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The Truth About Winning at Work (Collection)

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The Truth About Winning at Work (Collection)

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  • Copyright 2011
  • Dimensions: 5-1/2 X 8-7/16
  • Pages: 656
  • Edition: 1st
  • eBook (Watermarked)
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-265567-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-265567-5

150 powerful bite-size techniques for handling virtually every day-to-day management challenge, from motivation and team-building to job design

Three full books of practical techniques for handling virtually every day-to-day management challenge! Discover how to build winning teams and design high-productivity jobs… motivate people when you can’t pay them more… sell your decisions, even when they’re unpopular… use non-verbal communication techniques more effectively… and much more!

From world-renowned leaders and experts, including Stephen P. Robbins, Martha I. Finney, and James O’Rourke

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Table of Contents

A. The Truth About Managing People

Part I The Truth About Hiring

TRUTH 1 Forget traits; it’s behavior that counts

TRUTH 2 Realistic job previews: what you see is what you get

TRUTH 3 Tips for improving employee interviews

TRUTH 4 Brains matter; or when in doubt, hire smart people

TRUTH 5 Don’t count too much on reference checks

TRUTH 6 When in doubt, hire conscientious people!

TRUTH 7 Hire people who fit your culture: my “good employee” is your stinker!

TRUTH 8 Manage the socialization of new employees

Part II The Truth About Motivation

TRUTH 9 Why many workers aren’t motivated at work today

TRUTH 10 Happy workers aren’t necessarily productive workers!

TRUTH 11 Telling employees to do their best isn’t likely to achieve their best

TRUTH 12 Not everyone wants to participate in setting their goals

TRUTH 13 Professional workers go for the flow

TRUTH 14 When giving feedback: criticize behaviors, not people

TRUTH 15 You get what you reward

TRUTH 16 It’s all relative!

TRUTH 17 Ways to motivate low-skill, low-pay employees

TRUTH 18 There’s more to high employee performance than just motivation

Part III The Truth About Leadership

TRUTH 19 The essence of leadership is trust

TRUTH 20 Experience counts! Wrong!

TRUTH 21 Most people THINK they know what good leaders look like

TRUTH 22 Effective leaders know how to frame issues

TRUTH 23 You get what you expect.

TRUTH 24 Charisma can be learned

TRUTH 25 Make others dependent on you

TRUTH 26 Adjust your leadership style for cultural differences, or when in Rome…

TRUTH 27 When leadership ISN’T important

Part IV The Truth About Communication

TRUTH 28 Hearing isn’t listening

TRUTH 29 Choose the right communication channel

TRUTH 30 Listen to the grapevine

TRUTH 31 Men and women do communicate differently

TRUTH 32 What you do overpowers what you say

Part V The Truth About Building Teams

TRUTH 33 What we know that makes teams work

TRUTH 34 2 + 2 doesn’t necessarily equal 4

TRUTH 35 One bad apple spoils the barrel

TRUTH 36 We’re not all equal: status matters!

TRUTH 37 Not everyone is team material

Part VI The Truth About Managing Conflicts

TRUTH 38 The case FOR conflict

TRUTH 39 Beware of groupthink

TRUTH 40 How to reduce work-life conflicts

TRUTH 41 Negotiating isn’t about winning and losing

Part VII The Truth About Designing Jobs

TRUTH 42 Not everyone wants a challenging job

TRUTH 43 Four Job-design actions that will make employees more productive

Part VIII The Truth About Performance Evaluation

TRUTH 44 Annual reviews: the best surprise is no surprise!

TRUTH 45 Don’t blame me! The role of self-serving bias

TRUTH 46 The case for 360-degree feedback appraisals: more IS better!

Part IX The Truth About Coping with Change

TRUTH 47 Most people resist any change that doesn’t jingle in their pockets!

TRUTH 48 You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

TRUTH 49 Use participation to reduce resistance to change

Part X Some Final Thoughts About Managing Behavior

TRUTH 50 First impressions do count!

TRUTH 51 People aren’t completely rational: don’t ignore emotions!

TRUTH 52 Employee turnover can be a good thing

TRUTH 53 Beware of the quick fix

B. The Truth About Getting the Best from People

PART I The Truth About Employee Engagement

TRUTH 1 You don’t need the carrot or the stick

TRUTH 2 You get the best by giving the best

TRUTH 3 It’s not money that motivates

TRUTH 4 Employee engagement isn’t for sissies

PART II The Truth About Yourself

TRUTH 5 Your behaviors are your brand

TRUTH 6 You can’t give what you don’t have

TRUTH 7 “Best” doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone

TRUTH 8 Think you’re a great leader? Think again.

