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The Truth About Perfecting Your Presentation Skills (Collection)

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The Truth About Perfecting Your Presentation Skills (Collection)


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  • Copyright 2010
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  • ISBN-10: 0-13-265531-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-265531-6

150 powerful bite-size presentation and communication solutions for motivating any audience to action: colleagues, employees, customers, anyone!

Three full books of breakthrough techniques for presenting and communicating more effectively! Discover how to speak more confidently… prepare well, and manage anxiety… connect with any audience, especially customers… know when to sell the steak, and when to sell the sizzle… supercharge your business writing for web and print… and much more!

From world-renowned leaders and experts, including James O’Rourke, Michael R. Solomon, Natalie Canavor, and Claire Meirowitz

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Table of Contents

A. The Truth About Confident Presenting

Part I Some Initial Truths

TRUTH 1 Public speaking is not easy, but it’s certainly doable

TRUTH 2 The key to success is preparation

TRUTH 3 Rehearsal is essential

TRUTH 4 Emulating good speakers makes you better

TRUTH 5 Establish goals for your presentation

TRUTH 6 A presentation is a learning occasion

Part II The Truth About Getting Ready to Speak

TRUTH 7 Talk is the work

TRUTH 8 Know what your audience is looking for

TRUTH 9 There is a difference between speaking and writing

TRUTH 10 Preparing a presentation is a relatively simple process

TRUTH 11 Begin by analyzing your audience

TRUTH 12 Know your audience

Part III The Truth About What Makes People Listen

TRUTH 13 Understand what makes people listen

TRUTH 14 Your speaking style makes a difference

TRUTH 15 Anticipate the questions your audience brings to your presentation

TRUTH 16 Listening matters

TRUTH 17 Being an active listener brings real benefits

TRUTH 18 You can overcome the barriers to successful communication

Part IV The Truth About Developing Support for Your Presentation

TRUTH 19 Develop support for your presentation

TRUTH 20 Understand the power of your content

TRUTH 21 The kinds and quality of evidence matter to your audience

TRUTH 22 Structure can help carry an inexperienced speaker

TRUTH 23 Find support for your presentation

TRUTH 24 Use the Internet to support your presentation

Part V The Truth About Getting Up to Speak

TRUTH 25 Select a delivery approach

TRUTH 26 Your introduction forms their first impression

TRUTH 27 Begin with a purpose in mind

TRUTH 28 Keep your audience interested

TRUTH 29 Conclusions are as important as introductions

TRUTH 30 Have confidence in your preparation

TRUTH 31 Repeat the process as often as possible

Part VI The Truth About Managing Anxiety

TRUTH 32 All speakers get nervous

TRUTH 33 Recognize anxiety before it begins

TRUTH 34 Deal with nervous behaviors

TRUTH 35 Keep your nervousness to yourself

Part VII The Truth About Nonverbal Communication

TRUTH 36 Most information is transferred nonverbally

TRUTH 37 The nonverbal process can work for you

TRUTH 38 Nonverbal communication has specific functions

TRUTH 39 Nonverbal communication is governed by key principles

TRUTH 40 Nonverbal communication has an effect on your audience

Part VIII The Truth About Visual Aids

TRUTH 41 Visual aids can help your audience understand your message

TRUTH 42 Understand visual images before you use them

TRUTH 43 Choose the right visual

TRUTH 44 Use PowerPoint effectively

TRUTH 45 Consider speaking without visuals

Part IX The Truth About Handling an Audience

TRUTH 46 Assess the mood of your audience

TRUTH 47 Answer the audience’s questions

TRUTH 48 Handle hostility with confidence

Part X The Truth About What Makes a Presentation Work

TRUTH 49 Know as much as possible about the location

TRUTH 50 Use the microphone to your advantage

TRUTH 51 Know your limits

B. The Truth About What Customers Want

TRUTH 1 Your customers want a relationship, not a one-night stand

TRUTH 2 Design it, and they will come

TRUTH 3 Sensory marketing–smells like profits

TRUTH 4 Pardon me, is that a breast in your Coke?

TRUTH 5 One man’s goose…

TRUTH 6 Throw ‘em a bone, and they’ll no longer roam

TRUTH 7 Stay in their minds–if you can

TRUTH 8 These are the good old days

TRUTH 9 Why ask why?

TRUTH 10 He who dies with the most toys wins

TRUTH 11 Your customers are looking for greener pastures

TRUTH 12 “Because I’m worth it”

TRUTH 13 Love me, love my avatar

TRUTH 14 You really are what you wear

TRUTH 15 Real men don’t eat quiche (but they do moisturize)

TRUTH 16 Girls just want to have fun

TRUTH 17 Queer eye for the spending guy

TRUTH 18 Yesterday’s chubby is today’s voluptuous

TRUTH 19 Men want to sleep with their cars

TRUTH 20 Your PC is trying to kill you

TRUTH 21 Birds of a feather buy together

TRUTH 22 Sell wine spritzers to squash players

TRUTH 23 They think your product sucks–but that’s not a bad thing

TRUTH 24 When to sell the steak, when to sell the sizzle

TRUTH 25 People are dumber than robots (lazier, too)

TRUTH 26 Your customers have your brand on the brain

TRUTH 27 Let their mouseclicks do the walking

TRUTH 28 Nothing shouts quality like leather from Poland

TRUTH 29 Consider investing in a drive-thru mortuary

TRUTH 30 Go to the Gemba.

