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Unauthorized Guide to Pocket PC, The

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Unauthorized Guide to Pocket PC, The


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  • Copyright 2000
  • Dimensions: 6 X 9
  • Pages: 432
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7897-2472-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7897-2472-4

The Unauthorized Guide to Pocket PC is the best place to start for someone seriously considering the purchase of a Pocket PC, or someone who has just made the purchase and is eager to hit the ground running and use it to its full potential. Along with exploring the major software components of the Pocket PC platform, the book also guides the reader through other aspects of using a Pocket PC such as establishing an online connection and taking advantage of wireless communications. This book is for anyone who wants to learn how to get the most out of their Pocket PC, even beginners. No matter what model the reader has, this book will be a useful reference and learning tool.

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Table of Contents


1. Pocket PC Fundamentals.

Pocket PC: The PDA Killer. Pocket PC and Windows. Outside of the Pocket. The Significance of Pocket PC Connectivity.

Essential Information.

2. Inside a Pocket.

Pocket PC Hardware Essentials.

Processor. Memory. Power. Screen. I/O Ports. Multimedia Hardware.

The Pocket PC Graphical User Interface. Closing Applications.

Essential Information.

3. Setting Up Your Pocket.

Personalizing Your Pocket.

Password Protecting the Device. Customizing the Start Menu. Customizing the New Menu. Extending the Backlight. Extending the Power. Tweaking the Soft Input Panel.

Synchronizing with the ActiveSync Software.

Setting Up and Synchronizing. Exploring from a Desktop. Backing Up Your Pocket.

Decorating Your Pocket.

Customizing the Power-On Screen. Customizing the Today Screen. Essential Information.


4. Using Pocket Outlook.

Pocket Outlook Versus Outlook 2000. A Pocket Outlook Primer.

Contacts. Calendar. Tasks. Notes. Inbox.

Pocket Outlook and Palm.

Essential Information.

5. Keeping It Together with Contacts and Calendar.

Managing Contacts.

Navigating Contacts with Hardware Buttons. Customizing the Contacts Application. Beaming Contacts via Infrared. Sharing Contacts with Other Devices.

Getting the Most out of the Calendar.

Navigating the Calendar with Hardware Buttons. Customizing the Calendar Application. Applying Recurrence Patterns. Appointments and the Today Screen. Essential Information.

6. Staying Organized with Tasks and Notes.

Becoming a Task Master.

Navigating Tasks with Hardware Buttons. Customizing the Tasks Application. Tasks and the Today Screen.

Expressing Yourself with Notes.

Navigating Notes with Hardware Buttons. Customizing the Notes Application. Editing Notes. Essential Information.

7. Managing Files with File Explorer.

Using the File Explorer Application.

Copying and Moving Files. Renaming and Deleting Files. Sending Files.

Taking Advantage of CF Storage Cards. Installing Pocket PC Software.

Installing Software from a Desktop PC. Installing Software Directly from the Pocket PC Installing by Copying an Application File. Essential Information.


8. Getting Online.

Modem Networking.

CF Modem Cards. Configuring a Modem Connection. Establishing a Modem Connection.

Ethernet Networking.

CF Ethernet Cards. Establishing an Ethernet Connection. Ethernet Synchronization with ActiveSync. Essential Information.

9. Email and the Pocket Outlook Inbox.

Understanding Email Protocols. Sending and Receiving Email.

Connecting to an Email Server. Accessing MSN Email. Synchronizing with Outlook 2000.

Handling Email Attachments. Managing Email Messages.

Essential Information.

10. Using Pocket Internet Explorer.

The Ups and Downs of Pocket Internet Explorer. Pocket Internet Explorer Essentials.

Browsing Online with an Internet Connection. Browsing Offline with Mobile Favorites.

Using the AvantGo Information Service. Pocket Internet Explorer Tips and Tricks.

Essential Information.

11. Wireless Communications.

Communicating via Infrared.

Synchronizing with ActiveSync. Sharing Information with Other Devices. Infrared and Your Mobile Phone.

Pocket PCs and the Wireless Internet.

Essential Information.


12. Transcriber: Handwriting Recognition That Works.

What Is Transcriber?. Installing Transcriber. Using Transcriber. Customizing Transcriber.

Essential Information.

13. Using Pocket Word.

Pocket Word Versus Word. Pocket Word Essentials.

Typing Mode. Writing Mode. Drawing Mode. Recording Mode.

Working with Documents in Pocket Word. Customizing Pocket Word. Synchronizing Documents with Pocket Word.

Essential Information.

14. Using Pocket Excel.

Pocket Excel Versus Excel. Pocket Excel Essentials.

Formatting Cells. Using Panes. Working with Formulas and Functions.

Managing Workbooks and Worksheets in Pocket Excel. Customizing Pocket Excel. Synchronizing Workbooks with Pocket Excel.

Essential Information.

15. Using Pocket Money.

Money for Pocket PC Versus Money 2000. Installing Money for Pocket PC. Synchronizing Money for Pocket PC.

Synchronizing Existing Data.

Using Money for Pocket PC. Customizing Money for Pocket PC. Avoiding and Solving Problems with Money for Pocket PC.

Essential Information.

16. Using Pocket Streets.

Pocket PC: The Ultimate Road Atlas. Pocket Streets and Pocket Streets 2001. Installing Pocket Streets. Obtaining Maps for Pocket Streets.

Copying Maps from the ActiveSync CD-ROM. Downloading Maps from the Web. Creating Maps Using a Desktop Mapping Application.

Using Pocket Streets. Global Positioning and Pocket Streets.

Essential Information.


17. Fun with the Windows Media Player.

Pocket PC: The Ultimate Walkman. Managing Digital Audio.

Working with Unlicensed Music. Working with Licensed Music.

Using Windows Media Player. Personalizing Windows Media Player.

Beauty Is Skin Deep. Customizing Hardware Buttons. Essential Information.

18. Reading eBooks with Reader.

Pocket PC: The Ultimate Library Card. Obtaining and Managing eBooks. Reading eBooks.

Working with Annotations. Using the Encarta Pocket Dictionary.

Customizing Reader. Creating eBooks. Listening to eBooks.

Essential Information.

19. Games in Your Pocket.

Pocket PC: The Ultimate Game Boy. The Pocket PC Fun Pack.

Pac-Man. Fire Drill. Cubicle Chaos. Hearts. Chess. PocketFriendly Backgammon. Bubblets. ZIOGolf.

Jimmy Software Games.

Turjah. JimmyARK. FireFrontier. Boyan. RallyCE. PocketRunner.

Tracking the Real Game of Golf.

Essential Information.

20. Photography, Video, and Your Pocket PC.

Pocket PC: The Ultimate Digital Camera.

Installing a Digital Camera Card. Using Your Pocket PC As a Camera.

Pocket PC: The Not-So Ultimate Theatre.

The PocketTV Video Player. The ActiveSky Media Player. Essential Information.


Appendix A. A Guide to Pocket PC Accessories.

Appendix B. Pocket PC Resources.

Appendix C. Resetting Your Pocket PC.

Appendix D. Upgrading to Pocket PC.



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