  • search only in the title of web pages, the URL or to within the text of the page
  • search of pages that link to a specific webpage
  • search in a different language
  • use Google to locate bargains
  • specifically search blogs and blog posts
  • search libraries
  • search for scholarly and specialty information
  • perform calculations within the search box

Sample Content

Sample Pages

Download the sample pages (includes Chapter 5)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Google Search

Welcome to the Wide, Wide World of Google

    Google’s Mission

    Google’s History

    Google’s Revenues

    Is Google a Search Company or an Advertising Company?

How Google Search Works

    How a Typical Search Works

    How Google Builds Its Database—and Assembles Its Index

How Google Ranks Its Results

    Matching Pages to Queries

    Understanding PageRank

Keeping Up to Date

Chapter 2: Searching the Web with Google

Conducting a Basic Search

    Examining the Google Search Page

    Using Google Instant

    Are You Feeling Lucky?

    Speaking Your Search

Conducting a More Refined Search

    Don’t Worry About Capitalization...

    But Do Worry About Word Order

    “And” Is Assumed

    Search for One Word or Another

    Common Words Are Automatically Excluded

    Always Include Stop Words

    Exclude Words from the Results

    Take Advantage of Automatic Word Stemming

    Search for Similar Words

    Search for an Exact Phrase

    Use Wildcards to Search for Missing Words in an Exact Phrase

    Search for Words That Don’t Appear Together

    Narrow Your Search to Specific File Types

    Narrow Your Search to a Specific Domain or Website

    Narrow Your Search to Words in the Page’s Title

    Narrow Your Search to Words in the Page’s URL

    Narrow Your Search to Words in the Page’s Body Text

    Narrow Your Search to Words in the Page’s Link Text

    Search for a Range of Numbers

    List Pages That Link to a Specific Page

    List Similar Pages

    Find Out More About a Specific Page

    Highlight Keywords

Using the Advanced Search Page

    Use the Correct Methodology

Tips for More Effective Searches

    Use the Right Keywords in Your Query

    Sign In for Personalized Results

Chapter 3: Understanding Google Search Results

What Google Is Trying to Accomplish

How Google Displays Its Results

    Examining the Search Results Page

    Elements on Search Results Pages

    Understanding Universal Search Results

    OneBox Results

    Extending Your Search Results

Fine-Tuning Your Results with Search Tools

    Setting Google Search Preferences

    Display Google in a Different Language

    Search in a Different Language

    Search by Location

    Search Safely

    Enable Google Instant

    Display More Results Per Page

    Open a New Results Window

    Block Sites from Your Results

Chapter 4: Using Google’s Special Search Features

Searching for Definitions

Searching for Facts

Searching for Weather Information

Searching for Travel Information

Searching for Numbers

Searching for Solutions

    Performing Basic Calculations from the Google Search Box

    Performing Advanced Calculations

    Looking Up the Values of Constants

    Converting Units of Measure

More Google Search Features

Chapter 5: Searching for Images

Searching for Images

    Basic Searching

    Searching for a Similar Image

    Advanced Searching

Viewing Image Search Results

Fine-Tuning Image Search Results

Saving and Printing Images

Filtering Out Dirty Pictures

Removing Your Images from Image Search

Chapter 6: Searching for Videos

The History of Google Videos

Searching for Videos

    Basic Searching

    Advanced Searching

Viewing Video Search Results

Fine-Tuning Video Search Results

Chapter 7: Searching Blogs

Google's Checkered History of Social Media Search

Search Blogs with Google Blog Search

    How Google Blog Search Works

    Searching for Blogs and Blog Posts

    Evaluating Google Blog Search Results

    Using Advanced Search Operators

Subscribing to Blog Search Results

Chapter 8: Searching Online Groups and Messages

A Brief History of Google Groups

    Understanding Usenet

    Google Groups: Archiving Usenet Articles

    Google Groups Today

Searching Google Groups

    Searching for Groups

    Searching Across All Groups

    Using Advanced Search Operators

Participating in Google Groups

    Visiting Groups and Reading Messages

    Joining a Group

    Posting to a Group

Chapter 9: Searching for News Articles

Getting to Know Google News

Viewing the Latest Headlines and Stories

Viewing International News

Personalizing Google News

Searching for News Articles

    Searching Current Articles

    Filtering News Search Results

    Using Advanced News Search

Using Google’s News Archive

    Searching the News Archive

    Viewing News Archive Results

Signing Up for Email News Alerts

Chapter 10: Searching for Financial Information

Accessing General Financial Information

Accessing Specific Stock and Company Information

Viewing Interactive Financial Charts

Tracking Your Portfolio

Using Google's Stock Screener

Chapter 11: Searching Books and Libraries

The Story Behind Google Books

    Google Books Partner Program

    Google Books Library Project

Searching Google Books

    Doing a Basic Book Search

    Advanced Book Searching

Viewing Book Search Results

    Fine-Tuning Search Results

    Viewing Book Content

Reviewing Books

Purchase and Download Books

Manage Your Google Books Library

Chapter 12: Searching for Scholarly Information

How Google Scholar Works

    Identifying Scholarly Content

    Searching Beyond the Public Internet

    Including Print-Only Content

Searching Google Scholar

    Conducting a Basic Search

    Using Advanced Search Operators

    Using the Advanced Scholar Search Page

Viewing Google Scholar Search Results

    Viewing Scholarly Results

    Viewing Legal Results

    How to Use Google Scholar Results

Linking to Information at Your Library

Chapter 13: Searching for Products—and Bargains

Understanding Google Product Search

    How Other Price-Comparison Sites Work

    How Google Product Search Works

Searching for the Lowest Prices

    Basic Searching

    Using Advanced Search Operators

    Advanced Searching

Viewing Google’s Product Search Results

Comparing Prices

Using Google’s Merchant Reviews

Chapter 14: Signing Up for Google Alerts

Understanding Google Alerts

Signing Up for Google Alerts

Managing Your Alerts

Deleting Google Alerts

Viewing Your Google Search History

Chapter 15: Searching Google from Your Mobile Phone

Using Google Mobile

    Accessing Google Mobile

    Searching Google on the Go

Using Google Search on Your iPhone

    Typing a Query

    Speaking a Query

    Image Searching

    Conducting Specialized Searches

Search for More Information via Google Text Messaging

Chapter 16: Adding Google Search to Your Website

Understanding Google Custom Search

Creating a New Custom Search Engine

Adding the Search Engine to Your Website

Managing Your Custom Search Engines

Making Money from Custom Search

Chapter 17: Optimizing Your Website for Google Search

What Search Engines Look For


    HTML Tags

    Inbound Links

Optimizing Your Site's Keywords

Optimizing Your Site's HTML Tags

Optimizing Your Site's Design and Organization

Optimizing Inbound Links

The Bottom Line: It’s All About Content

    What Is Quality Content?

    Why Does Quality Content Matter?

    Crafting SEO-Friendly Content


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