TRUTH 31 Your customers want to be like Mike (or someone like him)

TRUTH 32 Go tribal

TRUTH 33 People like to do their own thing–so long as it’s everyone else’s thing too

TRUTH 34 Catch a buzz

TRUTH 35 Go with the flow–get shopmobbed today

TRUTH 36 Find the market maven, and the rest is gravy

TRUTH 37 Hundreds of housewives can predict your company’s future

TRUTH 38 Know who wears the pants in the family

TRUTH 39 Youth is wasted on the young

TRUTH 40 Make millions on Millennials

TRUTH 41 Grownups don’t grow up anymore

TRUTH 42 Dollar stores make good cents

TRUTH 43 The rich are different

TRUTH 44 Out with the ketchup, in with the salsa

TRUTH 45 Look for fly-fishing born-again environmentalist jazz-loving Harry Potter freaks

TRUTH 46 Ronald McDonald is related to Luke Skywalker

TRUTH 47 Sign a caveman to endorse your product

TRUTH 48 Make your brand a fortress brand–and make mine a Guinness

TRUTH 49 Turn a (pet) rock into gold

TRUTH 50 Think globally, act locally

C. The Truth About the New Rules of Business Writing

Part I The truth about what makes writing work

TRUTH 1 Most people aim for the wrong target

TRUTH 2 If you can say it, you can write it

TRUTH 3 Forget yesterday–write for today

TRUTH 4 Planning is the magic ingredient

TRUTH 5 To achieve your goal, look below its surface

TRUTH 6 Cut to the chase: Put the bottom line on top

TRUTH 7 “Me”-focused messages fail

TRUTH 8 People are not the same: Write for differences

TRUTH 9 Tone makes–or breaks–your message

TRUTH 10 Knowing your inside story is the key

TRUTH 11 Forget outlines–organize your thinking

TRUTH 12 How to organize is a personal choice

TRUTH 13 Every message you send has a psychological impact

TRUTH 14 Effective messages lead with strength

TRUTH 15 To succeed, cover your ground and remember “the ask”

TRUTH 16 Your goal and audience determine the best way to communicate

Part II The truth about self-editing

TRUTH 17 The best writers don’t write; they rewrite

TRUTH 18 Rhythm and transitions make writing move

TRUTH 19 Less can be a whole lot more

TRUTH 20 Passive thinking and jargon undermine clarity

TRUTH 21 You don’t need grammar drills to spot your writing problems

Part III The truth about successful e-mail

TRUTH 22 Use e-mail to communicate in the fast lane–powerfully

TRUTH 23 Good subject lines say, “Open sesame”

TRUTH 24 Know your e-mail do’s and don’ts

TRUTH 25 Writing good progress reports is worth your time

Part IV The truth about letters

TRUTH 26 Letters: They live! And you need them

TRUTH 27 Letters build relationships

TRUTH 28 Cover letters matter, big time

Part V The truth about reports and proposals

TRUTH 29 Good reports generate action

TRUTH 30 Organizing complex projects isn’t that hard

TRUTH 31 Well-crafted proposals win

TRUTH 32 The letter format lets you shortcut proposals

TRUTH 33 Root grant applications in “mission”–yours and the funder’s

Part VI The truth about Web sites

TRUTH 34 Writing is the missing factor in your competitors’ Web sites

TRUTH 35 Web sites built on keywords and content build traffic

TRUTH 36 A home page must crystallize who you are

Part VII The truth about new media

TRUTH 37 Blogging and social media are powerful business tools

TRUTH 38 To blog for yourself, be yourself, but carefully

TRUTH 39 Good business blogging is edgy

TRUTH 40 Tweeting and texting: the ultimate self-edit challenge

TRUTH 41 E-letters focus marketing and reinforce branding

TRUTH 42 Good PowerPoint is more than pretty faces: It starts with writing

Part VIII The truth about writing to self-market

TRUTH 43 Strong résumés focus on accomplishments, not responsibilities

TRUTH 44 Fliers are easy all-purpose promotional tools

TRUTH 45 It pays to think PR and send news releases

TRUTH 46 Writing articles boosts your career

TRUTH 47 The virtual world offers self-publishing power

Part IX The truth about tricks of the trade

TRUTH 48 Good headlines help your writing work–a lot

TRUTH 49 Skillful interviewing is a major (but unrecognized) business asset

TRUTH 50 Readers are global: Try not to confuse them

TRUTH 51 Clarity is next to godliness

TRUTH 52 You can fix your own grammar goofs


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