TRUTH 9 You could be your own worst employee

TRUTH 10 Visionary or beat cop? Your choice

TRUTH 11 You don’t have to be perfect

PART III The Truth About Engaged Cultures

TRUTH 12 Employee happiness is serious business

TRUTH 13 Authentic is better than clever

TRUTH 14 Retention begins with hello

TRUTH 15 The bad will do you good

TRUTH 16 You can sell an unpopular decision

TRUTH 17 Flex is best

TRUTH 18 Nobody cares if you don’t mean to be mean

PART IV The Truth About Motivation

TRUTH 19 Engagement happens one person at a time

TRUTH 20 If you’re a manager, you’re a career coach

TRUTH 21 Ask for cheese–you might get the moon

TRUTH 22 If they aren’t buying it, they aren’t doing it

TRUTH 23 Focusing on what’s right can help solve what’s wrong

PART V The Truth About Performance

TRUTH 24 Compassion promotes performance

TRUTH 25 B players are your A team

TRUTH 26 High performers have enough coffee mugs

TRUTH 27 Discipline deepens engagement

TRUTH 28 You don’t have to inherit the problem employees

TRUTH 29 Performance appraisals are really about you

TRUTH 30 New hires can inspire current employees

PART VI The Truth About Creativity

TRUTH 31 Innovation begins with y-e-s

TRUTH 32 Everyone can be creative

TRUTH 33 You stand between inspiration and implementation

TRUTH 34 Failures promote progress

TRUTH 35 Extreme pressure kills inspired performance

TRUTH 36 Creativity is a balancing act

PART VII The Truth About Communication

TRUTH 37 Open questions ignite inspiring answers

TRUTH 38 Serving your employees means managing your boss

TRUTH 39 Bad news is good news

TRUTH 40 Trivial conversations are essential

TRUTH 41 The way you listen speaks volumes

TRUTH 42 Crap happens

TRUTH 43 Engaged employees need to know more

PART VIII The Truth About Teams

TRUTH 44 Your team has untapped talent

TRUTH 45 People need to fight their own battles

TRUTH 46 Games don’t build teams

TRUTH 47 Answers build teams

TRUTH 48 Your team can lead you to greatness.

TRUTH 49 You’re still the boss

C. The Truth About Confident Presenting

Part I Some Initial Truths

TRUTH 1 Public speaking is not easy, but it’s certainly doable

TRUTH 2 The key to success is preparation

TRUTH 3 Rehearsal is essential

TRUTH 4 Emulating good speakers makes you better

TRUTH 5 Establish goals for your presentation

TRUTH 6 A presentation is a learning occasion

Part II The Truth About Getting Ready to Speak

TRUTH 7 Talk is the work

TRUTH 8 Know what your audience is looking for

TRUTH 9 There is a difference between speaking and writing

TRUTH 10 Preparing a presentation is a relatively simple process

TRUTH 11 Begin by analyzing your audience

TRUTH 12 Know your audience

Part III The Truth About What Makes People Listen

TRUTH 13 Understand what makes people listen

TRUTH 14 Your speaking style makes a difference

TRUTH 15 Anticipate the questions your audience brings to your presentation

TRUTH 16 Listening matters

TRUTH 17 Being an active listener brings real benefits

TRUTH 18 You can overcome the barriers to successful communication

Part IV The Truth About Developing Support for Your Presentation

TRUTH 19 Develop support for your presentation

TRUTH 20 Understand the power of your content

TRUTH 21 The kinds and quality of evidence matter to your audience

TRUTH 22 Structure can help carry an inexperienced speaker

TRUTH 23 Find support for your presentation

TRUTH 24 Use the Internet to support your presentation

Part V The Truth About Getting Up to Speak

TRUTH 25 Select a delivery approach

TRUTH 26 Your introduction forms their first impression

TRUTH 27 Begin with a purpose in mind

TRUTH 28 Keep your audience interested

TRUTH 29 Conclusions are as important as introductions

TRUTH 30 Have confidence in your preparation

TRUTH 31 Repeat the process as often as possible

Part VI The Truth About Managing Anxiety

TRUTH 32 All speakers get nervous

TRUTH 33 Recognize anxiety before it begins

TRUTH 34 Deal with nervous behaviors

TRUTH 35 Keep your nervousness to yourself

Part VII The Truth About Nonverbal Communication

TRUTH 36 Most information is transferred nonverbally

TRUTH 37 The nonverbal process can work for you

TRUTH 38 Nonverbal communication has specific functions

TRUTH 39 Nonverbal communication is governed by key principles

TRUTH 40 Nonverbal communication has an effect on your audience

Part VIII The Truth About Visual Aids

TRUTH 41 Visual aids can help your audience understand your message

TRUTH 42 Understand visual images before you use them

TRUTH 43 Choose the right visual

TRUTH 44 Use PowerPoint effectively

TRUTH 45 Consider speaking without visuals

Part IX The Truth About Handling an Audience

TRUTH 46 Assess the mood of your audience

TRUTH 47 Answer the audience’s questions

TRUTH 48 Handle hostility with confidence

Part X The Truth About What Makes a Presentation Work

TRUTH 49 Know as much as possible about the location

TRUTH 50 Use the microphone to your advantage

TRUTH 51 Know your limits


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