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Truth About What Customers Want, The

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Truth About What Customers Want, The


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Complete, easy-to-use guide to customers: what they want, how they think and feel, and how to keep them happy and loyal

  • Bite-size, practical solutions for building stronger, deeper, more emotional, more profitable connections with every customer.
  • Everything you need to know about the latest trends and advances in consumer behavior, from neuromarketing to virtual worlds, and beyond.
  • By Michael R. Solomon, whose previous books have sold half a million copies worldwide.
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    • Copyright 2009
    • Dimensions: 5-7/16" x 8-1/2"
    • Edition: 1st
    • Book
    • ISBN-10: 0-13-714226-9
    • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-714226-2
    • eBook (Watermarked)
    • ISBN-10: 0-13-136059-0
    • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-136059-4

    Customers demystified! How you can move them to buy...buy more...and keep on buying!

    • The truth about what customers really want, think, and feel
    • The truth about keeping current customers happy–and loyal
    • The truth about the newest trends and advances in consumer behavior

    Simply the best thinking


    This book reveals 50 bite-size, easy-to-use techniques for finding and keeping highly profitable customers

    “Michael Solomon’s The Truth About What Customers Want contains great insights into consumer behavior and is a must-have tool for anyone working in a consumer-driven field. His 50 truths take the guesswork out of marketing intelligence and give insight into navigating today’s technology-driven world.”

    Tim Dunphy, Senior Marketing Manager, Consumer Insights, Black & Decker

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    The Truth About What Customers Want: They Think Your Product Sucks -- But That's Not a Bad Thing

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    Table of Contents

    Introduction ix

    Truth 1 Your customers want a relationship, not a one-night stand 1

    Truth 2 Design it, and they will come 5

    Truth 3 Sensory marketing–smells like profits 9

    Truth 4 Pardon me, is that a breast in your Coke? 13

    Truth 5 One man’s goose… 17

    Truth 6 Throw ‘em a bone, and they’ll no longer roam 21

    Truth 7 Stay in their minds–if you can 25

    Truth 8 These are the good old days 29

    Truth 9 Why ask why? Understand consumers’ motives to meet their needs 33

    Truth 10 He who dies with the most toys wins 37

    Truth 11 Your customers are looking for greener pastures 41

    Truth 12 “Because I’m worth it” 45

    Truth 13 Love me, love my avatar 49

    Truth 14 You really are what you wear 53

    Truth 15 Real men don’t eat quiche (but they do moisturize) 57

    Truth 16 Girls just want to have fun 61

    Truth 17 Queer eye for the spending guy 65

    Truth 18 Yesterday’s chubby is today’s voluptuous 69

    Truth 19 Men want to sleep with their cars 73

    Truth 20 Your PC is trying to kill you 77

    Truth 21 Birds of a feather buy together 81

    Truth 22 Sell wine spritzers to squash players 85

    Truth 23 They think your product sucks–but that’s not a bad thing 89

    Truth 24 When to sell the steak, when to sell the sizzle 93

    Truth 25 People are dumber than robots (lazier, too) 97

    Truth 26 Your customers have your brand on the brain 101

    Truth 27 Let their mouseclicks do the walking 105

    Truth 28 Nothing shouts quality like leather from Poland 111

    Truth 29 Consider investing in a drive-thru mortuary 115

    Truth 30 Go to the Gemba 119

    Truth 31 Your customers want to be like Mike (or someone like him) 123

    Truth 32 Go tribal 127

    Truth 33 People like to do their own thing–so long as it’s everyone else’s thing too 131

    Truth 34 Catch a buzz 135

    Truth 35 Go with the flow–get shopmobbed today 139

    Truth 36 Find the market maven, and the rest is gravy 143

    Truth 37 Hundreds of housewives can predict your company’s future 147

    Truth 38 Know who wears the pants in the family 149

    Truth 39 Youth is wasted on the young 153

    Truth 40 Make millions on Millennials 157

    Truth 41 Grownups don’t grow up anymore 161

    Truth 42 Dollar stores make good cents 165

    Truth 43 The rich are different 169

    Truth 44 Out with the ketchup, in with the salsa 173

    Truth 45 Look for fly-fishing born-again environmentalist jazz-loving Harry Potter freaks 177

    Truth 46 Ronald McDonald is related to Luke Skywalker 181

    Truth 47 Sign a caveman to endorse your product 185

    Truth 48 Make your brand a fortress brand–and make mine a Guinness 189

    Truth 49 Turn a (pet) rock into gold 193

    Truth 50 Think globally, act locally 197

    References 201

    About the Author 209


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