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Using FileMaker Bento

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Using FileMaker Bento


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  • Copyright 2010
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-4448-1
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-4448-7

Get comfortable with the latest version of FileMaker Bento. Don’t just read about it: See it and hear it with step-by-step video tutorials and valuable audio sidebars delivered through the Free Web Edition that comes with every USING book. For the price of the book, you get online access anywhere with a web connection–no books to carry, updated content, and the benefit of video and audio learning. Way more than just a book, this is all the help you’ll ever need where you want, when you want!

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Table of Contents

Introduction    1

1 Bento: The Database for the Rest of Us    7

Introducing Bento    7

Looking at Bento    7

It’s All About Your Data    10

Bento’s Three Roles    11

Bento Lets You Leap Over Boundaries    12

How Much Programming Does Bento Require?    12

What Does “Personal”Mean?    13

Getting Started with Bento    14

Understanding Bento Terminology    16

Fields    17

Records    21

Libraries    22

Collections    22

2 Using the Bento Window    25

Getting Around the Bento Window    25

Create a Library    28

Using the Records Area    29

Introducing Table Views    30

Introducing Grid Views    30

Using Split Views    31

Creating a New Record    33

Entering Text Data    35

Printing a Record    36

Finding Data    38

Using Advanced Find    39

Deleting a Record    42

Using Table Views in Bento    42

Sorting a Table View in Bento    42

Pasting Data into Table View in Bento (Part 1)    43

Editing Fields with Table View in Bento    44

Pasting Data into Table View in Bento (Part 2)    44

Using the Libraries & Fields Pane    44

Using Library Folders    45

Using Library Icons    46

Setting Bento Preferences    47

3 Working with Bento Forms    49

Working with Forms    49

Duplicate and Rename a Form    52

Customizing a Form with Themes    53

Choose a Theme    54

Customizing a Form’s Fields    56

Copy Forms within a Library    60

4 Building a Bento Library from Your Own Data    63

Getting Started Organizing Your Data    63

Reviewing Your Legacy Data    64

Working with Data Formats    64

Performing a Basic Data Import    67

Import Data Into a New Bento Library    69

Cleaning Up Imported Data    74

5 Working with Phone, URL, IM, and Address Fields and Lists in Contacts    77

Exploring the Contacts Library    77

Working with Fields    81

Enter Contact Data    81

Working with Address, Email, Phone Number, and URL Lists    82

Adding Address Fields and Lists to Your Forms    84

Use a Field and a List    84

Use Contact Data    85

6 Working with Bento Fields and Calculations    87

Adding Calculation Fields to the Exercise Log    87

Creating and Formatting Date Fields in Exercise Log    89

Creating a Stop Date Field    89

Creating a Start Date Field    91

Using Date and Time Field Controls    92

Creating and Formatting a Number Field in Exercise Log    95

Creating and Formatting Calculations in Exercise Log    96

Working with the Calculation Dialog    96

Creating the Duration Field    98

Creating the Calories Burned Field    100

Creating and Formatting Choice Fields    101

Creating and Formatting Checkbox Fields    102

Creating and Formatting Currency Fields    103

Creating and Formatting Automatic Counter Fields    103

Creating and Formatting Rating Fields    104

Editing Bento Fields    104

7 Expanding the Inventory Library with Related Data Fields and Collections    107

Exploring the Inventory Library    107

Creating an Ins & Outs Library from Scratch    109

Creating an Ins & Outs Library    110

Using Relationships to Track Inventory    112

Creating a Relationship by Dragging a Library onto a Form    112

Creating a Relationship by Adding a Related Data Field    114

Formatting the Related Data Field    115

Summarizing a Related Data Field    118

Reviewing the Related Records    118

Improving the Relationship and the Form    119

Using Collections    122

Creating an Empty Collection    123

Adding a Record to a Collection    123

Creating a Collection from Selected Records    124

Using Smart Collections    125

8 Synchronizing with the Bento iPhone and iPad Apps    129

Sharing Versus Synchronization    129

Using the Bento iPhone or iPad App by Itself    131

Using the Bento iPad App    131

Using the Bento App Home    133

Searching the Libraries    134

Creating a New Library    136

Working with a Bento iPhone App Library    137

Synchronizing Libraries Between your iPhone or iPad

and your Computer    138

Understanding “Same Wi-Fi Network”    138

Doing Your First Sync    140

Performing a Sync    144

Securing Your Bento Data on Your Mobile Device    144

9 Sharing Data with Other Bento Users    145

Setting Up Sharing    145

Set Up Bento Sharing    146

Using Shared Libraries and Databases    147

Connect to Shared Libraries and Databases    148

Securing Your Data    149

Use Encrypted Fields    150

Use a Database Password    151

Work with Locked Fields    152

Using a Sharing Password    154

10 Using Built-In Bento Libraries for Address Book and iPhoto    155

Exploring the Address Book Library    155

Extending Bento’s Address Book Library with New

Fields and Forms    158

Synchronizing Address Book    160

Synchronizing Address Book with MobileMe    161

Synchronizing Address Book with iPhone    164

Synchronizing Address Book with PDAs and Other Devices    167

Using MobileMe Push Technology to Synchronize Data    167

Using Mac OS X Data Detectors to Update Address Book    168

Exploring the iPhoto Library    169

Use the iPhoto Library    170

11 Using Built-In Bento Libraries for iCal Tasks and iCal Events    171

Catching Up with iCal    171

Search iCal    172

Exploring the Bento iCal Libraries    176

Using Mail’s Data Detectors with iCal    178

Use Mail’s Data Detectors with iCal    178

Managing Your Calendar Data    180

Synchronizing iCal Events    182

12 Working with Bento’s Projects Library to Use Related Records from iCal Tasks, iCal Events, Apple Mail, and Address Book    183

Exploring Projects    183

Add an Image to Your Form with a Image Box    185

Working with Related Records from iCal and Address Book    187

Adding Related Records    187

Working with Related Records from Mail    191

Customizing Fields and Revising Forms    192

Creating and Sharing Calendar Events and Address

Book Contacts with MobileMe    193

13 Designing a Projects Library to Share on Your LAN and Synchronize with Your iPhone    195

Taking Another Approach to Projects    195

Exploring the Projects Library    198

Organizing and Implementing Notes: The Basics    199

Create a New Bento Library for Notes    200

Create the Basic Field in Project Notes    202

Add Related Data Fields to the Projects Library    203

Enhancing the Relationship    207

14 Importing and Exporting Bento Data and Libraries    213

Importing and Exporting Basics    213

Importing Data into an Existing Bento Library    213

Exporting Bento Data    218

Importing and Exporting Libraries    220

Exporting Bento Libraries as Templates    220

Importing Bento Libraries as Templates    220

15 Using the Bento Template Exchange    223

Exploring the Bento Template Exchange    223

Learning from the Bento Template Exchange    226

Sharing Your Templates    227

Index    231


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